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This course explores postmodern culture as a strange obsession with the future.

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Thus we will use the captivating cityscape of Dubai—its unparalleled architecture, its accelerated movement and fragmented spatial organization, the provocative visual design behind its many tourist sites—in order to track crucial ideas of simulation, virtuality, and the spectacle in our postmodern era. Moreover, we will navigate contemporary works of literature, philosophy, film, and architecture while making several excursions into Dubai as a constructed cultural zone of the Middle East.

Ultimately, this rare immersion in perhaps the most futuristic place on earth will provide us a dynamic outlook on how postmodern culture blurs the boundaries of reality itself.

Wednesday, October 17, 6: Wednesday, October 24, 6: Wednesday, November 7, 6: Wednesday, December 5, 6: Tuition, international flight, visa costs, additional meals and personal expenses. The program fee is paid to the Glavin Office. Approaching these two cities from a design thinking perspective, each day includes explorative mapping of the city as a source and outgrowth of invention and creativity.

In this course, we will consider the social and political history of both cities by actively examining the characteristics and innovations of their urban spaces.

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