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Domain bayerische-landesbibliothek-online is available for purchase for $ Check out millions of premium domain names available for purchase now at. Main · Videos; Bayerischen landesbibliothek online dating. Recording the sickle atop with this, it's 20 follies cum the recording cum thy sickle as the evidence. Urheberrechtsfreie Publikationen der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek . Regensburger Reichsstädtische Bibliothek Online (RRBO) · Kartogramme und.

In date, the collection extends from Late Antiquity or the early Middle Ages to the beginning of the printing press. Provenance originates primarily from convents, the carriers of spiritual culture in the Middle Ages.

The significance of the fragments derives from their value as important sources. Each one is the last witness of a no longer extant book and thereby complements our yet imperfect knowledge of the textual tradition of literary production in Late Antiquity and Middle Ages.

However, after his deathand in particular due to the invasions by the Turks, the collection was scattered. The great importance of this collection is not least based on the fact that Matthias Corvinus, who had enjoyed a humanistic upbringing, built up a systematic collection of manuscripts from a variety of subject fields, and even commissioned a number of manuscripts himself.

Predominantly in Italy he had Latin texts written on parchment in an elaborate humanistic book script and had the works illuminated exquisitely, while he purchased valuable Greek manuscripts from Byzantium - also in Italy. All books were bound in a splendid cover and bore the coat of arms of the Hungarian king, making it possible today to reconstruct large parts of his library.

Thus of these Corvinus manuscripts are today preserved in almost 50 libraries all over the world. Of these eight Munich Corvinus manuscripts six were written in Latin Clm 69,and and two in Greek Cod. Jahrhunderts in der Sammlung Camerarius. Nibelungenlied-Handschriften aus der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek No information in English language available yet.

The complete German bible text was written at this time, the gaps left for the drawings containing instructions for the illuminator in Latin. However, the book decorations by three Regensburg masters or workshops were completed only on approximately one fifth of the parchment sheets.

The missing miniatures and initials were added in the years to by the artist Mathis Gerung from Lauingen, commissioned by Ottheinrich of Pfalz-Neuburg. The Ottheinrich bible is the earliest surviving illustrated manuscript of a new testament in the German language.

In the course of the Thirty Years' War the bible was twice taken as war loot, in from Heidelberg to Munich and in on to Weimar, from where it was taken to Gotha soon afterwards. During the second half of the 19th century the manuscript, which was temporarily also known as the 'Gotha bible', was divided into eight partial volumes. The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek acquired volumes 1, 2 and 7 in ; a facsimile edition of volumes 1 and 2 was published in The purchase would have been impossible without the considerable support by the Free State of Bavaria and a broad, highly committed funding coalition.

Exhibitions The complete Ottheinrich bible was presented for the first time from 10 July to 10 August in an exhibition in the Schatzkammer treasure chamber of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Further exhibition dates of the Ottheinrich bible, before the manuscript will be given some necessary rest in the vault of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: Faksimile Verlag Luzern, vol. Colour digital copies to follow shortly. Pilotphase [Cgm] zur Digitalisierung mittelalterlicher Handschriften: No information in English language available yet.

Die BSB ist an der Pilotphase Handschriftendigitalisierung mit der Digitalisierung von Handschriften aus dem Teilbestand der deutschsprachigen Pergamenthandschriften Cgm beteiligt.

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Cgm 67 und Enthalten sind ferner bedeutende Textzeugen der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters: Pilotphase [Emmeram] zur Digitalisierung mittelalterlicher Handschriften: Digitalisierung lateinischer Handschriften aus dem ehemaligen Benediktinerkloster St.

Emmeram in Regensburg Funding: Emmeram in Regensburg beteiligt. Der vierte Katalogband ist in Druck und wird erscheinen. Von den lateinischen Handschriften aus St.

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To Start Page Magnificent Manuscripts - Treasures of Book Illumination from through With 72 extraordinary manuscripts from the collection of the Bavarian State Library, as well as three exceptional works from the Bamberg State Library, the Kunsthalle of the Hypo Cultural Foundation presents a wide overview of the earliest and most precious examples of German book illumination.

These 75 magnificent volumes represent some of the greatest cultural and artistic achievements of the Carolingian, Ottonian and Romanesque eras. This exhibition of original manuscripts therefore offers a unique opportunity to discover thousand-year-old testimonies to our cultural heritage. The oldest manuscript on display dates from the era of the last Bavarian Agilolfing duke. The Carolingian codices from the illumination centres of Salzburg, Tegernsee and Freising bear witness to the high quality of artistry in the 9th century.

German illumination under the Saxon emperors from Otto the Great to Henry IIis one of the most glorious epochs of early occidental illumination, which played a prominent role in the arts at that time. Among the greatest achievements of this Ottonian period are the magnificent depictions of sovereigns.

These establish a connection between the secular and the sacred, and underline the sanctity of imperial power. The Historical Encyclopaedia of Bavaria provides: Around 1, encyclopaedia articles on the regional history of Bavaria, Franconia, Swabia and Palatinate Important source documents and partly images accessible for the first time Bavarian history from prehistoric times to the present A scalable map on which all Bavarian locations can be selected which are mentioned in encyclopaedia article Cooperative project The encyclopaedia is a cooperative project of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, the Committee for Bavarian Regional History at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and the Conference of Regional Historians at the Bavarian universities.

The articles belonging to this module have been published by now, with only a small number of exceptions. For Old Bavaria, articles treat the time from the division of the territories since the midth century up to the unification of Bavaria in and the introduction of the order of primogeniture in For Franconia and Swabia, the period starts with the end of the Interregnum in and ends around before the Protestant Reformation and the Peasants' War. The articles have been published successively since the autumn of Inwork was started on the third epoch module, contemporary history.

It encompasses the period from the end of the Second World War in up to the present. For this module, articles are intended, which have been published successively since Die Pfalz 67 2, p. Das Historische Lexikon Bayerns.

Akademie aktuell 2p. Das Historische Lexikon Bayerns: Amperland 46 4, p. Frankenland [Neue Folge] 59 3, p. Second page with name. The poets Franz Bacherl and Emanuel Geibel. Detail of a caricature by Franz von Pocci. Der Nachsommer Indian Summer. The placement into context and interconnection of authors, publications and institutions offers an appropriate platform to the literary life in the cities and regions. The portal represents a compendium of knowledge, a fund and a forum for laymen and experts alike.

The Literature Portal Bavaria offers: Portraits of Bavarian writers Zeitschriften journals: Search module including over 1, sets of personal papers Literaturland land of literature: Reports of events, interviews and exclusive contributions by authors Institutionen institutions: Deadlines and further information for writers Literaturkalender literature calendar: Events, publications, a radio channel and interactive services in the portal and social media are leading to an amalgamation of the virtual and the real world of literature.

Literaturportal Bayern — das Blaue vom Himmel: Jahrbuch der Freunde der Monacensia e. Anthologie mit Texten von 18 AutorInnen: Das Blaue vom Himmel: Bayern hat ein Literaturportal.

Literatur aus Altbayern, Schwaben und Franken 2, p.

Bayerische landesbibliothek online dating

Bibliotheksmagazin 3p. Bayernspiegel 3, p. Apps from the area of Bavarica Five apps of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek are connected to Bavaria with regard to content. Bavaria in historical maps Sincethe app has invited users to come on a fascinating discovery trip of historical Bavaria on the basis of six geographically referenced maps. The maps are from the most important map collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich.

With the app bavarikon 3D, Bavarian cultural institutions present outstanding objects of art and culture from their collections in the form of 3D digital copies. Sculptures, historical globes and medieval manuscripts can be turned back and forth, rotated and moved in any desired direction on the touch screen of iPads and iPhones. This even makes it possible to view details of objects which would be invisible in a conventional presentation.

The high-resolution digitization permits zooming in for an exact view of even the smallest details. The user is also provided with descriptions of the objects and information about the artists.

The initial collection of bavarikon 3D includes seven objects, such as Judith with Holofernes from the Bavarian National Museum or a terrestrial globe of Philip Apian from the 16th century. The app is continuously expanded by new digital objects. The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is responsible for the technical development, operation and editorial management of bavarikon3D.