Como fazer denuncia anonima online dating

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como fazer denuncia anonima online dating

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According to this report: I hope that some of the recently donated money will be put towards simplification. Complexity and child pornography is being a nuisance to people, how do you developers intend to deal with it?

Complexity is something to reduce step by step. In my opinion the worst offender here is the user interface which uses pretty deep hierarchies.

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This is something which happens when a project grows, even more so if there is a single paid developer among many free-time contributors who do not have the time to review all the code written by the paid developer. The fast solution for one who is deeply embedded in the whole code is often the hairy solution. For example the next branch currently contains changes which cut out many of our custom grown solutions and replaces them with standard stuff.

And we nowadays have stronger code review in place, with the coding time more equally spread among the team members, so new code actually gets seen by others — and changes which increase complexity are called out.

Unlabelled child pornography is pretty much a thing of the past, thanks to anonymous index authors who take care to label stuff clearly. In the main bookmarks of Freenet there are only index pages which filter out any porn and all child porn. Frost vs FMS, what is your choice and why?

For people who do not know Freenet and have never had contact with it, what can you point out from positive and negative? Yes, this is a big deal, since user interfaces have come a long way in the past 15 years. The anti-spam plugin is still pretty resource hungry.

Freenet with FMS, Freemail and friend-to-friend messages gives you pseudonymous, public and confidential communication, while the clearnet essentially only gives you public communication. Also it is really easy to create your own websites in Freenet: Repressing illegal content does not become effective, because we know that if one falls, two more appear again.

A work of conscience would bemuch better than repression. What do you think about people who use Freenet just for illegal purposes? And what is your concept of freedom about that? I cannot stop them without enabling others to stop legal usage they happen to dislike. Therefore free speech in technology is something which actually is binary: If you add the option to censor anything, you open the gate to censorship of everyting. Illegal usage is something for police to tackle: If what people do is so problematic that it warrants setting a handful of skilled investigators to the hunt, they can track down most people by conventional means — like analysis of the writing style or getting them to send a package by mail — especially if money is involved.

Quero fazer denuncia anonima policia federal

Adding censorship to technology makes that weapon much too easy to wield. If money is involved, your anonymity is already blown on a theoretical level — which is even more true with the fully traceable bitcoin — therefore I do not worry about Freenet for large-scale criminal activities: It does not benefit organized crime, because people who can launder money can already buy clearnet servers anonymously.

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What expect from the future in Freenet? I need to answer this in two steps: There are already some changes which only require a few hours of work to complete: One of these is the Winterfacey theme, which makes Freenet look and feel much more modern.

como fazer denuncia anonima online dating

Another likely change are the improvements to the Windows installer which were developed with funding from the DuckDuckGo donation. This is the basic stuff. For details on the task, see https: Results of the poll we did among users and developers are available in archives of the freenet devl mailing list: Additionally we should fix bugs in the Keepalive plugin and make it official, too: There are some sites which show that it is possible to compress half an hour of video down to 30 MiB using vp9 and opus.

With this level of compression, Freenet could support streaming video on a typical DSL line and websites in Freenet could use the video-tag to create a decentralized youtube I can easily add the tag, but we need the checking for video formats before we can go there.

On top of these, I hope that someone will find the time to implement steganographic transport plugins which disguise freenet traffic as something else — like mumble group-chat. Different from the last time this was attempted, we could now build on the work done by the Tor project for this. And it would be great to have more features for direct communication between friends.

I wrote an article which describes the pitch black attack and a successful simulation of its mitigation: For details on the scaling fixes and a full cost estimate, see https: Can you tell us how Opennet and Darknet works, and its pros and cons?

In Opennet you connect to random strangers. In Darknet you connect to people you know personally. They differ by vulnerabilities which exist in Opennet but do not exist in Darknet: They can connect to everybody and watch the majority of communications. In Darknet that requires tricking the majority of people into manually connecting to attackers. In Opennet attackers can even try to surround a node completely by attacking its existing peers and then watch every request which enters and leaves the node.

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In Darknet that requires first getting a connection to a node and then attacking all the unknown darknet peers.

In Darknet connections are only between friends and you must use social engineering to trick people into betraying their friends. Which is many orders of magnitude more expensive than simply creating a few hundred Freenet nodes and talking to the seednodes. Some details beyond security: This is its location which stays fixed. Then it connect to a handful of seed nodes and ask them for references of people which are close to this location.

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como fazer denuncia anonima online dating

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