David dangelo online dating email example

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david dangelo online dating email example

Whenever in doubt of how to proceed via e-mail with a chick, refer to these rul. properly g closed, you can attempt this test which I sort of picked up from David DeAngelo: Look at . online dating first message tips examples, google page 1. Interest deserve dates david deangelo online dating email single woman over build. Example boost mobile phone if i call when he's drinking and it is late, you . An exclusive example from our swipe file Original Double Your Dating Lead Magnet from Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo) - one of the Recently, the legendary Double Your Dating eBook sales letter was posted here: http://swiped. co/file/. a time when you probably didn't even consider the concept of marketing online.

Do whatever you want to do, genius.

Online Dating Email Tips with David DeAngelo

You're back in control now! Just don't turn back into a Wuss Bag, OK? If you really like this girl, then start dating her again. Just remember that if you start acting like a girly-man again, things will probably get bad again. I'm a straight female and I read some of your other advice that was passed on to me by some friends with a commentary that they thought you were totally off-base. Gotta tell ya that there is nothing more impressive than a confident and funny man.

I swear I must have run into one of your trainees - on e-mail he was cocky as can be - and funny!

david dangelo online dating email example

Went out with him once - thought I might date him again - until he called - every day - twice with sort of pleading messages Dave, you're the man! Can I have your number? Thanks for the validation.

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And by the way, if that guy started calling you twice a day, then he wasn't one of mine! I'd verbally bitch slap him ten ways from Sunday if he told me such a story! Send over some pictures and we'll talk about it. I've been getting your letters for quite a while, and I was always kinda skeptical about the stuff you were suggesting because it sounded to good to be true.

So I decided to test it out for myself.

david dangelo online dating email example

Being shy I tried some of the stuff from the online personals e-mail you sent, and man does it work! I sent out 5 messages, and less than 24 hours later I've received 3 replies, 2 of which want to meet me already.

david dangelo online dating email example

This stuff is amazing! I do have a question though about the one that didn't want to meet right away. She said she's a little nervous about meeting people off the net until she really knows them well. How can I bust her and girls like her balls about this? To everyone out there Your humble Padawan J.

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Second, congratulations on actually taking action and getting some results. Third, as for the girl who is a "little nervous" about meeting people off the net until she really knows them, just email her and say Or, we could just get together in a public place in the middle of the day in broad daylight with a hundred people around and talk over a cup of tea. This advice isn't for guys who are already good at handling chicks through e-mail, applying their own methods, it's for guys who need a guiding hand Pre-rules with some clarifications on contact closing in general: Focus on g closing "girl closing" before ever focusing on getting a chick's number or her e-mail address.

The priority of close goals on first meeting should begin with an f close. Next is g close. Then a contact close. And, don't bother with contact closing unless you've properly g closed.

If you don't manage to get a same-day f close after first meeting a chick, and have to default to getting a chick's contact information for a future follow up, close at the very least. If you want her number, start by closing and then finish up by closing. If she's reluctant to provide her number, then you haven't properly g closed.

You're left with a choice of either reverting back to building up her interest or better challenge her in some way that displays your strong belief in your self value for example, giving her back the piece of paper with the address on it and saying "Sorry, I'm not into playing games and am not going to e-mail you if that's the case.

Otherwise, if you're really interested in having me get in touch with you later, then it's OK to go ahead and write your number down.

david dangelo online dating email example

If a chick gives you a number or e-mail pretty easily, yet you're not sure yet of whether you've properly g closed, you can attempt this test which I sort of picked up from David DeAngelo: