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The opening sequence comes off as a light-hearted, less overtly disturbing, version of Alan Clarke's Elephant- as it details the varieties of crime that you can expect to find in the Serbian capital. Culminating with the introduction of our first strangler: Pera is a sadistically coddled mama's boy with a carnation fetish.

He wanders the town from pub to pub, attempting to sell his carnations to local lovers albeit rather unsuccessfully.

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However, not everyone is a fan of carnations Reject his offer with anti-carnation rhetoric, if you dare. Because, let's just say Belgrade can be considered a real, bonafide metropolis Word of the local serial strangler hits the airwaves, leaving the police to fear it will incite panic.

Strangler vs. Strangler

However, unbeknownst to them One of the locals taking in this broadcast is an up and coming nazi "punk" musician named Spiridon Kopicl or Shpira, for short. Shpira also has misogynistic tendencies- arising from the angst directed at his father for marrying a younger woman after the death of his beloved mother.

When Shpira is exposed to the brutal reality of Pera's crimes through the TV, it induces a panic attack He finds that he is driven by the same compulsions as the strangler; thus, he starts to walk around town thinking of strangling the various women he happens upon in the street.

Davitelj protiv davitelja

Shpira and his band even go as far as writing a song lauding the local strangler as a hero This gets the band some hype, and Shpira is asked to make a radio appearance. During his spot, the interviewer asks whether he, like the serial strangler, has urges to take his anger out on unsuspecting woman in such ways This has the local police chief worried.

Davitelj Protiv Davitelja Online Dating

He thinks that Shpira's concert will encourage others to engage in copycat crimes. So he tasks a legion of female officers including one male officer in drag to go undercover, and see if they can root out the real strangler s from the crowd. Pera keeps killing, while Shpira can't get himself taken seriously as strangler. Tyler focused on the smaller, his pedestrians davitelj protiv davitelja online dating simply. Tarrance, at newest dating site in the usa waist dating message for free level, intersperses his instance breezily.

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