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Ambassador, your position on the dismissal of the LSI-proposed CEC member and his replacement — was it your personal stance or was it recommended by the Department of State? I have in mind the fact that a few days afterwards, Jonathan Moore, a senior State Department official, had much more moderate language compared to yours on this issue.

The position that I announced publicly or explained publicly was fully coordinated with Washington. I know that people here are always interested in nuance, what is said in Washington, what is said here.

I think people have to understand that there is a big distance, both in terms of time and actual kilometers. We here at the Embassy are on the ground; we talk to people. We have an up-to-date, usually at least, up-to-the minute updates on what the real situation here is, whereas in Washington, they are far away. But, Washington relies on my Embassy to provide them with information.

In response to your question, the answer was fully coordinated with Washington. So, was it coordinated with Washington or not? The position about… Blendi Fevziu: Yes, yes it was. Do you also stand by that idea and should the two main opposition forces propose names to complete the CEC? We have to be very clear what our position is on the CEC is, and that position is that we believe the CEC should be fully constituted, it should be properly constituted.

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It was not designed to operate with four members, or five members, or six members. It was designed to operate with seven members. You talked yesterday with Mr. Rama who should take the initiative to fill the vacancies. Is he ready to do that? He has said that they are ready to move forward right away, but he needs some assurance that the process will be respected and that the integrity of the CEC will not be compromised.

What one sees as compromised the other does not … What initial guarantees can you give? It is the law that gives guarantees, not words. Well, sadly and unfortunately, my analysis is that both sides feel that they can continue on this course, that it actually works for both of them, and my response is that I respectfully disagree.

I think that this is a bad signal to the Albanian citizens. I think that it is a bad signal to the international community that is watching these elections very carefully. I think it just sends wrong signals, both sides. If the CEC is not completed, what could be the complications for the elections?

Of course, the law envisions the way forward… Ambassador Arvizu: It does… Blendi Fevziu: The problem is this. And, the issue will have to be referred to the Electoral College.

The Electoral College should be the last option, if the CEC is unable to arrive at the necessary qualified majority. I guess we covered the part related to the CEC. Ambassador, is there a personal position of yours in this election? Are you going to be involved in these elections? I remember from following all electoral campaigns in Albania that at least somewhere visibly and elsewhere less visibly, American Ambassadors have always been involved in elections — Ambassador Ryerson in the election of and to some extent maybe Ambassador Withers in Will you be personally involved in these elections?

When you say involved, do you mean active and … Blendi Fevziu: Active in favor of one coalition or the other, directly or indirectly? No, not at all. We are strictly neutral. We have no favorites.

But, no, as far as the election itself is concerned, no, we absolutely have no favorites. There have been some statements, including in this studio, according to which the United States of America is in favor of a rotation, i.

In fact, there have been even comments by journalists and important political figures — including last night — that the departure of Mr. Meta was stimulated after a visit to the State Department in October ofthe departure from the ruling coalition.

How the results come out…the subject I mean. First, on the issue of rotation. If you were to ask any American who follows politics: Rotation is a good principle. What I would say about rotation… Blendi Fevziu: Do you ask for it or not? If elections are free and fair and transparent, a principle like rotation, it takes care of itself.

deklarimet online dating

Now, the other question about the results. One of my big frustrations in dealing with the current situation is, think back to when Secretary of State Clinton visited here on November the 1st — her address to the parliament.

deklarimet online dating

I wrote an editorial, I think it appeared in January. Reeker has made numerous statements. So, how do you avoid that? You avoid that by improving the process. You avoid it by getting people to accept that the process is going to be better than it was before, so that the focus is not on the outcome, not on the results, but on the process.

Some people have said: Apparently, those who told you that — whether in the government or the opposition — are wrong because, in reality, there could be no government until September. That is what happens according to normal procedures of the functioning after elections.

So, in any case, with or without contestation, the government should be formed in the first ten days of September. Exactly, because one of the key functions of the CEC is to certify the results. And, as I understand it, the results have to be certified with a qualified majority. So, right now, the CEC is not going to be able to certify the results.

And, what happens if one party is at 70 and another party is at 68 and there are a small number of seats undecided and it all goes to the Electoral College. That would be a very unfortunate scenario. It would be a bit similar to the Bush-Gore scenario of That was pretty difficult for the United States.

Do you have a real fear, you personally, that the post-election period could be problematic? Frankly, it would be nice if either party, or either side, were to win a convincing victory, you know, 74 — 66, where the results are clear and established and the winner wins and the losing side says, well, we have to go back and regroup.

I think what would be really unfortunate if one side were to win 71 — Again, it may happen that way. Ambassador, is there a cooling of relations between Albania and the United States of America? Or between the U. There have been some statements by opposition figures, most recently by Mr. Meta, former PM, that the U. I think relations between the United States and Albania are very strong.

I think the cooperation is as strong as ever. Berisha is the head of the government; so by virtue of being PM, he makes that possible. As far as what Mr. I understand what Mr. Meta has said three or four sound bites that seem like puns.

But, if between the U. I have in mind the statement on the court ruling regarding the January 21 indictees, the statement on the CEC that we clarified, or some other statement, maybe further back, like the one in Elbasan on textbooks, maybe others.

The essence of the question is: Moore was here, when Mr. Reeker was here before him, they both addressed this issue. They made very clear, they stated publicly that whoever is the head of mission, the chief of mission, on Rruga Elbasanit, speaks for the U. I thought it was made very clear. I would make a couple of points. What does that mean? Arvizu has a personal agenda. They said that about my predecessor, John Withers. What about Bill Ryerson? Did he have a personal agenda?

Did she have a personal agenda? I think the obvious answer is no. But I do want to tell you a story, about a meeting I had with a senior government official. It was a couple of weeks ago. It was after the U. We were having this discussion… Blendi Fevziu: Does this official have a name?

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