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Excessive suction on the side is minimized through targeted sealing of the openings, while more air is taken in through air ducts in the middle. The large air volume paired with the new air flow and the large sieve area makes additional slope compensating features obsolete. More effective two-stage pre-cleaner An additional raised front chaffer is a unique feature of the Dyna-Flo Plus. This helps thin the crop mat and distribute it across both the front and rear of the cleaning shoe.

It also cleans up to 40 percent of the free grain before it reaches the main chaffer. The self-cleaning conveyor augers ensure active crop flow on slopes and under tough harvest conditions. So even if you are harvesting on hillsides or in wet and sticky conditions e. Active tailings system Lowering losses A mini threshing drum with real rasp bars and concave separate kernels still sitting in ears The active tailings system is a major performance-enhancing feature of the S through S models.

It increases the capacity of the combine by taking care of tailings separately and makes the overall setup and adjustment easier. The net result is more performance and better grain quality with lower losses, as well as improved straw quality and reduced fuel consumption.

A mini threshing drum with real rasp bars and concave separate kernels still sitting in ears.

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Like the rest of the threshing system, this is designed to be gentle to avoid grain damage. The concave itself has two settings controlled by a spring lever for easy switching between corn and small grain crops. The material is returned to the top of the chaffer by an auger. The opening at the bottom of the auger is triangular so material is spread evenly instead of it dropping in one spot. This helps avoid any potential overload of the cleaning system.

The system acts as a re-thresher which takes care of the tailings. This allows the concave to be opened wider which lowers both the power requirement and fuel consumption. At the same time, it has the added benefit of improving straw quality as the crop is not so compressed between the concave and the rotor.

The reduction in tailings also allows the bottom sieve to be opened further, which increases capacity even more. It also takes into account the type of crop that is being harvested. Active Terrain Adjustment results in consistently low grain losses on rolling terrain.

It also reduces the amount of tailings and delivers cleaner grain to the tank. In this situation, the cleaning system performance increases by up to 50 percent on inclines of up to 16 degrees. This reduces the volume of tailings by as much as 50 percent, resulting in a cleaner grain tank sample.

It also saves you from penalties of dirty grain samples when you sell at the elevator. Now you no longer have to carry out time-consuming manual calibrations and double-weighing of trailers to get accurate yield measurement results. The system compares the measurement with those of the yield and moisture sensors to calibrate the yield sensor on a permanent basis.

The biggest advantage of the system is that it generates a calibration curve at various speeds and throughput levels with a number of calibration points. This is a task that is usually not carried out manually in the field by operators.

It even compensates for wear and tear of the elevator chain over several harvest seasons. Better yield mapping Three sensors in the tank measure the weight of grain. ActiveYield transforms the accuracy of yield mapping, as today 96 percent of customers only complete a single point or perform no calibration at all - only 4 percent complete the recommended multi-point calibration.


This improves the accuracy of precision farming as it allows better control of inputs for variable rate seeding, fertiliser application, and crop care. It all starts with the conveying augers, which move the material evenly onto the cleaning shoe. Once the material reaches the cleaning shoe, the real innovation shows.

The whole shoe is longer than before and is also longer than comparable concepts from other brands. This means the crop stays longer on the chaffer and sieve. The longer it stays, the more time it has to be separated and the less chance there is of it going out the back of the combine, which reduces losses. This technology allows operators to cover slopes of up to 7 percent. Slopes up to 14 percent The sidehill performance package for slopes up to 14 percent contains chaffer dividers, grain agitators, and grain pan diverters.

These prevent grain from accumulating on one side and help distribute it over the full width of the chaffer. The agitators actively move grain uphill with every stroke, while the dividers and diverters prevent grain from moving downhill on side slopes.

Together with the in-base technology at the cleaning shoe, you can be confident of harvesting in slopes of up to 14 percent without any compromises or grain losses. The HillMaster system not only adjusts the chaffer and the cleaning shoe, it levels the whole combine from the feederhouse to the chopper. This means the whole crop flow behaves exactly as if the combine was harvesting on level ground. The grain tank also stays level, which gives you the added benefit of being able to carry a full load even on slopes, saving additional unloading stops.

HillMaster also has the added benefit of keeping the weight distribution even. Without it, the wheels on the downhill side of the combine would experience more load, which would increase soil compaction. This also ensures that the combine has better traction and stability on slopes, which is an important consideration in unstable or wet soils. Whatever you choose, you can rely on evenly-spread, fine-cut straw from the moment you start harvesting, or well-windrowed straw for quality bales.

All systems feature a discharge swap switch to change the offset for the direction of spread to compensate for wind direction. Our premium and intermediate systems are equipped with a knife, extra-fine-cut chopper.

This ensures the residue is quickly incorporated into the soil, releasing valuable nutrients for the next planting season. The premium system is also a real time-saver. You can switch from chop to drop from the cab at the touch of a button. It proves a very useful feature at headlands or parts of the field which shall be treated differently when you can instantly switch from dropping to chopping.

Deluxe 44 rotating and 44 stationary counter knifes Two manually-adjustable speeds for small grain and corn 3-minute manual conversion between chopping and dropping Chaff is distributed through the line-break chopper or is dropped below the windrow.

No separate chaff spreader needed. No overshot beater and therefore less power required and less weight compared to premium chopper Electrically-adjustable vane tailboard for spread width up to 9 m Premium knife chopper, producing one of the finest cuts of straw on the market Two manually-adjustable chopper speeds for small grain and corn Chop-to-drop from cab — switch from chopping straw to dropping windrows at the touch of a button In chopping mode, chaff and straw are distributed through the chopper.

In dropping mode, chaff is distributed through the chopper and straw is windrowed. No separate chaff spreader is needed. Cleaning shoe blows chaff out to the side, away from the windrow, for better quality bales that are free of chaff Electric vane tailboard with low power requirement or Advanced PowerCast spreader recommended above 9-m [ The pendulum motion of the central wag distributes material evenly immediately behind the combine.

The premium chopper produces one of the finest cuts of straw on the market with knives Advanced PowerCast active spreader Advanced PowerCast spreader for even distribution The Advanced PowerCast spreader is the perfect solution for even distribution of chopped straw and can be beneficial especially on cutting widths above 9 m Most customers prefer a vane tailboard for cutting widths up to 9 m It is a cost-effective solution which spreads evenly in windy conditions due to its low mounting.

This technology also has the added benefit of lower power and fuel consumption. The spreader accelerates the chopped straw as it passes through the vanes for a wider, more even spread of up to John Deere tracks keep you harvesting thanks to our unique, updated design. The updated design represents a leap in performance in every area: Bigger footprint — the tracks are longer compared to the previous design and compared to the design of most of our competitors.

This puts more tread on the ground for better grip, lower soil compaction, and improved fuel economy compared to wheeled machines. Narrower width — the footprint of our cm in. All-terrain capability with exceptional ride quality Triangular design for good ground clearance The triangular design provides good ground clearance and has excellent self-climbing properties in unstable ground.

The five-point pivot design with small distances between the pivot points and rollers ensure that the tracks tightly follow the ground for better grip. Another advantage is significantly reduced vibration for better ride quality. Zero maintenance Apart from being incredibly tough, another advantage of the IPX material being used is its self-lubricating properties which reduce wear and tear.

Sealed gearboxes and bearings also remove the need for regular greasing. Exceptional grip and long life Longer wear life The track treads are designed with a higher profile for longer wear life. The deep pattern also provides greater grip. Tests show the pattern reduces friction with less heat generated, which reduces wear by as much as 50 percent compared to previous John Deere tracks. The ProDrive transmission is an infinitely variable transmission with two ranges and is included as standard on all S through S models.

Shifting between the ranges is automatic without any stopping and is hardly noticeable. Producing 64 percent more torque across the entire speed range, ProDrive delivers impressive acceleration on the road.

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