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farmaka online dating

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Farmaka's solution has four zones in order to ensure sufficient data security: The customer's database servers run both virtually and as physical servers. All the servers and services are run from Itera's data centre, with Itera wholly and fully responsible for the solution.

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Farmaka also has a number of physical machines that are responsible for actually packaging the medicines. These are located in dedicated premises with specific routines for physical access and use.

farmaka online dating

The production solution is operated by Farmaka with support from a third party supplier, whom Itera assists as Farmaka's IT department. Farmaka's solution principally consists of standard services from Microsoft in addition to dedicated specialist applications in the finance, production planning and medicine packing areas.

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Farmaka has approximately 30 internal users. It also has approximately users based in pharmacies that are Farmaka customers. These pharmacies are able to log on to the Citrix platform in order to access the specialist Farmaka application.

farmaka online dating

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farmaka online dating

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farmaka online dating