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Ghostwatch - Wikipedia Ghost Watcher: Jillian Byrnes, Marianne Hayden, Jennifer Servary, Turning to the internet for help, she enlists the aid of Elizabeth Dean, a scam artist who Restricted; Studio: Lions Gate; DVD Release Date: October 19, . When a young girl begins hearing voices, she hires the "GhostWatcher," Laura Kove, to investigate who the voices GhostWatcher 2 Poster . Release Date. Today, it's the actors who date Ghostwatch and the presenters who . formed the online fan groups, organised the anniversary screenings, as.

Host David Mitchell, ignorant of the original broadcast, said: The news turned out to be a rather devious hoax. Pipes becomes rap artist shock horror! Samples from the original GW broadcast are used in this rap single 16 Ghostwatch feat. Pipes created by Dick Limerick Academy on their album Merseycide. An interesting new review of Ghostwatch can be found on TV Tropes.

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House of the Spirits: Some highly perceptive observations re: I particularly like Curtis's name check of The Innocents with regard to GW - and I've lifted a quote from this blog to join the others at the top of this page. December 22, Top "A perfect pastiche Check out "The Experiment" on YouTube A multimedia "happening"-cum-hoax created by psychologist Dr Brendan Dare and Thrill Laboratory, directly inspired by Ghostwatch and its screening at the Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham.

It focuses on the "hoax" the audience feld played upon them, and the "trust" they felt implicit in the BBC brand. The songwriter Ian Evans has composed a song inspired by Ghostwatch, too, and featuring "Pipes" in the lyrics. Interesting stuff about GW changed the definition of a medical condition. And a "must-have" for all Ghostwatch fans.

Spooky Special in which children's presenters recall Ghostwatch. These are often fleeting, almost subliminal appearances, and can be found by skipping ahead to the following points.

Ghost Watcher (DVD, 2004)

As ofthe list remains incomplete, with additional appearances said to potentially total as many as "13" still yet to be conclusively pinpointed.

During playback of haunted bedroom footage 0: In the studio 0: This appearance is more easily visible if the brightness of the screen is increased. Amongst the crowds 0: He is standing behind a woman in a blue parka. In the kitchen 0: The ghost is briefly visible as the cameraman turns, but is gone again when he whips the camera back round for a second look.

Under the stairs 1: Close-up in static 1: This appearance only lasts for three frames, but provides a partial close-up look at the ghost's mauled face. On the gantry 1: Ina potential new sighting at 1: Behind the Curtains YouTube page. The video features a digitally enhanced close-up of what appears to be a reflection of the ghost in the hallway mirror shortly before it crashes onto soundman Mike Aiton.

According to the info box on the same page, director Lesley Manning has since debunked this sighting as a false positive. Spiritual possession[ edit ] During the course of the programme there are many references to characters being allegedly possessed by a ghost who, whilst doing so, maniacally recites nursery rhymes.

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This happens in a tape recording of the eldest daughter Suzanne, later in a 'live' section to the same character and eventually Michael Parkinson himself is seen to be possessed.

Sudden temperature changes[ edit ] The show references temperature changes being linked to ghosts and claims to be monitoring the temperature in each room of the house to check for this.

Mutilated household objects are shown which were purportedly analysed by the Army and found to have been subjected to rapid temperature change. Banging noises are intermittently heard during the climax of the show.

At one point the producers play on this by exposing Suzanne as the one causing the banging noises, creating a hoax within a hoax. However, this later occurs when both girls are accounted for. Near the end of the programme, when a wind whips through the studio, the cups and plates brought in by Dr Pascoe as evidence of the poltergeist activity in the house begin to move on their own, and one cup falls onto the studio floor and smashes into pieces. Disembodied voices[ edit ] Although the ghost of the story is only heard to speak through the voices of others we hear the disembodied sounds of cats whenever phenomena are taking place.