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goras ghee online dating

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I mostly use it to make oatmeal, oat pancakes or oat crisp cookies. Oat is naturally gluten free, but because oat is often grown and treated in the same environment as wheat, the grains have cross-contaminated.


When making porridge I often use a whole range of different flakes like rolled oats, buckwheat flakes and millet flakes see Multi Grain Porridge. I like how it gives a variety in textures and makes the porridge much more interesting.

As many other dark hued foods, black rice is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Brown rice I use along with casseroles, in veggie patties or to make risotto see Brown rice risotto. These I buy at asian grocery stores.

My stomach is sensitive to it, so I stick to just a few, well tried kinds. What I have found I can eat are chickpeas, which I soak and cook myself, then freeze in batches of 6 or so servings. Kidney beans I use in salads, and beluga or green lentils I often throw in salads as well see Herbed Beluga Lentil Salad. Of course I always keep a jar of cashew nuts at home, for dips, raw treats, dressings, nut butter, granola etc.

Almonds are also a must. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are both affordable and wholesome alternatives to expensive nuts, to fill out nut butters, dressings and granola with. I often make a nut butter on sunflower seeds, almonds and cashews, and sub pine nuts for sunflower seeds in pesto and such.

Nuts are especially important to buy organic. The majority of non organic almonds for example are grown i California, where the huge almond tree plantations are being heavily sprayed with pesticides, which does not only harm the workers or nearby plant life, but also the bees that are essential for the blooming of the almond trees.

The plantations are require vast amounts of water to sustain them, which ofc also goes for organic almonds.

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I compensate by not eating meat or dairy, and sparingly with rice. The seeds contain important fatty acids for us vegetarians, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. You can also find those in flax seed. Flax seeds are great for seed crackers see Seed Crackers as they help hold the batter together, and you can also use them crushed in porridge.

Go easy on crushed flax seed or flax meal though, max 2 tbsp a day as it naturally contains small amounts of cyanid. Sometimes I keep hulled hemp seeds at home that I like to simply sprinkle on top of a smoothie, or use in raw food balls. Their creamy texture is ideal for making seed milk, seed butter or dressings. Sesame seeds I keep both black and white at home. Mostly for the pretty effect: The white, unhulled I make a rough tahini on. The black ones I like to use in Asian cooking.

Both goes in my granola and seed crackers. The broccoli sprouts have a similar quality, although slightly grassier with a more pronounced texture.

Last but not least I keep different kinds of seed and nut butter at home. A natural peanut butter made from only peanuts and sea salt, a darker tahini from unhulled sesame seeds with salt and my homemade almond and cashew butter maybe I should post the recipe?!

Sometimes I also keep a lighter, runnier tahini made from hulled sesame seeds which I use for dressings or drizzle over roasted vegetables and salads. But a couple of different flours can still be found in my pantry. Buckwheat flour I use to make galettes and seed crackers. Otherwise rice flour is a staple in gluten free baking. Especially to mix with buckwheat, since buckwheat on its own can have a too dominant, too tangy flavor.

Psylliumseed husk is used to bind gluten free doughs. When in contact with water, it forms a gel. I use it in my seed crackers and quite often in other baked goods. Arrow root I use as starch when making for example muffins. Corn flour or corn starch could also be good to have at hand when baking a lot of gluten free things, or when making veggie patties.

Dried fruits is one of those things I can hoard way too much of. I often have all of the above mentioned kinds at home at the same time… I chop plums and mix with my porridge.

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Cranberries are also lovely in crumbly cookies recipe coming! Mango, pineapple, apricots, apple rings and mullberries picture above are my favorites in trail mix, along with nuts, seeds and coconut chips. Figs and dates I stuff with peanut butter for a fast and decadent treat. I mix it with lemon juice and water, and perhaps ginger.

Hemp protein as well. But raw cacao — I consume tonnes! I use it in raw treats, smoothies, chocolate porridge, homemade chocolate bark, cookies, hot chocolates etc etc. Compared with regular cacao, raw cacao has a higher nutritional content and powderful antioxidant properties.

Carob can be used as a cacao substitute. Kanske en av mina favoritavdelningar i skafferiet!

goras ghee online dating

This is perhaps one of my favorite sections of the pantry! One of my favorite salts is a soft, slightly damp unrefined sea salt I buy online. Herbal salt I use in salads and when I just wanna sprinkle something lightly salty on my plate.

goras ghee online dating

Since I started baking and cooking with natural sweeteners and brown sugar such as clayed or muscovado sugar, I never wanna go back. The flavors become so much more rich and complex with for example honey or maple syrup. What is American cuisine? We can give generalized answers for the sake of easy explanation. So what is Pakistani cuisine? The Dalda Cookbook exemplifies Pakistani cooking because it contains recipes for every one of Pakistan's iconic dishes, as well as some changed-up, experimental, or international dishes for good measure.

goras ghee online dating

Anyhow, I have cooked a lot based on the Dalda recipes. I would like to know more about this book. Who put it together? When was it first published?

How many editions are there? Was there ever a show based on it?

goras ghee online dating

What is the backstory? One of the "changed up, international" recipes in Dalda is for Afghani kababs on page 2 of my copy. The recipe has no dried spices in it besides black pepper. This makes me suspicious that it is not a true Afghan recipe.

I feel that I have read this in a Lonely Planet edition as well as somewhere in a Madhur Jaffrey book. My mother-in-law has told me this as well. However, all evidence I have of actual Afghan and Pashtoon cooking indicates that this is a complete myth.

Pashtoon cooking is regional as well, but generally the entire belt uses a spice mix seasoning that is essentially the same thing as a simple garam masala. So they DO use masalas. I own an Afghan cookbook and two other pan-regional cookbooks that have Afghanistan sections. I also have some down-the-street neighbors who are Pashtoons. In the recipes of these books and of my neighbors, there are multiple garam masala type spices used. The food is just not as chile hot as Southern Pakistani cuisine.

However, some Pashtoon recipes which I have seen online also contain a lot of chiles, green and red. So it seems that this whole "salt and pepper" Afghan cuisine thing is not true. I wondered to myself what this recipe would taste like if it were more highly seasoned it. Anyhow, once a long time ago, I made this recipe.

goras ghee online dating

It is 'different' compared to the typical meat saalans gravy or "curry" dishes that I serve regularly, so it was fun to make and serve. Somehow, I kept coming back to this recipe as I thumbed through the Dalda Cookbook. I wanted to make it again. But I wanted to change it.