Gossip girl s06e10 online dating

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gossip girl s06e10 online dating

New York, I Love You XOXO is the 10th episode of the sixth season, the st episode overall, and the series finale. Georgina joins forces with Jack to help Chuck and Blair make a move that will change their relationship forever. Nate and Sage try to uncover the identity of Gossip. Main · Videos; Online dating tips mustang imaged the fore for many cum today's op internet-based cataclysms in the buddhist sector. gossip girl s06e10 online dating gossip girl s06e10 online dating calcium exames online dating. Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford in Gossip Girl: New York, I Love You Release Date: Gossip Girl: [reading from a script] "Yeah, hi Blair, so I gotta go".

Rachel Bilsonpreparing to audition for a role in the adaptation of Dan's book, is told of Gossip Girl's identity by Kristen Bellwho shares a conspiratorial wink with the audience.

It's the day of Dan and Serena's wedding. Chuck and Blair are now parents of a son named Henry. Nate, now a successful businessman with The Spectator flourishing, is likely to run for Mayor of New York. Ivy has written an autobiography about her career as a con artist in the Upper East Side, which was adapted into a film starring both Lola and Olivia Burke Hilary Duff.

Blair and Jenny have become business partners in the fashion world and together they have created a clothing line called "J for Waldorf". Jack Bass and Georgina have also become a couple.

'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Recap: Two Weddings, A Funeral And Gossip Girl's Identity Revealed

The final scene shows the new generation of high school kids on the Upper East Side, mirroring the elite and the exclusion. The show ends as a new Gossip Girl is teased as "there will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Casting[ edit ] Several former cast members returned for the finale.

gossip girl s06e10 online dating

Desmond Harrington reprised his role as Chuck's uncle, Jack Bass. Long-time narrator Kristen Bell appeared in the episode as herself reading her lines alongside Rachel Bilson. She's an intimate part of our family but yet we never get to see her. To be able to make her a part of our storytelling just felt like the perfect way to crown her work with us over the years. So Josh Schwartz and I came up with the whole idea To be able to have Kristen onscreen for the finale was great.

gossip girl s06e10 online dating

And to have Rachel do it with her was just the icing on the cake. Alas and alack, the writers knew that those who have remained loyal to the show for the past six years, masochists that they are, only wanted two things -- their favorite couples together and an answer to the mystery that has plagued us for years: Who is Gossip Girl? And really, who else could it have been but our curly haired, porcelain-skinned Lonely Boy, so prone to introspection and so psychotically obsessed with social status?

gossip girl s06e10 online dating

Unlike Mayor Bloomberg and Blair, did we ever really think it could be Dorota? Out of our core five, Dan was the sensible choice, so I had no issue with the logic behind the reveal -- my problem was with everyone else's reaction to the reveal.

New York, I Love You XOXO

Really, Serena, everything Gossip Girl ever posted about you and your friends was a love letter? Suspension of disbelief has always been a necessity when watching this show, but it requires some serious retconning to justify anything that Gossip Girl wrote as positive or well-meaning; Dan created a culture of stalkers, sycophants and social-climbing wannabes, teenagers who spied on each other, stole from each other and publicly humiliated each other, and it's frankly reprehensible for the show to attempt to whitewash all of that for the sake of tying things up in a neat, happily ever after bow.

But what else did we expect from a show that turned its date-rapist villain into a romantic hero and its supposed heroine into a mindless apologist who will forgive any cruelty as long as the perpetrator professes to love her?

I mean Serena, but yes, that could just as easily apply to Blair.

gossip girl s06e10 online dating

Certainly, Chuck has evolved over the seasons, and perhaps one could argue that he's earned his redemption -- although the writers have been so wildly inconsistent with his characterization and so quick to have him regress to petty vindictiveness when he's hurt, it's debatable whether he's actually learned anything -- but there's no way that Serena, Blair, Rufus or anyone else should forgive Dan for publishing their dirty laundry for public consumption and endangering their lives and livelihoods as a result.

Insisting that Gossip Girl wouldn't have had any power if people weren't spiteful enough to send in tips is just willful ignorance -- people will always be petty and awful if given the chance especially teenagersbut that doesn't mean you'd give an alcoholic a bottle of scotch and put them behind the wheel of a semi truck.

Enabling bad behavior isn't any better than committing the crime yourself, and Dan did both -- he's been pretending to be something he's not for six years, spying on his so-called friends from inside their inner circle and betraying their trust every day, and that shouldn't be so easily forgiven or forgotten.

If "I just wanted to be popular" was a get out of jail free card, we'd all be using it. Also, is anyone tempted to go back and rewatch the whole series and count the inconsistencies, like how Dan would be able to send all those Gossip Girl blasts while with his girlfriends they couldn't all be pre-scheduled or how Jenny blatantly didn't want Blair to destroy her life and drive her from the city?

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Good luck, god speed, and if you really are that masochistic, at least make it into a drinking game. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. Still, while I was hoping for better, I expected the worst, and I'm certain that the show's hardcore fans just wanted that happily ever after provided by the coda set five years later, which showed Dan and Serena tying the knot, surrounded by friends, family and Lisa Loeb, natch.

Gossip Girl Final - "Dan is Gossip Girl"