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Haathi Chaap, a Delhi-based handmade paper products manufacturer makes paper using Elephant dung fashioning it into bright, colorful stationary and home decor accents for kids.

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Most others are nearly always intrigued by the fact that these products are made with Elephant poop and show interest. I see more younger people in our audience and hope this is a trend that will continue. Each time I look at the paper being made in our workshop, I marvel at the power of this simple paper The invention of paper by the Egyptians and the Chinese, in different forms though, meant that humans now had a canvas for transferring ideas.

And paper is still doing that job; giving design professionals a platform for new expressions and aesthetics. Who knows, that Little Paper Dress just might make a comeback! Cool it to room temperature. Add sufficient quantity of solid sodium carbonate until the effervescence ceases.

This indicates complete neutralization. Filter and make the volume up to ml. The blank was set initially with all reagents without sample. Add 1 ml of phenol solution to each tube and shake well. Keep aside for 10 min. Now measure the color at nm. After that switch on the spectrometer, first take the absorbance optical density [OD] of blank and make it zero.

Take the OD of all the test tubes and wash the cuvette each time after taking OD. The values obtained of absorbance were helpful to plot a graph which is very crucial in estimating carbohydrate content.

The values should be positive, above zero to plot a graph. After the plotting of a graph, the total amount of tcarbohydrate in the sample from glucose standard graph was calculated.

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To have standard comparison of each sample, the procedure carried out for glucose sample was repeated in similar fashion with all the tobacco samples and their absorbance was determined at concentrations of 0.

Absorbance of tobacco samples at different concentrations Similarly, sample F showed maximum absorbance followed by sample C, sample B, sample D, sample E, and sample A, respectively, at different concentration of 0.

Discussion In the present study, maximum absorption was seen with bidi followed by other smokeless forms of tobacco, i. This in turn suggests that smoking form of tobacco has more carbohydrate content compared to smokeless forms of tobacco. Phenol-sulfuric acid method was used for determining carbohydrate concentration as it is one of the most widely used colorimetric methods till date. Then, light absorption at nm is recorded on a spectrophotometer.

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Hence, placing the tobacco products for longer time in oral cavity increases the risk of dental caries, i. This provided an impetus to estimate the carbohydrate in various tobacco products available in the near vicinity of study area. We could not plot a standard absorbance curve at nm of the tested samples as some of the values were negative, so only descriptive statistics for absorbance is given at different concentrations.

As the absorbance is directly proportional to carbohydrate content, it is predicted in the present study that as the absorbance increases, the carbohydrate content increases. Among the samples tested, bidi which is smoking form of tobacco had more carbohydrate content compared to other smokeless forms of tobacco.

From Page 3 Celebrities to recognised institutions, the green path is being explored by everybody. With entrepreneur Mahima Mehra from Haathi Chaap we explore what it takes to be a green entrepreneur and the challenges she has faced.

The paper was exported to Germany for the first four years and then launched in India in What initially gave you the idea of starting Haathi Chaap? I was always working with the sector of paper recycling and when I discovered that recycled paper could be made with elephant poo, it excited me as it was a good raw material. Once we me and my team began experimenting and researching about elephant poo paper that is when we discovered this was being done throughout the world by other people.

The basic idea was to work with different and any kind of fibre which could be converted and Haathi Chaap was born when we figured out that elephant poo worked well to make recycled paper. Has running a green business made you more eco-friendly?

As a kid I was always very interested in being eco-friendly and recycling.

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Even if the entire family went on a long trip I would not let them through the garbage and instead we would carry it all back.