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hangman knot 1952 online dating

He appeared before the HUAC on 29th September, , and during his Other films that he wrote included Hangman's Knot (), Gun Fury (), Three. At the end of the Civil War, a small band of Confederate soldiers ambush a Union gold shipment. To their horror, they learn from a dying soldier that the war. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video Unlimited Streaming of Movies & TV · Amazon Germany Buy Movies on. DVD & Blu-ray · Amazon Italy.

Inside the station house, when Kemper accuses Matt and his men of having murdered all of the Union volunteers guarding the gold shipment, Matt explains that they were carrying out a military mission, acting under orders, and that men died on both sides.

hangman knot 1952 online dating

Margaret is unmoved by the explanation, embittered over the loss of her husband and son in the war. Molly and Kemper remain suspicious, but Molly tends to one of the wounded rebels. Matt then addresses Quincey's posse who have surrounded the station house by now, trying to convince them that the gold is hidden near the abandoned wagon. As night descends, Matt asks each of the hostages to give him their word that they will remain silent while he and the men slip out in the dark.

Hangman's Knot () - IMDb

As they leave, Kemper yells out a warning to the posse, and Matt and his men are forced back into the station house. Matt prevents the violent Rolph from killing Kemper. Later that night, the posse try to lure the Confederates out by threatening to hang Cass, but Matt is able to rescue him using the remaining sticks of dynamite from their ambush.

The following day, Kemper offers Matt a way of escape in exchange for two gold bars. Giving Matt an Indian token, Kemper explains that his good trading relationship with the local Paiute Indians and this token will guarantee fresh horses and safe passage out of the territory.

He also knows by the approaching clouds that a brief torrential rainstorm will soon arrive and supply Matt and his men cover for their escape.

Matt agrees to the plan. Later, while Molly is caring for the wounded man in another room, Rolph tries to force himself on her. An enraged Matt stops him and beats him in a fistfight.

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Meanwhile, during the night, Quincey and his men have been digging a short tunnel under the station house. Just when they break through and reach a trap door in the floor, Cass stops them from entering.

hangman knot 1952 online dating

Frustrated, Quincey decides to burn the station house down and orders his men to torch the roof. As the fire burns through the roof, Kemper's predicted thunderstorm arrives. In the confusion, Kemper tries to escape with his two gold bars and is shot dead by the posse.

In reality it is not the most original of stories because the whole element of a group of people pinned down and having to bide their time has been done many times. The thing which makes "Hangman's Knot" more interesting is the various conflicts which are going on. In Stewart's group he continually finds himself locking horns with Rolph Bainter who is trigger happy and Stewart often has to step in before he ruthlessly kills someone.

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We also have the conflict between Stewart and the people he takes hostage as whilst he tries to explain that when they stole the gold they thought the war was still going on some of them think he is lying. There is also conflict going on between the men masquerading as deputies as they all have different view points on how to get Stewart and his men and more importantly the gold leading to trust issues.

But we also get the softening of conflicts because whilst stagecoach passenger Molly initially detests Stewart and his men for what they are begins to believe him and warm to him. Yes that is a cliche subplot which means Randolph Scott ends up with an attractive young woman but hey ho it's what you got in so may of Scott's westerns.

All this conflict and the action which regularly crops up makes "Hangman's Knot" a little bit better than just your average 50s western.

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And as such you do find yourself wondering who will manage to survive being pinned down by the deputies especially when tempers flare between Stewart's men. But then whilst we do have this interesting conflict element going on the majority of the performances are rather ordinary. Stewart a good guy despite the initial gold robbery.

hangman knot 1952 online dating