Hausa movies online nigeria dating

How To Download and Watch Nigerian Hausa Movies Online

hausa movies online nigeria dating

Movies in Hausa, the language of the largest ethnic group in northern Nigeria and the lingua franca in that region, are extremely popular in the predominantly. CrossRef citations to date Filmography: documentaries on Nigerian and Ghanaian films . in northern Nigeria around the cultural influences on and of Hausa video films (Abdalla Uba Adamu Adamu, Abdalla Uba. .. are selected for posting: a few years ago such articles seldom appeared online. One category of movies you should really check out is that of Hausa movies. Movies produced by Hausas were recently incorporated in Nigeria's Nollywood.

I went to Asaba to do the job; I worked with this man without him making a single pass at me. How would you describe sexual harassment?

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That is sexual harassment, pure harassment. I have never slept with a director or producer for a job. Funny enough, a year after, that same producer whom I refused to sleep with later called me for a series of jobs.

In fact, he recommended me for several other jobs without asking for sex or even making a pass at me.

hausa movies online nigeria dating

At what point in your career did you feel you were on the right track? Remember I said earlier that I was given a major role at my first audition. But when I actually began to feel I was on the right track was when I was called up for another job after being dropped by one producer because I refused to have sex with him. When the film came out, my picture was on the jacket and poster, I was so happy because I felt like I was getting there.

People began to call me from Calabar saying they saw me on the poster and jackets of a new movie, I was very excited. At that point, I believed there was no turning back because I felt I was on the right track.

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Which movie would you say was the most challenging, and why? Though the movie I just finished shooting was a little bit challenging because I played a dual role, I was a double twin in the movie, the two characters had two different personalities and attributes. There was a movie in which I had to cry, like cry really deep, it was difficult for me to stop crying on set because I found myself immersed in the character I was playing.

In Nollywood, how do you get into a character to be able to play the role effectively?

  • Top 10 Nigerian Hausa Movies To Watch For Free

What made you believe you had the talent to act? It is possible to stream the movies from these websites.

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Some even provide an option to download the movie streaming directly from their feeds. If you are a fan of the Hausa movies then you have the opportunity to download and watch them online. Hausa Movies Download and Streaming Options Before we delve into discussing the steps to follow if you want to download and stream Hausa movies online, you need to consider a few things. First, three options are there for you to consider; free public domains, sponsored and paid Hausa movie websites.

While you can still find great quality Hausa movies free, the chances are slim and you will be limited in choice.

hausa movies online nigeria dating

The sponsored sites are essentially free but as you stream the movies, you will be interrupted by a variety of advertisements that are in most cases annoying. These movies are usually current and very high quality but you may not enjoy them because of the interruptions occasioned by the commercials. If you do not mind these adverts then sponsored websites are better options for you to download and watch Hausa movies.

Paid options give you the flexibility to choose very high-quality HD movies depending on how much you can raise. You can easily take a look at the movies below and feel free to post in the comments section what you think about them thereafter.

Thanks to the internet, it has given easy access to the pool of very interesting Nollywood Hausa movies. Nigerian Hausa Movies Halisa Produced inthis is a story about a woman who lost her family and is struggling with life. She, however, meets another man who later offered to bring her back to her family.

How To Download and Watch Nigerian Hausa Movies Online For Free

It portrays sections of lifestyles that are also obtainable in Hausa land and combines it with a modern twist. With lovely settings and costumes, the memory of this movie is one that lasts for a good period of time.

The movie features some interesting actors such as the award-winning Yakubu Mohammad.