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Donner also created the network's first presentation package with the new corporate logo for the first time with the help of New York-based Dolphin Productions - making Globo the first national network to use the Scanimate system of computer animation and the second TV station in Brazil to adopt it after TVS in Rio de Janeiro, the first TV channel to use the system in Its first version ran untilits second version was aired from to both were live-action ones and from Aprilit has an animated version as well but the logo version of Globo that they used turned out to be their last.

That same year, Caso Especial ended its first phrase of broadcasts it would continue untilunder various namesand was replaced by another teletheater program, Aplauso. The decade closed with the premiere of the Domingo Maior Best Sunday film block, one of the new programs Globo made for Sundays, the Cinema Especial holiday film specials, and the revival of Jornal da Globo in after a ten-year absence it lasted untilplus the Jornal das Sete News at Seven local newscasts ofprecursor to the network's local news programs of today.

Jornal da Globo was anchored by Sergio Chapelin at the time and aired after JN Second Edition, and now had a running time of 30 minutes. Domingo Global, the musical program showcasting both Brazilian and international music, also made its debut.

Globo in a changing era of Brazilian television —90 [ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. September Learn how and when to remove this template message As Rede Globo marked its 15th years of broadcasts in —81, it had two major events in its sleeve.

Since was the year that Rede Tupi shut down all of its operations, it surprised many former Tupi viewers and supporters with its anniversary programs. It proved to many Brazilians how the network was proving well as the now audience leader in Brazilian television. Globo Rural, its rural newscast also debuted in the same year, with Carlos Nascimento as its first presenter.

By then, it was broadcast weekly, on Sundays. Another debut program was the woman-oriented TV Mulher. More surprises and shows[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. The network's daily electronic magazine show formerly a weekly program from —94it gives an inside look of the network's programs and includes bloopers, interviews and even a look into Globo's historical moments. Bonner, Chico Pinheiro and Malu Mader were some of the program's early co-hosts. Another success was the top-rating drama Guerra Dos Sexos in the evening slots.

Globo at 20, countdown to 25[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. July Learn how and when to remove this template message was Globo's 20th anniversary. It was one of the best years ever for the channel, for various reasons. One reason was the Festival 20 Anos 20 Years Festival showcase of previous soap operas aired on the network.

Since it is the last program before sign-off except for some days of the week, films rated for adults are shown here, followed by the network's sign-off plug, showing the next day's programming. It was a hit among children in all the country, airing all week from Mondays to Saturdays for seven years until The logo was renovated several times in the years that followed.

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InVale Tudoone of Brazilian television's best dramas, premiered on the channel followed by its Tela Quente Hot Screen weekly film block, aired on Mondays. Even Jornal Nacional and Jornal da Globo got makeovers and hosting changes, the former got its present version of The Fuzz plus a new studio coupled with the return of Sergio Chapelin to the program as co-presenter, its then anchors, leaving behind co-anchor Leilane Neubarth. They were to be married inseveral years after Eliakim and Leila's own wedding.

jornal extra de hoje online dating

The year ended with hope that next year, the 40th year of Brazilian TV and Globo's 25th anniversary year, will be one of the best years that Globo has ever seen, as shown in their years-end campaign video commemorating its 25th anniversary, in which most of the network's artists, program presenters and newscasters performed its 25th anniversary theme song.

InGlobo turned 25 years old. Some of its shows and programs debuted that same year, together with its anniversary presentation Festival 25 Anos 25 Years Festival of replayed telecasts of all its best programs in the past 25 years were: The countdown to 30 years and Globosat Networks[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message saw the birth of Globosat, the Globo Organization's own cable service, of which Rede Globo was but part. By then, it had only 4 channels, compared with more than 30 channels today. Another big surprise also came that year in the form of O Dono do Mundo, another of its top record dramas, plus Vamp, its highly successful 7 P.

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Globo became the official network for The Simpsons when it made its national premiere. By the next year, President Collor's impeachment trials and the Barcelona Olympics were all covered by Rede Globo's news and sports teams. On 31 DecemberGlobo lost this franchise with a closing ceremony the programme closed and the Globo ident has Ended, the anthropomorphic puppet hosted show that continued the network's long successes with child-friendly programming.

It ran until She left to host a Sunday's brand new family-oriented program in It would be also a great year for its drama and news departments. As the official F1 broadcaster, it brought the sad news of his demise to the nation and covered its aftermath with special coverages and the huge national mourning for his sudden loss.

Into the 21st century and the 5th century of Brazil[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Globo turned 30 on 1 January Globo suffered a year of audience losses but in audience share began to increase until they were the nation's number one network, aided by brand new programs among them were the telenovela O Rei do Gado and the very popular sitcom Sai de Baixo and its coverage of the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, coupled with changes in the newsrooms.

Globo was the first Brazilian network to have its own news channel, Globo Newswhich started in the same year.

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The British documentary Beyond Citizen Kane suggests that this happened so that Globo wouldn't have to report the repression of the military dictatorshipwhich would have provided a substantial part of the network's growth.

Despite this the program introduced new innovations color broadcasts invia satellite reports inlive reports in and videotape footage in Through the s, three episodes involving the program caused controversy.

jornal extra de hoje online dating

InJornal Nacional's coverage of the state elections of Rio de Janeiro was accused of participating in a plot to fraud the elections. Finally, inJornal Nacional was accused of editing a presidential debate between runoff candidates Fernando Collor and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in order to favour Collor.

This episode is also extensively debated on Beyond Citizen Kane. In the s, the quality of Rede Globo's journalism increased dramatically. In recent days, after the death of Marinho, Rede Globo's journalism again declined in quality. Jornal Nacional has preferred to broadcast stories produced on the Southeastin spite of Globo having affiliates in every Brazilian state.

Even worse, it lost great part of its viewership to Rede Record 's Jornal da Record, which copied its style and also features former Jornal Nacional anchors, Celso Freitas and Marcos Hummel as a relief presenter for Jornal da Recordand was known to be widely preferred as a more credible newscast than Jornal Nacional.