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It there is no adequate documentation regarding these …Geometrasappears that he surveyed and made maps of the entire Valpovo Estate, Realis Fundorum et Sylvarum Dimensio… and other surfaces. The civilian cartography, which became a common activity in the second halfaccount book of the Valpovo administrator for briefly mentions two of the 18th century. During that period, due to the advancement in themore engineers, Johann Bernd and Mathias Jung.

It can be said that these unique, hand coloured maps were the When we are talking about the maps in the holdings of the State Archivesfirst modern topographic maps in our area, made to scale, and not on the in Osijek, they mostly represent the integral part of the Valpovo Estatebasis of estimated distances and in the form of a sketch, hand-made, but fonds, and they are separated as special series titled Land Maps.

Subdirector of the Academy, Giovanni GiacomoMarinoni, court mathematician and mathematics and astronomy teacher of the future Empress Maria Theresa, educated the first modern surveyors geodetic surveyors and cartographers, two of whom completed a civilian survey ofa large land area in Slavonia and Syrmia, i. These are the first cartographers of the Valpovo and Vukovar estates.

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Scrinia Slavonica 9 ,Slavonski Brod, p. Radovi Instituta za povijest umjetnosti 35Zagreb, p. M74, card numberand in the Museum of Slavonia Cartography Collection, inv. Considering the method by which the maps were made, the plan of thethird, Miholjac District, is missing, as well as the plans of the remaining villages in the same scale as the preserved ones.

Most of the preserved maps are in poor condition. An even greater advancement in the cartography of our area, mostly regarding quality, was made by the surveyor and cartographer of the Vukovar Estate, JohannPhilipp Frast, the imperial academic engineer, who surveyed and drawn each individual plot in the Vukovar Estate in He is also the former student of the Military Engineering Academy, where he was accepted in Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti,p.

Overall, most of the mapsare from the Belje, Vukovar and Valpovo estates. Many small estates probably did not have any maps in the early period, and those from the later period are very rare, almost non-existent.

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After the review of the cartographic materials froman information aid, i. It is interesting that Karaman, in his economic and historical study of the Valpovo Estate fromin the chapter on the estate archives, does not mention cartographic documents.

However, it is clear thathe used the maps during his work on the book. Therefore, the reason why Karaman has not mentioned the full cartographic materials within the fonds is probably because 51 from to Their type and some of the features of their content They conducted field surveys, made maps, as well as any additional are primarily dependant on their basic purpose.

Generally, as a part of written documents. Since some of the maps from the Valpovo Estate the administrative documents of the estate, they are mostly documents fonds were probably uncertified working copies or unfinished copies, we indicating the position, type, and use of the estate land, with any existing probably do not have the information on all the surveyors who conducted buildings, or documents regarding specific property-legal or construction surveys on behalf of the estate or public administration in the area of activities.

As such, they can be divided into several groups. The scale the estate. In the period from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 1: They 20th century, the total of 21 surveyors have been recorded, mostly their are general maps of the entire estate or one of its parts.

They show the full first and last names, and there are abbreviated first names or just last most important components of the area, forests, bodies of water, arable names for some. This map is also the only one from this series signed by him. In the period of the first half of the 19th century, most maps were made by Karl Baky, and the two most The so-called land maps are much more common than overview maps, represented surveyors in general are Laurenz Nadoba, who was active in they are made in larger scales, usually 1: Most of the land maps second half of the 19th century.

The basic purpose of these older maps, fonds and collections should also be mentioned. This includes a few maps created during the operation of late-feudal estates, was to show the basic from the fonds Urbarial Court in Osijek and the land registry supplements landscape components in specific village municipalities, the position of from the Cadastre Collection. In view of the fact that the settlements and in the Valpovo region. The Cadastre Collection holds the plans that were arable land were fully owned by the estate at the time and that the estate made as supplements to some land registry cases from the first half of the managed the work in the field, the land maps would contain information 20th century, when Count Rudolf Joseph von Normann-Ehrenfels divided on crop rotation, which was displayed with the division of the village a part of the estate lands into plots and sold them.

These plans complete land in three fields for the purpose of crop rotation.

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These land maps the cartographic materials unit related to the Valpovo Estate at the State were not created independently, they were originally supplements to Archives in Osijek. Therefore, the full land registry a representative overview, including both the type and content.

The information for each settlement can only be obtained after the maps holdings of the State Archives in Osijek are represented with 12 maps have been paired with the appropriate written documents. Maps from from the estate fonds. The first two maps are related to the wider the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century are based area of the market town Valpovo itself. The older one, signed by on modern cadastral surveys and subsequent revisions.

They look like Franciscus Kremniczky, is from and it shows the estate allodium, modern cadastral plans, but they were usually made in smaller scales.

However, it is unusual that no forestry of Valpovo by Karl Baky from This indicates that they were separated before the fonds in the area, including the location Staro Valpovo with the cemetery, then reached the archives, and that their final location is unknown. It is followed by a series mentioned earlier, they were local surveyors, estate or county officials. Further research of the archival fonds from the estate or public administration at the Croatian State Archives and the State Archives in Osijek would probably provide information on the first and last names of all, or at least most, of the surveyors who were active in this area during the mentioned period.

This unit is not gatheredthe content of which more closely matches a general geographical map within the holdings of a single heritage institution though, instead,in a larger scale. Therefore, thethe 19th century is the plan of the Bistrinci property by Laurenz Nadoba originals of the mentioned maps are mostly kept in the State Archivesfrom There are several plans of the same type from the same year, so wider public because it was displayed before in exhibits, and publishedthey are obviously supplements to the new land registers and tax records.

Nevertheless, it is a smaller number of, mostly,Another two water engineering maps should also be mentioned. The more representative maps.

The other microhistory, etc. The map is from primarily, but also for the history of cartography itself. That is why weand it was probably made by Johann Danhelovsky. Hrvatski povijesni muzej, Heraldika, sfragistika, genealogija, veksilologija: Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja, Grbovi plemstva Like, Gacke i Krbave, Zagreb: Prilog bibliografiji radova o heraldici s posebnim osvrtom na Hrvatsku i Bosnu i Hercegovinu.

Arhivski vjesnik 51Zagreb, str. Alfa ; Hrvatski institut za povijest, Povijesne zastave u Muzeju Slavonije do Povijesni prilozi 31Zagreb, str. Zwischen Verlust, Verteidigung und Neuerwerb gesellschaftlicher Elitenpositionen — De Gruyter Oldenbourg, Iako im u opisu nije navedena namjena, evidentno pripadaju godine izveo i grb Kraljevine Srbije.

Nastajali su Prandau te za jednu pokojnicu iz obitelji Normann-Ehrenfels. Na mnogim portretima izvedeni su, odnosno naknadno serija od tri posmrtna grba kat br. Augusta Krahla Dresden, Iznad toga polja zlatna kruna. Ostaje stari grb, Znatnijih zahvata na materijalu nije bilo jer je oslik u relativno dobrom stanju. Proslava Vrhovnog Rituala, i proslava Ekvinoksa Bogova. Mnogi su, naravno, izgubili razum, ali, drugi su bili itekako razumni. Za Ra-Hoor-Khuit-a "postoji uspeh".

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