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kitaiski magazini online dating

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I didn't know what to say but I promised to come visit A at work the next day. I had no idea how she would manage going to work with the newness -- the freshness -- of the diagnosis.

kitaiski magazini online dating

But the next day I met her there, and she took a break and we sat in the waning fall sunlight while she explained how G had been diagnosed. How overwhelmed she felt.

kitaiski magazini online dating

How crazy this all was. He lives in a group home and goes to a program on weekdays.

He has never said a word, doesn't use any form of communication. He understands what we say though, and he is sweet and gentle. Once considered a rare psychological disorder twenty years ago, affecting one in every 2, children under the age of five, this ratio has risen at a frightening pace, now standing at roughly one in in the United States alone.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder has become nothing short of a worldwide epidemic. Starting as a small office clinic in Los Angeles and transforming into the largest and most dedicated provider of autism treatment has been only one of its many accomplishments. Just recently, the results of a three-year study done at a CARD office based in Phoenix, backed by the Arizona Legislature, revealed further evidence supporting the possibility of recovery.

Doreen Granpeesheh studied autism treatment under the supervision of the late Dr.

Kitaiski magazini online dating

Granpeesheh was highly motivated by the profound outcome that came through autism recovery as she witnessed through a number her young clients. Upon receiving her PhD inDr. Granpeesheh found the necessity to establish an organization that would provide only the highest quality of treatment to children and families affected by ASD.

CARD is well known for offering multiple treatment programs not only to affected young children, but also to young adults. If my child could write a blog post like this, I would consider him cured. Have you taught him how? Have you given him the time, tools, technology, and accommodations he would need to do so? Have you exposed him to the ideas this blog post runs on, or has he been sheltered and infantilized? Has he been given an accessible, for him as well as his audience, means of communication?

Have multiple literacies been facilitated? Remember, everyone reads, everyone writes, everyone has something to say is the current forward-thinking in special education, especially for children with complex access needs.

Kitaiski magazini online dating

Silly me, I apologize. Have his attempts at self-determination and self-advocacy be respected and responded to, regardless of form, or has he been taught that passivity is better? If he were to want to blog about his favorite cartoon, would that be okay? Or does it need to be serious, age-appropriate, legitimate-in-your-eyes business, every time, all the time—because there are no frivolous blogs anywhere on the internet, are there.

If he were to want to document and share his thoughts via, say, music or a painting or an arrangement of objects, would that be okay?

Or must it be words? Are there limits on chances for this? Is any human being ever stagnant? Oh, and by the way, your child is still a child, right?

How many children blog, do you know? Sorry, I thought this was worth taking seriously.

kitaiski magazini online dating

I am not going to make nice. We all want the same things. In no other minority community is this level of power-play tolerated. Then by definition you are not a member of the disability community. You have the power.