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KAREN MULTER - COMPOSER NOV/DEC THE DRAMATIST - THE MUSICAL THEATRE ISSUE .. and taking myself out on cheap dates, I was left to plumb the depths of my . A SPY MUSEUM INSPIRES A MUSICAL - karen multer A quick internet search reveals there's no shortage of companies. Building a Amazon S3 API with Express and Multer-S3. I found out that most programmatic problems are not yet solved online and i just want to write . file. fieldname }); }, key: function (req, file, cb) { cb(null, This website uses cookies, including third party cookies and web beacons to improve your online experience by allowing us to tailor our content for you based .

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message The first written accounts of Hungarian, mostly personal name and place namesdate to the 10th century. No significant texts written in Old Hungarian script have survived, as wood, the medium of writing in use at the time, was perishable. The earliest remaining fragments of the language are found in the establishing charter of the abbey of Tihany fromintermingled with Latin text.

The first extant text fully written in Hungarian is the Funeral Sermon and Prayerwhich dates to the s. Although the orthography of these early texts differed considerably from that used today, contemporary Hungarians can still understand a great deal of the reconstructed spoken language, despite changes in grammar and vocabulary.

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The earliest known example of Hungarian religious poetry is the 14th-century Lamentations of Mary. The first Bible translation was the Hussite Bible in the s. There were also changes in the system of vowel harmony. At one time, Hungarian used six verb tenseswhile today only two or three are used. GermanItalian and French loans also began to appear. These authors managed to create nuanced, complicated, racially diverse communities of characters that bravely crossed racial, cultural, and gender lines, but not without risk.

These authors succeeded by deftly navigating treacherous waters in vessels borne of empathy.

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Stockett, herself a white author, tells the story of a community of black women working as domestics in the s south, but the way in which the story was presented proved ultimately troublesome. Stockett was given immunity by her white privilege, and her audacity to speak for an entire group of disenfranchised black women was rewarded. Is it any wonder the book and subsequent movie sparked controversy?


The lesson learned is to tread carefully, and engage the very community you hope to properly represent. The reality is, a Jewish viewer brings a different perspective to a film on the Holocaust than a Catholic will. If a writer chooses to cross artistic racial, cultural, and gender lines, and I believe writers shouldthen open conversation is critical.

Seeking out voices and opinions from the very community on which you wish to draw your constructs is vital.

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We must accept that others may not like us or our work simply because they feel we have no right to tell that particular story. Their words have no business in our mouths. Not help, not understanding, not absolution.