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The search is instantaneous and you don't need to go to any other pages, you can simply keep typing and see the immediate results. Once you see the food you need in the dropdown, you can use the Up and Down arrow keys to select it. Then hit the Tab key to go to the amount cell, enter the amount any format is supported, e.

Hit Tab again, which will take you to the next food row. This way, you don't even need to use the mouse or take your hands off the keyboard. It works really well. What is the size of a "glass of water" in MyNetDiary? Water glasses do not affect any calculations in MyNetDiary, as water consumption does not seem to affect weight loss directly.

MyNetDiary provides water tracking because many people want to track it, to ensure they drink enough fluids. You can decide for yourself what glass size is most convenient for you, and re-calculate all fluids you drink into such glasses.

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For example, you can decide to consider glass size to be 6 fl oz, or ml - whatever makes sense to you, just use it consistently. How do I come up with a good calorie and nutrient plan? Start all over again?

mynet video indir online dating

It is very easy to create a diet plan with MyNetDiary web app or mobile apps. When you need to adjust your plan over time, you may also find it useful to review our in-depth Calorie planning guide and Nutrient planning guide. Can I have two apps on the same phone? If you'd like to keep track of two food diaries on the same phone, for example, for yourself and for your significant one, or for your child, you can do this on the iPhone.

Please install two apps, e. The apps will be completely independent of each other. This way, you won't need to switch between accounts every day. As MyNetDiary has only one app for iPad, you can keep a diary for several people on the same device, but you'll have to switch between account. MyNetDiary uses Activity Level for estimating your calorie needs while creating your weight plan. You can choose one of the following levels in Plan segment: Food calories don't match calories calculated from fats, carbs, and proteins Typically, a gram of fat is considered to be 9 calories, while a gram of carbs or proteins is 4 calories.

For many foods, these "calculated" calories are the same or close to the actual calories printed at the top of food's Nutrition Facts.

mynet video indir online dating

For some foods, though, the "calculated" calories value may be quite different. There are several reasons for that. Most importantly, calories-per-gram for fats, carbs, and proteins 9, 4, and 4 respectively are approximate, average values, and vary for different kinds of fats, different kinds of carbs, and different proteins.

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For example, a more accurate "average" calories per gram of fat value is 8. For carbs, calories vary from 3. Proteins from meat and vegetable sources are metabolized differently, with greater portion lost as nitrogenous substances in urine and feces for meat proteins, thus caloric effect of one gram of protein is different for them, i.

Thus, the "" rule, while working well for many foods, may calculate calories different from calories printed in Nutrition Facts.

mynet video indir online dating

Differences by a few percent are quite regular. These variations of calculated and actual calories may also result in your daily totals of calories and macronutrients not matching planned values. When calculating your diet plan, MyNetDiary distributes total calories planned among macronutrients based on the "" rule - that's the best rule available.

If all foods had perfect calories match, then when you consume during a day 56 grams of fat, grams of carbs, and grams of proteins, your total daily calories would be precisely 2, calories. BUT, as we now know, calories may not match for some foods, resulting in a discrepancy - you consume fats, carbs, and proteins as planned, but you miss your daily calories!

Or, it could be the other way - you hit your calorie targets, but you may miss on some macronutrients! This is normal situation, caused by one or several foods that have "calculated" calories different from actual, thus causing differences in your planned and actual calories and macronutrients.

I have an iPad.

mynet video indir online dating

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mynet video indir online dating

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