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Sexy doesn't mean skimpy: Namrata Joshipura - Designer Namrata Joshipura opens up on A lot of these online portals sell cheap versions. Items 1 - 12 of 23 Buy Namrata Joshipura Designer Dresses including Designers Skirts, the entire Designer Collection of Namrata Joshipura and shop online. Witnessing designer Namrata Joshipura's high-octane, body flaunting aesthetic on celebrating the modern, and has continued with it till date.

So when I came back for my first show in a two-designer show with Sabyasachi Mukherjeeit was a new beginning for me and I delved into it with all my energy," she shares.

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Joshipura's focussed her design aesthetic on celebrating the modern, and has continued with it till date. How does she stay inspired? I just feel so energised and refreshed because it's a complete mental and digital detox. I'm so free when I'm there. She is a very 'now' person, by which I mean her existence is about being present in the moment. For me, that's the biggest quality I've learnt being her mother. If my daughter needs me, I will drop everything whether I'm in the middle of fittings or anything else.

Shows and work will always be there, but to be there for your child is the primary goal. You have to be there when your child needs you," she emphasises. Nevertheless, she stresses on taking out time for herself. For her personal growth, Joshipura has taken to running. That's what keeps me sane. Sharing words of inspiration, she ends by saying, "I want to move ahead, I want to grow as a person and as a designer. What doesn't grow, decays. You have to establish a balanced system at home to function smoothly.

And it's not very complicated. Who is your favourite musician? How do you recharge? It's moved beyond bourgeois and looking expensive. It's about being effortlessly cool. People who are really cool don't try hard. It just comes out and that's my muse and that's my girl. I did Tokyo this year because I had never been to Japan and I was enamoured and inspired by the street style.

I have photographs of women I took on street.

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When I was working on the collection I actually referred back to them — embellishments, cape belted dresses — that's why I called it the 'Akira' cape. Even food inspires me. I seldom look at fashion shows. I follow a lot of bloggers who cover street style — Susie Bubble, Anna Dello Russo — what she wears and the way she puts it together and mixes and matches. Also, Tommy Ton — these individuals inspire me and get my fashion adrenaline high," she adds.

Sexy doesn't mean skimpy: Namrata Joshipura

The NJ WomanThe aesthetic which Namrata is striving to accomplish is a look which is effortlessly cool. It does not look acquired nor does it look put together. It doesn't look so planned and thought of and I'd encourage women who buy the NJ collection to actually mix and match. It doesn't have to be NJ from head to toe and that's what I try to accomplish.

That balance is essential. Sexy doesn't mean short, skimpy and skin-showing. I just love legs and I like to show legs.

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If it is a floor-length evening gown, the slit is kind of high. It's nice, it's a little peek-a-boo, the skin shows and yet it doesn't show. That's what I was playing with.

The whole inspiration was night goddess so the look reflected an enchanted evening so I experimented with a certain three dimensionality. In India, Bollywood and cricket are two religions and I am not a Bollywood snob at all because I like the way younger actresses are breaking the conventions. At the Vogue fashion awards, Kangana wore a bustier top with a skirt — now that's avant garde in a street way and that's my girl.

Men are doing that too. I don't know if I can do costumes for a movie but stars wearing NJ is definitely encouraging. You have to know your body type. I can't be covered from head-to-toe. I also feel I am surrounded with so much fashion and creation of fashion that it's like a chef rarely enjoys the gourmet food he or she makes. I enjoy dressing up people more than myself. We want them and we don't want to lose them because they contributed to where the brand is today. It's a fine balance between getting new customers.

Young girls are very fashion conscious and there are so many options available out there. Even a Zara and Mango has a very trendy clothing for them. I believe now global fashion is — a very cool. It's not a very contrived bourgeois look.