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Written by the most trusted name in NCLEX review, Linda Anne Silvestri, and updated and 5, NCLEX examination-style questions in the book and online . We have NCLEX-PN practice exam questions with correct answer rationales. LPN to ADN · Online LPN to RN · LPN to BSN · LPN Programs Online .. You are working in a pediatric unit of the hospital and caring for a six year old boy who What is the expected date of delivery for the woman who has had their last. Practice Mode – Questions and choices are randomly arranged, the answer is revealed instantly after each question, and there is no time limit for the exam.

B The 70 year old female patient who has liver disease is at the greatest risk because the female gender, advancing age and the liver disease are known risk factors for cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis. Other risk factors include obesity, oral contraceptive use, diseases and disorders of the ileum, hypercholesterolemia and races like the Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian races.

NCLEX Rn Practice Questions 1 (exam Mode) By Rnpedia

Select the method of special precautions that is accurately paired with the personal protective equipment that is minimally required in order to prevent the spread of infection. Gowns, gloves and mask Droplet precautions: Face mask Airborne transmission precautions: Negative pressure room Contact precautions: B The minimal personal protective equipment that is required for droplet precautions is a face mask.

Contact precautions minimally require the use of gloves and gowns; and airborne transmission precautions minimally require the use of a negative pressure room, a HEPA mask, gowns and gloves. Which of these patients is affected with a healthcare acquired infection?

A The 18 year old male patient who developed a intravenous line infection two days after insertion is affected with a healthcare related, or nosocomial, infection. These infections include all infections that occur while the patient is receiving healthcare services.

The patient who was admitted with a urinary tract infection and the pediatric patient who develops the measles rash 3 days after admission acquired these infections prior to receiving healthcare services so they are not considered healthcare related, or nosocomial, infections. The stages of infection in correct sequential order are: A The incubation, prodromal, illness and convalescence stages are the stages of infection in correct sequential order.

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Inflammation, infection and immunity are commonly used terms in infection control but they are not stages of the infection process. Primary, secondary and tertiary are levels of prevention and not stages of the infection process. What is the single most important thing that nurses do in order to prevent the spread of infection?

Handwashing is the single, most important thing that nurses, and other healthcare professionals, can do in order to prevent the spread of infection.

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Applying standard precautions, using personal protective equipment, as indicated, and adhering to the principles of asepsis also prevent the spread of infections; however, handwashing is the single most important thing to prevent the spread of infection. Giving the client food and drink after the procedure without checking on the return of the gag reflex can cause the client to aspirate.

The gag reflex usually returns after two hours. Question 4 The laboratory of a male patient with Peptic ulcer revealed an elevated titer of Helicobacter pylori. Which of the following statements indicate an understanding of this data? A No treatment is necessary at this time B Treatment will include Ranitidine and Antibiotics C This result indicates gastric cancer caused by the organism D Surgical treatment is necessary Question 4 Explanation: One of the causes of peptic ulcer is H.

Giving antibiotics will control the infection and Ranitidine, which is a histamine-2 blocker, will reduce acid secretion that can lead to ulcer. Question 5 Which of the following would be inappropriate to include in a diabetic teaching plan? A Change position hourly to increase circulation B Keep the insulin not in use in the refrigerator C Keep legs elevated on 2 pillows while sleeping D Inspect feet and legs daily for any changes Question 5 Explanation: The client with DM has decreased peripheral circulation caused by microangiopathy.

Keeping the legs elevated during sleep will further cause circulatory impairment. Braga was ordered Digoxin 0. Which is poor knowledge regarding this drug? A It has positive inotropic and negative chronotropic effects B Do not give the drug if the apical rate is less than 60 beats per minute.

C The positive inotropic effect will decrease urine output D Toxixity can occur more easily in the presence of hypokalemia, liver and renal problems Question 6 Explanation: Inotropic effect of drugs on the heart causes increase force of its contraction.

This increases cardiac output that improves renal perfusion resulting in an improved urine output.