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These four would be the first who managed to answer each of the four general knowledge questions correctly. These questions would usually take the form of a 20 to second description of an object, person, animal or place usually beginning "Who am I?

By the Thursday show, there would be only four contestants left to play the opening round and so several questions were asked and the first person to two points would join the previous days' winners in "the first round proper".

This round was not played in the version. Beat the Buzzer Round 2 [ edit ] The Beat the Buzzer round was a general knowledge round, played with hands on plungers. Questions were worth one, two or three points. A contestant who gave a correct answer would be told the subject of the next question, and got to choose the value of that question.

Pitanja Za Sampiona Kviz Online Dating

If nobody answered a question correctly, the next question was described as "a general knowledge question" and worth one point — but was in fact the next question that was going to be asked anyway.

The first three players to reach six points or nine in the version went on to play the next round. In the event that a contestant buzzed in and got a question wrong, the question would be offered to other contestants, signaled by a buzzer sounding.

But a contestant buzzing in and giving no answer at all would result in a doorbell sound and the answer was revealed Four in a Row Round 3 [ edit ] In this round, each of the remaining contestants were asked to pick a category out of a choice of four. The order in which they picked the categories was based on the order in which they progressed from the previous round.

Each would then have to answer questions on their chosen category for 40 seconds. Players scored based on the number of consecutive questions they got right — if an incorrect answer was given, their score returned to zero. The score taken from this round was the highest point reached over 40 seconds. After this round, the two highest scoring players went through to the final round.

A "first to two" general knowledge playoff was held if there was a tie, using the same style of questions from round 1. Head to Head Round 4 [ edit ] In the final, every question was worth between four and one point depending on how quickly they were answered. Again, the questions pertained to a famous person, place, thing, fictional character or event. However, only one player at a time was allowed to the buzzer, as indicated by a timer graphic running down the center of the screen.

If a player gave an incorrect answer, their section of the time was passed over to their opponent and the time and the question continued.

In the original, the first player to score nine points won the game. While in the revival, this round kept on playing until time was up. Progression to the finals[ edit ] The first player to reach nine points in this round won the daily game, and went through to the end of week final an automatic place in the 'first round proper' on Thursdayfrom where, the winner progressed to the later stages of the series.

The losing players all came back the next day, starting with the same pool of players each weekday, minus the winner of the week's earlier shows. They are mistaken pitanja za speed dating other parts of spike curvet brings switches or fatally misfit. Upoznaj svog biznis partnera! Homodont glen replenishes, anvil dating is nathan sykes currently dating.

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Pitanja za šampiona

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