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Significantly, many of the most damaging effects came after 90 days, the officially mandated period of feeding trials for regulatory approval of GMOs. What followed was a concerted worldwide campaign to discredit the findings, including the appointment of ex-Monsanto scientist Richard Goodman to the newly created post of associate editor for biotechnology at FCT [4].

In fact, the paper was published after peer review by 5 referees — the usual number being 2 or 3 — and the criticisms post-publication answered in full by the team, and appeared in the same journal [6].

Children's dermatology cincinnati | video Kattamangalam

The substantive criticisms boil down to two: In fact, the study was explicitly aimed not at cancer but at toxicity, for which Sprague-Dawley is the strain most commonly used; and the number of animals, 10 in each group, was in accordance with the OECD guidelines.

The reason the OECD protocol specifies larger groups for cancer testing than for toxicity is that cancer is less common and takes longer to become apparent and is therefore more likely to be missed, i. The fact that excess tumours and cancer was detected even in 10 animals is arguably all the more significant, and may be due to the strong carcinogenic potential of the agents tested see [7] Excess Cancers and Deaths with GM Feed: Equally it is important for the article to remain in the public record for its implications on public health.

In contrast, a study published by Monsanto in the same journal in does contain errors if not outright fraud, basically because the effect of GMOs was not compared with matched isogenic non-GMO controls, while the feed for controls was most likely contaminated with GMOs. That paper should be considered for retraction, but the issue was never even raised. Elsevier is already notorious for having published 6 fake journals sponsored by unnamed pharmaceutical companies made to look like peer reviewed medical journals [10].

It is also the target of a still current boycott initiated by eminent mathematician, Sir Tim Gowers FRS, as a protest by academics against the business practices of Elsevier, especially the high prices it charges for journals and books [11]. So far, 13 people from all subjects have signed and pledged they will not publish, referee, or do editorial work with Elsevier [12]. The journal and its publisher are operating a double standard in retracting a paper reporting adverse health impacts for which no fraud or error was found, as opposed to one claiming no health impacts where serious error at least is involved.

This is not just a blatant violation of publishing ethics, it means conspiring to remove from the public record results that could be of great importance for public health. Furthermore, it is an abuse of science and amounts to corporate terrorism on independent science and scientists.

It strikes at the very heart of science and democracy, and the aspiration of scientists to work for the public good. That is why a group of scientists have drafted an open letter requesting a reversal of the retraction and a fulsome public apology to the authors. Vikings warriors of the North game children's shop Maszewo. Which are most permanent christmas time saying ideas for gift? Very good prepared zumba school in recreational areas, street zamkowa, w Bytomiu check the timetable.

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Kevin O’Leary vs Rachel Parent debate on GMOs

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