Reformed christian singles online dating

reformed christian singles online dating

Online and believe in marriage. Reformed camp. Then i discovered perhaps the christian dating and date out. Reformed christian sites. Hi, few seem to christian. Singles seeking Reformed Christian dating to connect with potential soulmates have been choosing as their main meeting point online. But it is only one of many online dating sites for the mate-less faithful. new addition to the Christian dating cadre:

But God nudged us to carry on and to pray.

reformed christian singles online dating

We finally spoke on the phone and had a 3 to 4 hour conversation. From there, after more prayer seeking the Lord's will versus that of our own, the Lord placed on both of our hearts to meet in person on Easter weekend, it was the beginning of a sweet friendship that led us to be engaged in September when Peter proposed aboard the USS Intrepid and we were married on July 7, SGS was the catalyst to bring us to be united as one in Christ.

We highly recommend SGS, as it is so important to be on the same page with your life partner. If you have a SovereignGraceSingles. CHAT Talk to other Christians in real time with our specialized chat system that allows you to connect with other members at any time. MEET Use our powerful online search to find other members close by and catch up for a coffee or share what God is doing for you this week. Testimonials Nathan Clark George Dean truly cares that those of like-minded faith search one another out.

In this day and age this is becoming all the more important. Plus, with marriage on the rocks in society, it's great to know there are those working everyday to help begin relationships on a solid foundation. Dominic Aquila From it's very beginnings inthe purpose of SGS has always been to give an opportunity for single men and women committed to the Reformed faith from around the world to meet other Christians of like mind and persuasion.

How could this go wrong? Christian Cafe — Pour me a latte! This site sounded so inviting. I had dozens of conversations here while having a cuppa joe or maybe some vino.

Unfortunately, this is mainly an Arminian Cafe. I wanted a date, not a debate. Okay, there were a few nice men.

After a phone conversation, I knew one man was definitely not for me. He gave subtle hints of being unsaved. Honestly, I was terrorized. So much for mingling with Christians in name only. The witless discussion about soul mates common to these dating sites was pure silliness.

Marriage between two believers makes them soul mates. God creates soul mates when we enter into a covenant marriage with Him.

Furthermore, egalitarianism was blatantly evident in these dating sites.

reformed christian singles online dating

Bible believing Christians should remember God created woman for man. She is designed to be his helpmeet. As I studied marriage the way God intended, I prayed in a different way.

reformed christian singles online dating

My prayers gradually morphed from selfish whining to asking if there was a godly man who needed me. Then I discovered a Reformed Christian dating site. Sovereign Grace Singles — Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Sovereign Grace Singles ( Reformed Community Dating & Fellowship )

After much dysfunction on eHarmony, heated espresso chats on Christian Cafe, and miserable mingling on Christian Mingle, it was obvious that many members had false professions or held to gross doctrinal error. Wheat and tares will grow together until the harvest Matt.

reformed christian singles online dating

My partner and I must share the same theology and doctrine. Though Christian dating sites were frustrating, God still used this venue to bring Mike and I together when I finally found a strictly Reformed Christian dating site.

Christian Online Dating Advice: Does God Want You to Online Date to Find a Christian Spouse? 7 Tips

As the holiday season approached, when I was reminded of my aloneness, I set up a profile on sovereigngracesingles. After years of working in advertising, I knew how to write a persuasive ad. I included a disclaimer: This offer expires in three months.

I did not intend to spend any more money or time. One day in February, there was a message in my email from sovereigngracesingles.

reformed christian singles online dating

I was able to read the message but I had to re-join to see the profile of my secret admirer. And rather good-looking, too!

Are Christian dating websites undermining "Christian values?" - Jonathan Merritt

The Lord truly goes beyond our expectations. Consequently, I received a refund I got a man for free! We progressed to the phone immediately where I heard Gospel zeal in his voice.