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Silvano Lattanzi Size: Made of Suede, Leather. Not Including Shoe Trees. Dark Brown Color. NEW With Box. The actual price of these services is much. Since , Silvano Lattanzi and his small staff of artisans have been crafting elegant, high-end men's shoes from their base in the Ancora. There were some threads in the past about Silvano Lattanzi,. of handmade Italian footwear (and to this date one of the most expensive ones).

I believe, although I am not certain, that Zegna owns the production facilities for these shoes, some of which are very good. The only pair of StefanoBi shoes that I ever saw square-toe tan wingtip balmorals were attractive in a flashy, Italian sort of way. What I can say is that these shoes, to me, represent everything that is wrong with Italian shoemaking today. Branchini took all that is excessive about Lattanzi shoes and used it as a toned-down model for what he wanted to do.

They look to be well-made and are undoubtedly very flexible. I have two primary complaints with Artioli shoes. First is the leather that they tend to use: Santoni — Santoni produces many, many different lines of shoes. The Nuvola shoes have natural rubber soles and are decently-constructed and comfortable Blake shoes. The Classic line consists of some Bologna, some Blake, and some Goodyear shoes.

The new Bologna models, in particular, are made on a very attractive round-toe last and are extremely flexible. Moreschi — Moreschi is yet another good maker of mid-range Blake-constructed shoes. Much of what they sell is, ah, exuberant.

Combinations of blue peccary with blue ostrich leg are to be found. The normal shoes are well-made and reasonably priced. Probably a small step below Gravati in quality of construction, and much below Gravati in flexibility of offerings and receptivity to special orders.

Fratelli Peluso — I have seen a number of different types of Peluso shoes. The first is a line of Goodyear-welted shoes that look to be well-constructed and fairly-priced. From the website, it appears that these shoes have a gemmed linen feather and are machine-welted just as most English welted shoes. Both appear to be relatively well-constructed shoes offered for reasonable prices. Barrett — I have never seen a Barrett shoe in person, but their website certainly shows a number of beautiful models.

The shoes are very much of a piece with a lot of high-end Italian shoes nowadays: If you like that sort of thing, these shoes appear to be well-made versions of the aesthetic. Bonora — Florentine bespoke maker that has branched into RTW. Given the prices, I suspect that the former is more likely than the latter. The shoes themselves appear to be mostly Goodyear-welted and staid in their styling.

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Zegna — A few years ago, Zegna began a joint venture with Ferragamo called Zefer oh, the originality! I suspect, although I do not know for sure, that Zegna actually owns the production facilities for these shoes. In any event, they run the gamut from the very ordinary to the very nice. Most of the lower-priced versions are either cemented or Blake-constructed.

The top-of-the-line shoes, however, are Goodyear-welted and very attractive. France JM Weston — The triple-soled hand-welted Chasse model is amazing and one of the true classic shoes available today.

The Perry-designed Weston shoes are extremely distinctive. People either love them or hate them. I happen to love them. Berluti — I will admit that I feel betrayed by Berluti. I wanted a pair terribly. Talk about a let-down. Nevertheless, I like them. But that might be just me. Altan — Another maker that I know very little about. Marc Guyot — I know nothing whatever about the quality or construction methods of these shoes.

$18,000 for one pair of shoes

You can see as much as I can from looking at the pictures on the website. Heschung — Heschung is a specialist in rubber-soled Norwegian-constructed country shoes, although they make a full range of other styles, from driving mocs to dress shoes. I have very little experience with them, but I have been impressed with the shoes that I have seen, especially for the price. Help me out, guys. They offer good-looking Goodyear-welted shoes at good prices, but I have never seen them and know nothing of their quality.

Loding — This maker seems to be similar to Bexley in that they offer good-looking Goodyear-welted shoes for low prices and that I know nothing about their quality. Paraboot — More well-priced, attractive Goodyear-welted shoes.

Unlike the preceeding two makers, I do know a little bit about Paraboot: Spain Carmina Albaladejo — Carmina is shell cordovan specialist, but instead of sticking with the standard deep burgundy Color 8, they like to branch into more exotic colors like green, blue, tomato red, and whiskey.

They do make calfskin shoes, too.

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In the past, Carmina has suffered from inelegant lasts, although over the last two years or so, they have remedied that with the Philly 2 and the Rain.

The shoes themselves are Goodyear-welted and may have a slightly lower quality of construction than the very best in the RTW shoe industry; however, they are good shoes that are typically offered at very good prices. Yanko — I know very little about Yanko. Others have commented that they make solid, if unexciting Goodyear-welted shoes, and that seems reasonable given the models shown on their website. That attention is well-deserved.

Vass shoes are handmade products made to extremely high standards, and they are works of art. They are among the finest RTW footwear that you can find anywhere, at any price.

Their traditional Hungarian lasts are distinctive but not for everybody. Recently, though, they have branched into sleeker last shapes such as the P2 and especially the F and the U, both of the latter developed for the Roberto Ugolini RTW shoes sold in Japan and made by Vass.

For a more extended discussion of Vass shoes, see my post here. From the deions on their website, these are handmade shoes; and I like the look of them very much. I have never seen any in person, but I like the way they look. If only they were distributed in the US. Bally — Bally is a Swiss company, and if their website can be believed, they still maintain a factory in Caslano, Switzerland.

Sadly, Bally decided that its future was in becoming a fashion brand, and they degraded their quality and became unwilling to work with independent fiddlers like Jim. The shoes look to be, well, solid, double-soled things; but all the verbiage about construction is right.

I hope that this signals a return of Bally to the land of quality shoes.

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Alden is a shell cordovan specialist, and their shell cordovan shoes have something of a cult following in Japan and Germany.

For the most part, aside from limited production spec shoes made for a few retailers like Alden of Carmel, Alden shoes are extremely conservative, both in design and last shape. The latter is frequently chunky and blob-like, particularly on the shell cordovan models.

Alden makes both calfskin and shell cordovan shoes for Brooks Brothers, sold under the Brooks Brothers label. One by one, all except Alden and Allen-Edmonds either shut down or shipped production overseas and went downmarket. They will never be made again. Welt or welted sole — the method of stitching a piece of leather to the shoe upper lining and insole before being attached to the outsole with the seam concealed.

It allows your foot to flex and permits the shoe to be resoled easily. Gorgeous shoes, set to invade the U. Two years later, he created Scarpe Di Bianco with a handful of former bootmakers from Sutor. The leather quality is very good, with a special mention going to the pebble grain leather.

Various constructions are available, including Blake rapid, Goodyear and Norwegian. A safe choice indeed, if you live in the USA. Beautiful lasts, patterns and styles. Mainly if not exclusively available in the U. As Parisian as Parisian gets Average price: Indeed, for many, Aubercy is the epitome of Parisian style. Aubercy is the quintessential Parisian luxury brand with a delightful old-fashioned customer experience. No real drawbacks to be found. Unforgettable shoes, but difficult to find in Europe Average price: Bontoni is yet another Italian brand that seems to revel in its limited international availability.

Whereas many brands are content with simply adding a tinge to an already beige or brown leather, Bontoni goes way beyond the call of duty by creating their colors from scratch. Bontoni craftsmen use a red-hot iron to open the pores of white leather, then brush-paint the leather, applying numerous layers of colors using a mixture of wax and various creams.

The process can take up to two weeks.