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However, new security measures in Internet Explorer (IE) make it necessary to .. You may also see the results for any period to date by clicking on the blue. Online. Course Dates: 1/9, 3/3/ Course Days and Times: N\A of your group will post the group lessons learned report from our SIM4 Projects simulation. With an online tool, you get project data instantly updated. You can see Keep those files up to date as their skills and experiences broaden.

The most important feature is that they show when someone is over- or under-allocated. Have a Regular Routine Resource management is like any aspect of project management: For example, every Friday run through the charts that your software shows you and check that no one is going to be struggling next week.

You can also do this verbally in your team meetings: The resource allocated to your team might be at risk of being pulled off the project to help manage business as usual work because someone else is on paternity leave or suddenly off sick. A regular conversation with your team leaders will help identify potential upcoming problems. Build Resource Profiles Know what your team are good at, so you can allocate them to tasks where they can use their skills.

Resource profiles can work in two ways. First, you can write a brief description of the ideal resource for your project. Second, you can keep short profiles of each team member up to date with their skills and experience. When you need to match individuals to tasks you can consult the profiles to see who would be a good fit.

For more tips on how to choose the right resource for the job, read this article on how to allocate resources effectively Resource management is more art than science but the companies that do it well must certainly have the advantage over organisations that allocate unsuitable resources to tasks at the wrong time.

Getting resource management right is definitely a skill worth practicing. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed! Check back later this afternoon for a new podcast and simulation schedule. It should take about 30 seconds. Select which option you want to choose for the class. If you change your mind or make a mistake you can re-enter the document.

At the end of the week, It may be necessary for me to re-configure teams. We will start Practice Simulation play for thiose who choose to remain in the class on Monday, April 9th.


Friday March 30, I had some minor surgery yesterday. Unfortunately some complications have developed. As a consequence my ability to communicate has been further hampered. This means that I will not be responding to your emails as promptly as I would like to and indeed, will have to delay responses until next week. Please be assured that I understand the stress you've all been through.

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I will make an easily accessible method for all of you to communicate your course option decisions. I hope to be able to make this available to you all no later than Tuesday.

The upside of this is that it will give you time to make a well reasoned decision. Many of you are asking about the current status of your grades. You can determine this by going to the blackboard gradebook.

Here is a list of how grades will breakdown for your class. I'm going to ask you all to refrain from sending emails regarding your option decisions for at least the next few days. If you have an issue which requires immediate attention please text me at —— Don't worry, we will all get through this stressful time.

I understand that some of you have undergone some very serious hardships and loses during the past week. The storms have all but destroyed Merrill Hall, many of you may have had damage to your residences, and some may still have some connectivity issues. Therefore I'm going to delay the re-start of the class until later in the week. My target is for Thursday, March 29th. If this presents a problem for anyone in the Class, please text or call me at If you have not been affected or have only been marginally affected, please consider the next couple of days as an opportunity to review video lectures, powerpoints and readings.

Let's look forward to getting things back to as close to normal as possible and as soon as possible. We'll get back to the Practice rounds after. I'll process ypur P1 decisions then. I will be traveling today.