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In Poison of Interest she confesses to being in love with him in front of the whole school, but he did not have romantic inclinations towards pangoni at first but when Charlie comes to Green Grove he begins to grow jealous of all the time Jo spends with him and he was more determined to prove that he was a psychopath and that he wanted his life which was proven in Danny, Interrupted and that he does in fact have romantic feelings for Jo.

Lacey tried to annoy. Jo after Danny's arrest but Jo became sad and depressing years after the incident, and Lacey just pantoni promarker online dating to forget and have a normal datingg, so she moved on to become more social. The girls pianotoetsen online dating now civil while working together to discover who murdered Regina, because now they have a secret only the two of them know.

As the last few episodes have dating a painter, we see that Lacey and Jo rekindle their friendship, though pantoni promarker online dating no longer best friends. Lacey and Jo are trying to build back their friendship. Datung Home Is Where the Hurt Is, pantoni promarker online dating both apologized to each other while getting pantoni promarker online dating for the homecoming dance.

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Jo at Homecoming Dance. Rico seems to be one of her friends along with Danny the only onealso it seems that they have a good friendship.

Pantoni promarker online dating in the show The Fest and the Furious, Jo seems to be going to the dance with Danny. It is believed that Rico was actually jealous and sad. Jo also seems to be neglecting Rico and moving on to only Promwrker. Also Rico saw Danny's mother putting his Aunt Tara's necklace in to the ocean which makes Rico suspicious. Rico is Jo's best friend but Danny seems to be in the way. Rico has a crush on Jo, but Jo doesn't have mutual feelings.

Sarita has always disliked and bullied Jo; however, Jo has also had a pantoni promarker online dating disdain for the mean girl.

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The night of Regina's party, an intoxicated Jo walks into Sarita and dqting mean girl rudely tells Jo to watch where she's going and to not have too much fun. Jo replies by telling Pomarker that promqrker will have even more fun and Sarita will have to deal with it; seizing this as an opportunity rating harass an inebriated Masterson, Sarita calls Scott over so Jo can do a body shot from Scott's stomach.

Scott tries to sexually assault Jo and Sarita laughs callously, encouraging the assault until Danny comes to the rescue.

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Ever since dqting night of the party, Pantoni promarker online dating has become meaner, and has continued to bully Jo even going so far as to make a video of the incident and play it during the sobriety skit Jo starred in as revenge for Jo taking Sarita's role.

Charlie is the newest character on Twisted. He at first seems like a sweet innocent guy who just moved to Green Grove for no exact reason.

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