Wkt to geojson online dating

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wkt to geojson online dating

Let's look at GeoJSON in a little more depth, from the ground up. .. JSON doesn' t support every data type: for instance, date values are supported by Only a few formats, like WKT, support curves and circles rather than straight-line geometries. Performance of formats and internet software is generally. I created this little utility for a co-worker to plot multiple WKT or GeoJSON geometries on a Leaflet map. You can fork it and tailor it to your needs. Turn your geo data into GeoJSON. For node, use npm: $ npm install geojson. In the browser In the browser, the library is available at GeoJSON. .. var data2 = [{ name: 'Location B', date: '11/23/', x: 54, y: 98 }];.

wkt to geojson online dating

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