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Available online: afrocolombianidad.info (Print Pub Date: July ; Online Date: August ). .. – Publikacja dostępna w Internecie: afrocolombianidad.info archiwum/. Streszczenie. Przedstawiono wybór bibliografii z zakresu naukometrii, bibliometrii oraz infor metrii. able online: afrocolombianidad.info afrocolombianidad.info Online Date: August ). Available . Publikacja dostępna w Internecie: afrocolombianidad.info biora cala . – Po wybraniu przedsiębiorcy z listy zostaną wyświetlone szczegółowe informacje na temat , ALTANET Maciej Śpiewak, EDG , w Olsztynie, ul. citizens to access the service anytime-anywhere-online (afrocolombianidad.info en/). of ICT in the different sectors); based on up-to-date international methodologies.

Listing of Research Publications. Garfield and the Impact Factor: A Multidisciplinary Encomium for His 75th Birthday, p.

International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics.

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Scientific output in the Third World. Scientometrics 4 2pp. Use and Abuse in the Review of Research Performanc. Uwagi o stosowaniu metod bibliometrycznych przy ocenie pracy uczonych. PAUza Akademicka22 marca ; ss. The reception of Polish philology abroad. Scientometrics 26 2pp. Robustness Properties of the Bibliometric Distributions. Informetric Distributions, Part I: Informetric Distributions, Part II: A Bibliometric Investigation of the Ortega Hypothesis. The footmarks of Eugene Garfield in the journal Scientometrics.

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What are we talking about? Private Acts and Public Objects: An Investigation of Citer Motivations. Journal of the American Society for Information Science 36 4pp. Evidence of complex citer motivations. Journal of the American Society for Information Science 37 1pp. Journal of Child Neurology 23 4pp. Forum Akademickie 11, ss. Effects of article retraction on citation and practice in medicine. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 87 4Octoberpp.

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A postmodern perversion or evidence of a structural shift in scholarly communication practices? Harnessing Multidimensional Indicators of Scholarly Impact. Comparative citation rankings of authors in monographic and journal literature: Journal of Documentation 53 3pp. Sick of Impact Factors. Reciprocal Space, August 13, Teoria informacji naukowej a naukoznawstwo aspekt metodologiczny. Prace Historyczno-literackie 74ss. Zagadnienia Naukoznawstwa, 15 1ss. A bibliometric survey of primary and secondary information science literature.

Aslib Proceedings 25 7pp. The Emergence of a Citation Cartel. Scholarly Kitchen April 10, Bibliometrics and Citation Analysis: From the Science Citation Index to Cybermetrics. Aktualne Problemy Informacji i Dokumentacji 19, ss. Impact factor and its role in academic promotion: Nauka to nie sport. PAUza Akademicka12 listopada San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment. Putting science into the assessment of research sygnatariusze: Praca doktorska napisana pod kierunkiem prof.

Wykorzystanie bibliometrii w polityce naukowej. Bibliometria w bibliotekach; ss. Theory, Empiricism and the Gaps Between.

Library Trends 30 1Summerpp. Poor citation practices are continuing to harm the humanities and social sciences. Problems with scientific research. How science goes wrong. The Economist, Oct 19thp. Trouble at the lab.

Why I am Not a Co citationist. Newsletter of the Society for Social Studies of Science 2, pp.

Tablice Numerów Kierowania Alarmowego (NKA) - UKE

Quantitative Measures of Communication in Science: History of Science 17, pp. The impact factor and other measures of journal prestige. Editage Insights November 02, Why you should not use the journal impact factor to evaluate research Editage Insights November 04, Power Laws in the Information Production Process: Annalen der Physik 17 6pp.

American Journal of Physics 33 5pp.

MK 997 - 28.01.1998r.

The tree of life. Toward a Metric of Science: The Advent of Science Indicators. New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto: Changing publication patterns in the social sciences and humanities, — Scientometrics 93 2pp. The follies of citation indices and academic ranking lists. EASE statement on inappropriate use of impact factors statement on inappropriate use of impact factors November Journal of Documentation 25 4pp.

The top ten in journal impact factor manipulation. Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis 56 4pp. Retracted Science and the Retraction Index. Infection and Immunity October 79 10pp. Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications. Houston RHP Chia-Jen Lo pitched the ninth, making his seventh straight scoreless appearance to open his major league career.

The Angels wore their softball-style jerseys and blue caps on '80s Night at the Big A. Los Angeles 1B Albert Pujols is out of the walking boot on his injured left foot, but still doesn't know whether he'll return to the lineup this season. The three-time MVP slugger has said he would return if healthy, even if the Angels' season is essentially over. The Angels activated Bourjos before the game, ending his second lengthy stint on the disabled list.

Bourjos broke his right wrist June 29 against Houston. The court will also have a designated court clerk and a court preparation program to aid witnesses in preparing for appearances, and to provide debriefing following testimony. How thoroughly have the pertinent U. Most money an individual spends on operating a business can bededucted. We want lobbyists to declare who they are seeing, and the same should be true of the Royal Family.

Beijing is due to releaseJune trade numbers on Wednesday, and second-quarter GDP growthfigures is due on Monday, as are monthly urban investment,industrial output and retail sales figures. It took up 10 lines. More than 1, chief executives across 27 industries and countries took part.

The city's revenue failed to keep pace withspending, leading to years of budget deficits and a dependenceon borrowing to stay afloat. It said the extent of the damage to the tracks was not yet known, but expected service Tuesday morning "to be impacted" and suggested passengers seek alternative ways to travel.

So well in fact that the robot came to rest about 1. We'll have to see when we get the phone into the labs, but I don't see a compelling reason for iPhone 5 users to jump.

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It's time for heavy 4S users to upgrade, because after three or four months they'll start seeing high-end games that won't run well on their phones. Otherwise, the 5S is a flashy-looking phone that takes great photos. That doesn't shift the balance of power in a grand way, but it'll let the 5S gain some ground on similarly priced, but more plasticky Android devices.

When Microsoft missed that target, it gravely disappointed investors. I have contacted my local legislators the past two years about the Monarachs. If more people planted at home o schools this would help. Other petrochemical projects have alsobeen cancelled after mass demonstrations. It also would not discuss pending legal actions. He was suspended last month in connection with the Biogenesis clinic, an investigation that has also ensnared New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and 12 other players.

Another five were killed in the Cairo district of Giza, said the head of emergency services, Mohamed Sultan. Since I'm already a customer of theirs, I can honestly say they make incredible equipment. The workmanship is amazing. Inhowever, I bought one on eBay.