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Afterward, he adopted phone and text encryption as well to protect client information. Morgan's own review of the trading mess. Grout and Iksil to fudge valuations in a credit portfolio as losses deepened in early According to prosecutors, Mr. Martin-Artajo allegedly asked Mr. The poison pill, a device used by companies to prevent hostile takeovers, expires September 30,unless Men's Wearhouse decides to end it earlier.

It's time for the Senate to stand up andtell their constituents where they stand on this atrocity of alaw. It will serve only to reduce competition and limit choice for the American consumer.

We want their empowerment, not simply alleviation of poverty.

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The years we had success as a team are the years when the offense is not playing their best, the defense picks them up and makes a play, gets the momentum swung.

Bill Richardson on Monday joined the divisive debate against a return to domestic horse slaughter, announcing the formation of an animal protection foundation to fight the opening of plants in New Mexico and Iowa. Maybe I would prefer to not make him laugh, and win at least once.

In the Open era only Steffi Graf has more wins with The challenger gets through with the right again and then pins Garcia to the ropes only for the American to block and slip away well. Both men finding their range but Matthysse looks sharp.

Such a claim is not only factually inaccurate, but not even possible. One religious minority simply does not overthrow an Islamic government in a predominantly Muslim country. Impoverished people from that region are now the fastest-growing group of illegal immigrants, federal officials and immigration experts say. Like Chavez, he has a history of making unsubstantiated accusations against the United States and his political opponents. Capital rules, "bail in" debt, and limits on counterparty credit exposures are still works in progress, and more is required to make resolution plans plausible.

The main beer produced at the Otto Huber Brewery in Bushwick was Goldenrod, and the brand once operated a bar in the Carroll Gardens storefront.

Between a third and50 per cent of them are set to collapse in the next few yearsaccording to the lobby group and other sources. Some 74 per cent have been forced to cut back on holidays, home improvements and other expenditure to meet school payments, it emerged. The only other approved fish-oil treatment for severe hypertriglyceridemia is Lovaza, which is made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc.

Lovaza has not been shown to cut the rate of heart attack or stroke. Is it better to have some sort of limit on it? All the other sports close their books a little quicker than we do, so to speak. Just what the game needs. I enjoy watching the Little legue series more than MBL. We feel like no better sport is better positioned to really take technology and showcase it in front of some of the toughest conditions that exist in the world.

She still has the opportunity under Indonesia law to seek a judicial review of her case and a final legal effort by appealing for presidential clemency. He also said the unemploymentrate might be overstating the strength of the labour market. Women also need to take responsibility. Another group of gunmen shot dead two women in the west of the city and a Sunni sheikh was killed by a bomb planted on his car, police said. The prongs of a Taser send electricity into the muscles, briefly incapacitating the body, and the company says on its website that the shock is generally mildly to moderately painful.

Several of his decisions this postseason have been second-guessed, and rightfully so, yet it was still rather shocking to see the L.

I had to teach him a different way to pronounce his own name to keep him from getting his assed kicked everytime he introduced himself. After a year he recognized the humor in it also and would routinely call out to me, 'Oh Puk you.

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And you should hear the jokes the Koreans, Japs and Chinese tell about us among themselves. Keep your liberal PC crap to yourself.

Everybody in the world gets a chuckle at the expense of others. Another al Qaeda leader in Yemen allegedly volunteered for a suicide bombing. The news reports did not cite a target. As governor, Spitzer racked up an embarrassing record as a steward of the public fisc. He spent freely and overestimated revenues just before the bottom fell out of the economy. Notably, the link between poor oral health and higher rates of HPV infection existed even when controlling for other known risk factors, such as having a high number of oral sex partners.

About 38percent of all domestic flights in the United States have Wi-Fi,according to a study by Routehappy. Over agencies in Zhenjiang now offer this kind of overseas study trip, and problems have arisen, such as parents bearing the cost of accompanying teachers, Shu told the China News Service. The culprits ripped out cabinets and made off with his flat screen TV just after he spent thousands of dollars to repair damages from Hurricane Sandy.

ElBaradei, a former U. Bahaa el-Din, a former head of Egypt's investment authority, has been touted for senior posts. And it gets stranger still. It proceeds to explain why such behavior must be punished. Police expect to find about bodies in and around the wreck.

While he is Walt and Jesse's employer, their iconic blue meth is transported throughout south-west America in these fry batter buckets. Some praised the book, a bleak tale about class warfare and the darker sides to a community in small-town England, for tackling difficult subjects, but others said it lacked the magic touch that made Rowling's books of wizardry so popular.

And the guide really is a must-read for all grans. The New Zealand dollar climbed 0. You can sit there and do nothing and look good.

A Tale of Two Sons is. This is a developer that is responsible for some of the grittiest first person shooter action in recent memory. He also gave Seacat a total of more than six years in prison for one count of aggravated arson and two counts of child endangerment.

Since the four counts will run consecutively, Seacat will not be eligible for parole for more than 31 years. Hours passed before they could even begin to see a few steps in front of them. Tons of rock shifted constantly above, threatening to bury them forever.

They included training the opposition fighters, establishing no-fly and buffer zones, conducting limited air strikes, and gaining control of chemical weapons. Each option came with huge costs and major risks. Unemployment benefits are also still going out. Her father took Anjelica and two other daughters by Castillo to live with his niece and other relatives in another section of Queens. The Kiss live show, which went heavy on pyrotechnics, dry ice and fake blood, refined the paradigm established by Alice Cooper for countless arena touring bands.

In concert, Kiss was gauche and grandstanding as a rule, but that was all part of the fun, and great rock is not always meant to be high art. Nowhere on Earth doesjade exist in such quantity and quality. The man behind the curtain who refuses to answer questions and address his loyal fan base is very much in charge. Instead, the key factor in a lasting good feeling was stress. Those who had a relaxed vacation were much happier following the trip than those who reported stressful or neutral trips.

These knobs where labels were once exhibited. Many appendages are also formed of metallic ber, the magnification of the object printed in black ink on thread, and other different fibers horsehair, hemp, or silk green card, and the company name, R. Some elements were made directly by plying rush 9— Earlier models seem to be written only in German twigs into the desired shape, while leaves, bracts, and flower whereas the later model generic names are also written in petals or entire models were made from pressed cardboard English, French, and Italian.

The models in gelatin are also those in the most precarious state of preservation. Indeed, at the time of writing, appropriate solutions are still being sought for treating these models. In general, the botanical models were poorly preserved. The factors that contributed to their degradation varied from constant handling to natural aging in time, but above all, it was the result of exposure to unstable preservation conditions in an unsuitable environment stored in cardboard boxes in a damp basement.

The more severely damaged models were those that could be dismantled or those with complex project- ing structures. These were often broken into fragments, with damage to both the main structure and those attachments that were more delicate and susceptible to breakage, such as the bristles, thorns, anthers, and sepals fig.

In addition to the dust and Fig. Shellac over painted surface, detail Calatide two piecesR. Other shapes and models are in plaster and all details are The general precariousness of the models was exacerbat- painted by hand.

The color used is pigment in a water-based ed by a more widespread form of damage—namely, cracks, medium, protected by a shellac varnish fig. Certain parts of the plant The support bases for the models were in reasonable con- structure, such as the spores, filaments, membranes, recep- dition, although many had suffered structural damage with tacles, and dissected organs, are also gelatin-based. These cracks and holes where the wood had split or distorted.

The peculiarity of the collection and the wide range of materials used to construct the models presented a complex conservation task. Yet it was quite amusing to find the studio transformed, filled with brightly colored giant flow- ers, odd-looking translucent creatures, and miniature maquette- like sculptures, quite different and unusual from treating draw- ings and prints, crucifixes, and polychrome sculptures.

It was decided to divide the conservation treatment in two Fig.

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Damaged sepal in gelatin with delaminated paint. Tasks were also divided for handling and treat- ing the paper elements and the other materials used between the paper and objects conservators and the scientist who was available for botanical consulting.

The fascinating synergy that was created between the three specialists is a fundamental aspect of the project that cannot be overlooked. In fact it proved to be a most pleasant and enjoyable learning and sharing experience.

For example, take the Equisetum arvense horsetail models: Damaged paint surface and structure caused by use of inappropriate glues and handling, during treatment. Damaged fragments Brendel, Berlin, no. The botanist was equally fascinated Treatment of the bases to learn of all the different materials that had been used to The models were removed from their bases and each create the models, as well as of the conservation techniques placed vertically in a temporary container.

All bases were pre- used to restore and preserve them. Where necessary the damaged areas were recon- structed and the woodworm holes stuccoed with a two-com- ponent epoxy putty Araldite HVand then in-painted with black pigment. Some of the smaller holes were sealed with wax-based stucco tinted with black pigment. Lastly all the bases were treated with a protective layer of microcrystal- line wax in turpentine fig.

The paper labels whose edges and corners were loosened or torn were adhered to the base with an acrylic emulsion Plextol Bwhile the holes and gaps were filled with pre- tinted paper pulp or paper inserts. The labels in the most precarious condition, with brittle paper and with numerous tears, were removed from their base and treated apart.

Once the labels were consolidated with Japanese paper and methyl- cellulose adhesive, they were re-glued to the bases. Treatment of the models Fig. Peronospora viticola—Eumycetophyta, For secure, effective, and controllable surface cleaning, a Oomycetales. This surfactant allowed for cleaning the polychrome surface. The areas with flaking color fig. Treatment of base Fig. Before and after treatment: Before and during treatment: FI were treated and refixed to the surface with Acril 33, a pure acrylic resin in aqueous dispersion.

Whenever possible, materials similar to the originals were used to reconstruct the missing parts. For example, wood- en toothpicks were used for the fine bristles fig. Brendel, threads for the filaments, silk gauze for the sepals, and new Berlin, no.

In less than a day, he bility. A few model parts could be reconstructed looking at had them packed ready for shipment in wooden crates rein- the duplicate models from other collections mentioned ear- forced with metal; despite what must have been a rough pas- lier. In the case of the Brendel Collection, funds in dentistrycreated from corresponding original parts figs.

The more compact shapes were reconstructed with made cases for each model. The alternative was to devise araldite, primed with a plaster and glue preparation, and then secure and economical packaging for the journey across painted figs. Firstly, each model was wrapped in lightweight paper The surfaces with color loss were restored with pigment- and then with bubble wrap.

Three to four models were then ed, wax-based stucco. All of the restored polychrome ele- carefully placed and securely fitted into large cardboard ments with small or large gaps were inpainted with pigment boxes so that they could not nudge against each other or tip and Mowilith 20 vinyl acetate in ethanol. Taraxacum vulgare Schrank three piecesCompositae. Voyage au coeur des fleurs. Presses universitaires de Namur. Are these stylized, curvilinear designs incorporating floral Brendel, R.

List of models concerning vegetable morphology. Does one see smoothed, polished surfaces and ——. Recently issued models for botanical instruction, tions in the service of scientific learning?

Museologia Scientifica 22 2: Le Carporama de L. Ferdinand Julius Cohn — Personal communication with historian of botany. Botanical Garden, Wroclaw, Poland. Personal communication with historical archives researcher. Beter dan de natuur.