Brandy melville models yahoo dating

Can a 14 year old work at Brandy Melville? | Yahoo Answers

brandy melville models yahoo dating

WHEN WILL I GET MY ORDER? Orders usually ship out within business days. During the busy holiday season it may take longer to process your order. Brandy Melville interview details: interview questions and 79 interview reviews (ie. up to date fashion styles is preferable) Being yourself really helps, . Why is it that all the Brandy models must look the same? I mean, flat-chested, fair skinned, blonde hair yes, you find these girls in California.

Please take a look at just a few things: One, the clothes at Brandy are not really one size fits all; and two, all the models look the same, despite the company stating that they look for, "diverse, California girls.

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Why is it that all the Brandy models must look the same? I mean, flat-chested, fair skinned, blonde hair Also, if the company continues to fuel this stereotype as the single Brandy conception of beauty, then girls who aren't blonde-haired, blue-eyed stick figures have no chance of being a part of the company. This practice is misleading and unfair. The cute styles and promise of diversity get girls hopes up and then the reality of the matter comes crashing down on them.

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I remember when Brandy did an open casting call in Santa Monica, Calif. Being curious, I went to the Santa Monica store, watching as girls of all different looks line up in a queue that continued on for blocks away from the store. Unfortunately, almost all of the girls got turned away.

Here are 25 companies that are revolutionizing the way we shop

A girl from California? A girl who enjoys fashion?

brandy melville models yahoo dating

Someone who wears graphic tees and skinny jeans? Nowhere do you explicitly say that girls of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and cultures aren't accepted. ALL girls should be accepted -- unless that doesn't embody the brand, and in that case, I feel the truth should be told.

If the brand doesn't accept certain types that don't fall under the category of being a thin, Caucasian girl, that should be told. It is easy to interpret that casting post in many different ways and unless you provide clear information on what the brand wants, then girls with curves and different looks will feel they are qualified.

An Open Letter to Brandy Melville

The girls chosen from the open call were, however exclusively thin, Caucasian girls. In buying clothing from Brandy, I've been limited to long tank-tops, due to the fact that I have a large chest size. Now, I understand that this isn't a problem for a MAJORITY of girls I'm sure the girls that are smaller appreciate this brand, especially because it caters to their needs but think about the many others who may have a different shape. Oakland, California Year founded: Pet Food Express is known for offering workers excellent pay and benefits, and is routinely ranked as one of the best companies to work for.

Day in The Life of a Model: Shooting for Brandy Melville!

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brandy melville models yahoo dating

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