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Ciuntry why i needed. Book your Rwtings online Dating the Ratings. We have reviews of the best places to see in Launceston. Visit top-rated must-see attractions. All the publishers would be sitting around the room in alphabetical order, starting with ABC Books on one side and finishing Nsw writers centre literary speed dating Random House on the other. As there were three doors into the hall, she asked us to form three lines. I placed myself in the middle line. Once the door opened, everyone could queue in front of their publishers of choice.

Each writer would get three minutes to pitch their project until a bell would remind everyone to finish the conversation and move on to the next table. I felt I was well prepared after I had followed all the instructions on the Nsw writers centre literary speed dating website to make most out of Nsw writers centre literary speed dating opportunity. And when the doors finally opened, the masses entered the room, and the pitching marathon began. There is no reason to be nervous or Nsw writers centre literary speed dating if you have prepared your pitch and are confident with what you are presenting.

Apart from a writing sample, I had compiled a document with publishing credits, my social media accounts and contact details. I also had a copy of my self-published book for each publisher.

Recent Posts This selection of information proved to be valuable, and each publisher selected what he or she wanted to take.

The slight nervousness I had felt while waiting had transformed in a positive attitude making most of this not everyday opportunity. Bernadette has run programs at All of the publishers listened intensely and either asked questions or if they felt that my project was not for them gave important recommendations how to proceed.

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I spoke with six publishers and ended up Nsw writers centre literary speed dating three rather positive reactions, two slightly reluctant answers and one Nsw writers centre literary speed dating no. The practice of doing this exercise, however, was worth attending the event.

And I even left the conversation with the publisher, who very quickly said no, with a couple of tips how and where to find the right publisher for my project. As we had heard from Harper Collins at the Open Day, it is perfectly fine to Nsw writers centre literary speed dating a publisher via email if you have met him or her before.

To sum it up, I would recommend embracing every speed dating opportunity you can attend, as it was a valuable experience and a lot of fun as well.

Have you been to a literary speed dating? I would love to hear about your experiences. I did this even last year Bettina and I was SO nervous!