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What's the code for Canadian options listed on the Montreal Exchange? For example, call, strike with Dec expiration date. ABXL Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender) X-YMailISG: h=From:Subject:Date:References:To:From: Subject; MyqX1BRqtwydr2XTECdZPOFwUVjaCzNlK2LCVvgKgJnuic2wDsX/ CLZ5+. one bear market a year dating back to its inception twenty-five years http://

What then might happen to future energy supplies if either the perception, or the reality of a flu or other pandemic in the next few years sweeps the globe? Sproradic news updates on the advancement and uncertainty surrounding H1N1 flu virus and human reaction to it continue this weekend: He said the judgment was based on experience from SARS and avian flu, but it was is difficult to make a proper assessment of the impact at this stage.

Source In each of the four major pandemics sincea spring wave of relatively mild illness was followed by a second wave, a few months later, of a much more virulent disease. This was true in, and in the catastrophic flu outbreak ofwhich sickened an estimated third of the world's population and killed, conservatively, 50 million people. The US peaked in oil production in and in real wages in In we went off the gold standard.

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Soon after that debt began its ascent, and took a moon shot trajectory starting aroundboth in US and abroad.

Many of these projects are now being scrapped or produced at a loss. In fact, the inflation adjusted price of oil is the same today as it was 36 years ago, even though we have used billion barrels of oil in the intervening 36 years: What would happen if a real global health pandemic called a 'natures time-out' to energy investment during the liminal space before sharp natural decline rates in oil and natural gas begin to accelerate?

Travel to malls, restaurants, vacations etc. Storage is nearly at capacity for oil, so the reduction in demand since markets are always in equilibrium, would drop. The generation of economists that are conditioned to respond to price signals would then waste even more time in a reducing cultural conspicuous consumption and b increasing infrastructure for harnessing renewable ecosystem flows.

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The only hoarding that might occur would be by those countries who recognize 'the Prize' by buying geographically vital energy assets in the ground. Technical Is there a way to save your session open windows, configuration of columns, etc. Your session should be saved automatically each time you log off. What is the best way to print out a record of transactions in RPM? RPM allows you to export the data from all windows similarly and for graphs, RPM has the added ability of copying the chart to clipboard as an image.

How can I print out order confirmations in RPM? Unfortunately, there is no print function directly from RPM.

You can then proceed to print out your Order Confirmation window. Is there any way to retrieve data on daily ending portfolio values in RPM, or do we have to manually record the value each day?

You can retrieve daily ending portfolio values by opening up the Portfolio Analysis window, and then clicking on the Historical Returns tab. How do I export a table to an Excel file? How do I export a graph or chart to a Word file?

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To export any graph or chart to a Word file, right click on the graph and select "Copy Chart to Clipboard. They represent 4 different types of orders: LMT - Limit Order: Order to buy if the price is equal or below the inputted price or to sell if the price is equal or above the inputted price MKT - Market Order: Order to buy if the price climbs above the inputed price or to sell if the price falls below an inputted price.

MOC - Market on Close: Order to transact at the final closing price or as close as possible to it. How do margin accounts work in RPM? Is there a margin maintenance level?

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Is there an automatic calculation of the margin requirement? You have buying power, which shows you how much capital you have available to spend. If you have negative buying power, then that implies a negative margin position, in which case you need to liquidate positions. You can see this from the Account window.

How do you enter a short position in RPM? Simply sell the stock! If you execute a trade where you sell more shares than you own, you will automatically be entered into a short position. In summary, RPM treats all negative positions as a short sale.

Why is short selling disabled? Short selling is usually not disabled unless your professor has disabled it from the class settings. You should be able to short sell the same way you make an ordinary sell. Your position should be negative for that security after short selling and your cash position should be higher by the quantity you short sold times the price.

Can I only trade during hours markets are open? Or can I just leave an order to be executed when the market opens? RPM accepts aftermarket trades, they will be executed when the market opens next. What will be the price that I pay - the price when the order is submitted or the price when the order is transacted?

You will pay the price based on when the order is transacted. Orders are transacted when markets are open generally 9: So if you put in an order over the weekend, the system will wait until the next market open in the morning and transact at that price. Why is the price on the order confirmation screen different from the real time price? The confirmation screen provides an estimate, based on the delayed price at least 15 minutes.

Trades will always occur at real time market prices. With order submission, how do I specify that I want to buy or sell? Will I be notified as soon as the order is transacted? The Trade Management window will have three tabs: I submitted an order to buy shares of T. TO and it is on trade management with the option to cancel, but it does not appear on the transaction log. I bought PED and it appears on the transaction log. How do I buy this stock? Trades that are submitted past the market close 4: How do I cancel open orders?

The trade will then appear in the Canceled Trades tab. I tried to sell KFS. To simulate real-life markets, RPM does not allow you to trade more than the total daily volume of the day.

This is because trading more than the total daily volume would mean that you would have traded more than all the shares that were available for purchase or for sale during the day. Therefore, if you are trading near the beginning of the day, you may not be able to fill your entire order size.

Equities What are the ticker symbols for major indices? Indices tend to have different ticker symbols between different sources RPM vs. Here is a list of index symbols in RPM to help you get started: VIX What are the suffixes for different exchanges?

Do I need to add something to the end? However, I cannot find the ticker for the index under RPM.

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I've tried numerous versions of the ticker with no success. Does this index exist in RPM? We suggest that you try an ETF e. Do we receive dividends?

Yes, RPM supports the payment of dividends. You get the dividend on the dividend ex-date, not the dividend declare date. But yes, you will get the dividend, as long as you're holding the security on the ex- date. If you don't get it for some reason, submit a ticket and we will manually adjust your account accordingly. RPM missed a dividend. Please submit a help ticket with the security in question and we will look into the issue and distribute the dividend if appropriate.

We are currently having trouble buying foreign stocks. Unfortunately RPM does not have access to Indian exchanges yet.

A-TC stock today right when the market opened. The real time value of the stock at open is However, in the RPM portfolio watch the price is What is going on? RPM executes all trades at real time prices.

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In this example, MRU. A opened at Unless you submitted within the first fraction of a second, the price has already moved. In this case, you submitted your trade when the price was You can trade corporate bonds the same way you trade stocks. Simply type the ticker symbol into the trade window.