Garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating

garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating

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Destiny can fly though he has no wingsand breathe fire, but in addition, he can make himself grow larger by roaring or singing. Richard Newman A man who is always surrounded by beautiful handmaidens. He acts as a being of all knowledge, and is often seen riding on a cloud. Kathleen Barr A young Buddhist monk who is very calm and collected, often speaking in proverbs and wise sayings, but also has terrible eyesight.

He practiced martial arts many years in a Shaolin temple, but left there to seek better martial art skills.

He is a rival to Abyo. Mio[ edit ] Garu's beloved black cat.

Pucca- Scene Da Un Matrimonio ep.18

It is said the time can be told by looking at Mio's eyes. He seems capable of performing a feline form of martial arts and is in love with Yani Pucca's cat. He also hates to go to the vet's office to get a shot.

Garu Quiere A Pucca Yahoo Dating, Wie Daten Ihre Werbeerlebnisse Verbessern

Mio only went there because Yani was there as a moral support. Won[ edit ] Ching's pet chicken who is often seen on the top of her head. She is known to lay powerful eggs which lead Tobe to try and capture Won with failed results.

Yani[ edit ] Pucca's pink cat, Yani is the most popular cat in Sooga village. She always gives the paw, being a snob cat. She is loved by Mio and the Cat Clan, who are Mio's rivals.

Yani is in love with Mio and doesn't like the Cat Clan. Yumi[ edit ] Ring-Ring's pet shih tzu. She is considered to be Yani's rival. Yumi can either be seen being an accomplice to Ring Ring in trying to one up Pucca or trying to stop her. The latter was evident in "Ring-Ring's Party Favors" when she was carrying an envelope with an invitation to Ring-Ring for Pucca's party.

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Yumi was scolded by Ring-Ring in "Little Miss Sooga" for getting the silkworms and making Pucca's dress look better than hers. Policeman Bruce[ edit ] Abyo's father, he usually chases after Abyo when he is being 'antisocial' or destructive. His wife is never seen or mentioned. He usually says "Over" after nearly everything he says, as if he were talking in police parlance. Chang[ edit ] Chang is Ching's father.

His best friend is Policeman Bruce. Goblins Smiley Men [ edit ] Common civilians.

garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating

They are paper-like creatures. He appears surprised by the interruption but quickly recovers with vexation.

garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating

In Ring Ring's Party FavorsGaru went to Pucca's party and even enjoyed himself as seen when he laughs after everyone comes down from the air after floating like a balloon and when he smiles while dancing at the end. Although she has all these abilities she hardly ever uses them to her advantage in capturing Garu.

garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating

She even sits at their wedding and watches unhappily as the man she loves so dearly is getting married to another woman. Shorts In The Ring!

Garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating, discussions

Garu melts down his sword that means alot to him to make a ring for Pucca. Pucca and Garu Although Garu is shown running away from Pucca there have been instances when they have worked together. This is eventually the last straw and after realizing what Tobe just said snaps Garu into a rage and launches into an attack. Considering that Garu is only 13 years old, he may not even recognize his already existing, maybe growing, feelings for her.

garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating

Pucca In Slam, Bam Birthday Bash Garu helps everyone to decorate the Goh-Rong restaurant for Pucca's surprise party and is tasked with the job of distracting Pucca so the others can finish. She is shown not to however only care for this as in the episode Feud Fight after becoming saddened by her uncles fighting and the sorrow of the town she completely ignores Garu to his delight.

This shows that if Garu really wanted another woman in his life she would let him, no matter how sad or angry it would make her. Although it is no secret that Pucca has an endless affection for Garu she has on one account almost let him go.

garu quiere a pucca yahoo dating