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FDIC seizure in September DB Borrowing at the Peak Date: It may have been Germany's biggest bank, but it was one of the U. Borrowing by the London-based Barclays topped out only a couple of months after a failed first attempt to buy out Lehman Brothers. That led to a killer deal that enabled Barclays to snap up some of the failed U. Merrill Lynch Borrowing at the Peak Date: By the time Merrill Lynch maxed out its central-bank borrowing, the "bullish-on-America" broker had given the nod to a buyout deal from Bank of America.

Just a couple months later, the double-whammy of a gargantuan fourth-quarter loss coupled with the revelation of 11th-hour bonus payments to top execs ended the regime of then-CEO John Thain.

CS Borrowing at the Peak Date: Another example of U. As Forbes magazine most delicately stated: Another foreign bank that required U. Dexia is once again under pressure — this time over its exposure to the European financial crisis.

Borrowing at the Peak Date: By the time Wachovia's central-bank borrowing hit its apex, it was the rope in a takeover tug of war that pitted Citi against Wells Fargo. Wells ultimately prevailed, and snapped up Wachovia. Lehman's borrowing peaked on the same day that it filed for the biggest corporate bankruptcy in U. Not surprisingly, Wells Fargo's borrowing apex was reached a couple of months after the already referenced buyout of Wachovia.


Because it had to absorb the trashed assets of a stumbling Wachovia, Wells Fargo had to take a big hit to its earnings for the final quarter of that year.

Bear Stearns Borrowing at the Peak Date: The Fed couldn't do enough for a Bear Stearns: Not only did the central bank lend money from its still-new liquidity program, it also helped broker the sale to JPMorgan at a bargain price.

And like Dexia, another foreign bank that required central bank rescue, BNP also failed to learn its lesson: Bloomberg News reports show that this German commercial lender was yet another "double-dipper: Fed loans through the New York-based unit of a banking subsidiary.

Hypo also reaped billions in guarantees and emergency credit from its home government. Fortis Bank Borrowing at the Peak Date: Until it was broken into pieces, nationalized and pieces of it sold to … of all institutions … BNP Paribas, the banking arm of Fortis also snagged billions from the governments of Belgium and Luxembourg.

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As a retired hedge-fund manager, Gilani is a former Wall Street insider who knows where all the bodies are buried. But unlike most insiders, he's not afraid to tell you where they are. And he's also got some pretty good ideas how to fix this mess — and how to protect yourself until the cleanup takes place.

Please click here to find out more. Fidessa until it happens again. Firms fail and customers end up in bad situations. What is at stake here is not just losing the trust of ISE your customer. That's bad enough; but how about also losing the interest and trust of any potential Nadex customer?

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In this case, the panel should adopt the style of the Enterprise rates are one that followed the FBI sting, which rounded available for organizations up 47 Chicago traders with guilty pleas from 36 of with five or more readers.

The reputational damage to the industry at the time was devastating. We're doing things that will get the message out loud and clear that this is a serious place to do business, and, if you want to do business here, you have to obey the rules.