Manga like tokyo ghoul yahoo dating

Recommend some anime/manga similar to the ones I like? (List in details)? | Yahoo Answers

manga like tokyo ghoul yahoo dating

See more. Tokyo ghoul root A. That's true< Anime Manga, Juuzou Suzuya, Tsukiyama, Is it wrong to say I like the CCG more than Anteiku? Like I'm .. Tokyo Ghoul Root A 01 19 Tokyo Ghoul Episodes, Date A Live, Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo .. Touka x kaneki Dark Anime, Kaneki, Forever Red, Tokyo Ghoul, Yahoo Images. Listed here are ten manga similar to Tokyo Ghoul, so read up! None of these titles shy away from the horrors and cruelties of life, but all have. Tokyo Ghoul OVA is coming in and there is going to be a season 3 and read the manga it should explain everything He's like a super strong ghoul investigtor. They r planning on make season 3 but they haven't set the date 4 when it will come out only that it'll b either next year of the year after that.

Why are they devouring people?

Recommend some anime/manga similar to the ones I like? (List in details)?

This is all up to Shinichi to discover! One night, he vemtures outside in order to give back the DVD that he borrowed from a friend. But the unexpected happens to him! If only he hadn't approached the strange person on the rooftop. And as a vampire, his life turns even messier! Ghouls and vampires, what is up with the world?! Crap happens and it can either make life exciting or terrible. Berserk Berserk Source When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on it as well!

The world hates him, but he hates it back! And now, he must fight for his life until the end.

manga like tokyo ghoul yahoo dating

After living through a terrible past, Guts lost all hope for the world. He turned into the kind of person who loathes everything in the world.

Little did he know, his misery was far from over. Finally, harboring a deep respect for a person, he soon gets his hopes crushed once again. But now, a curse has latched onto him! Guts is miserable for sure, but, he will never give up! Did you ever learn about how rats caused the plague in olden times? But this time, the abnormal disease they bring—Nightshift—is much more dangerous than any other disease spread before.

And he has no choice but to fight whilst juggling his mundane school life. The last of humanity has retreated to cities surrounded by enormous walls. Will these walls be enough in the long run, though? Will humanity be able to secure a future?

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With the protection of the giant walls, humanity survived! But now, a new threat appears—abnormal titans! One of the titans is a colossal titan capable of wrecking the giant walls. Humans have nowhere to run anymore. Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan shows how cruel the world is in bloody new ways. In this story, the main character chooses to train and fight! But with his choice comes an irreversible alteration of his destiny.

manga like tokyo ghoul yahoo dating

Shi-Woon Lee is a boy who suffers through the horrible cycle of bullying. That is until he spotted his new teacher, Chun-Woo, unleashing insane martial arts power. He wants to learn martial arts.

10 Manga Like Tokyo Ghoul

But in order to do so, he needs to get teacher Chun-Woo to teach him the ways of martial arts. Shi-Woon is finally on his way to become strong and powerful. He has found the way to stop the bullying once and for all! But, unbeknownst to him, his step to the martial arts world comes with a price—a price that will ultimately change his life! Holyland Holyland Source Just what in the world is a Holyland? For Kamishiro Yuu, a Holyland is a place of sanctuary; a place to belong to.

All his life, he was bullied. He was deemed a failure and a lowlife. But truly, he has a heart of gold.

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He will fight for what he thinks is right. Yuu found his Holyland, the place he belongs, the sanctuary he has to protect! Yuu figured out what was wrong with him. They are both becoming something between a human and a monster, and are struggling with their fate and their own new selves. Kiseijuu and Tokyo Ghoul share a great amount of bloody fights, well done character development and mystery. I would definitely recommend both of them. Both are about a boy who is suddenly met with a strange being in their life and must come to terms with the new abilities that come with this fated meeting.

Both feature the struggle of each person's morals and beliefs as they come to accept what they are and use the new abilities they posses to fight a foe. Both are especially violent and gut-wrenching seinen manga with very dark themes and people being split in half and eaten. Both have a lot of gory elements as that "evil power" has the tendency to kill people.

Recommended by Soredemo Schoolboy suddenly goes from Average Teen to No Longer Human and must cope with being hunted by society as well as a changing set of morals. He must find AND come to terms with his new unique place in the world - he is no longer human, but he still experiences Humanity so he doesn't quite fit in with the Not Humans either.

Both offer really interesting takes on the place of Humans in the world as a species, but take their conclusions in vastly different directions. Both are executed beautifully. Both also deal with how the main characters struggle to preserve their slowly declining senses of humanity as more things happen due to their new nature. While I enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul more, both mangas are nice reads.