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Identidades virtuales para jugar a ser alguien y con un espacio propio y gratuito para comunicar cualquier chorrada. From this perspective, a definition which integrates both agency and environment could be: In this case, health and the space of the agent are considered as inseparable concepts; accordingly, determinants of health can thus be divided into: In this scenario, the pitfall of environmental determinism is overcome by specifying and analyzing the culture and perceptional preferences of the agent Blacksher and Lovasi,p.

Although the concept of SDH may risk appearing somewhat vague and overly broad, the notion of landscape, on the other hand of which we offer both an ecological and cultural definitionis an appropriate and specific tool for describing the relationship between our body, our health, our well-being and the space around us.

We can reformulate the structure-agency binomial pair into the landscape-perceiver one. We will explain the rich concept of landscape in the following section, before offering a definition of processual landscape which will finally be used to comprehend the notion of health and propose a theoretical framework to account for the health-landscape relationship.

The Cultural Approach and Beyond In this section of the paper we provide a comprehensive definition of landscape which connects both the cultural and ecological dimensions.

We consider it one of the key factors for recognizing the role of landscape in determining well-being and health. When we talk about landscape several features are implied: The following paragraphs aim to explain and connect all these dimensions through the bridge concept of affordance.

We also demonstrate that landscape can be distinguished from other similar concepts such as space, place and territory, due to its perceptual implications and, in particular, its aesthetic and therapeutic qualities.

We live embedded in landscape and, as we add, we perceive it through our whole body, and therefore it affects our well-being. This is why we need a more comprehensive definition of landscape.

Thanks to pioneering contributions by a large number of scholars Relph, ; Tuan, ; Berque, ; Roger, ; Casey, ; Malpas,the current aesthetic meaning of landscape goes beyond the modern idea of landscape as a view or postcard. Landscape is thus considered a cultural product which refers to every kind of place and space: In other words, landscape implies at the same time both reality and the appearance of reality Berque,p.

This means that landscape can be defined as something real, as constituted by actual objects something out therebut at the same time it can be described as an appearance, insofar as it is a product of our way of seeing, depicting and painting it.

It is important to specify, however, that before being cultural, landscape was and still is considered something visual and connected to the figurative arts. From an historical point of view, the European notion of landscape was born within painting, and only as a feature of the Western Modern age.

The French research tradition on landscape affirms that some societies of past centuries were not landscape-aware, and the emergence of the concept of landscape is a specific characteristic of Ancient China — almost two thousand years ago — and Modern Western Europe Berque, For example, it is impossible to find any reference to it in ancient societies, such as, for example, Ancient Greek society, especially in philosophical and literary sources.

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The etymology of the term seems to confirm its visual origin: Thus the term appears in literature after painters had already discovered it. This idea that landscape is a portion of the Earth that can be viewed from one spot is shared by several authors Cosgrove, — ; Jackson, ; Cresswell, It is a term that conveys a specific meaning from an artistic point of view, but which also implies a precise idea of space, embedded in a specific culture.

As Jacksonpp. And because that system is made by the community and for the community, landscape is not fixed once and for all; it is always subject to sudden or unpredictable changes. Indeed, landscape as a way of looking at the land assumes different meanings.

The history of the concept of landscape moves forward from the idea of vision Shapiro,or artistic representation, to landscape as a cultural product.

To date, the main definition of landscape remains the cultural one, which strikes a balance between aesthetics and memory, perception and place-attachment, history and no-places. Nevertheless, the most important aspect or perhaps the aim of the cultural definition of landscape is that it moves beyond the postcard effect: Recently, the Council of Europe has attempted to provide an even more comprehensive definition of landscape, incorporating steps toward defining the political and ethical aspects of this concept.

The ELC acknowledges that landscape is not simply a view, but also a place with its own cultural and social dimension see also Howard,p. Most importantly, the Convention overcomes the previous aesthetic distinction between beautiful and ugly places, between outstanding landscapes and those simply not worth considering.

Its main innovation is the idea that everything is landscape: According to the ELC, all landscapes contribute to the formation of local culture, for good and for bad, and all have an impact on human well-being and the consolidation of European identity. Landscape is thus conceived as: Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article 1. Its study and management requires both cultural and ecological approaches.

A landscape has its own specific identity, which has to be safeguarded and protected, but at the same time it requires cross-border cooperation at the local and regional levels to prepare and implement joint landscape programs Council of Europe, Although the ELC also includes elements that allow us to consider landscape as a common good and even a human right, this topic falls beyond the scope of this paper see Egoz et al.

What we have attempted to provide in this section is simply a brief history of the concept of landscape from a visual, perceptional, and cultural point of view.

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Nevertheless, in order to avoid the risk of separation and to bridge the gap between social and natural sciences in their approach to this concept, we believe it is necessary to take a step forward in the naturalization of landscape and make an original contribution.

That is what we will attempt to do in the next section. A Step Toward Biology and Ecology: Naturalization of Landscape The next step in providing a broader account of landscape is its naturalization 2 in connection with ecology. This link with the natural and behavioral sciences biology, medicine, psychology, and ecology is still under-theorized.

There remains, in fact, a sharp separation between those who study landscape as a physical environment and those who study it as a social and cultural product. We, on the other hand, argue that the study of landscape both as a cultural product and an ecological process should be considered a priority, both for its definition and for its management. Two main questions are involved in this debate: Some earlier arguments put forward as part of this debate may prove clarifying in this respect.

Some authors have successfully tried to connect aesthetics and ecology Bourassa, ; Naveh,; Nassauer, ; Carlson, Specifically, these authors are architects and ecologists who believe in a concept of landscape which broadens the range of and possibilities for its management. Their thesis is based on the acknowledgment that landscape is modeled from the social interactions which produce new and always adaptive aesthetic, cultural and ecological definitions.

For instance, Daniel argues that visual landscape quality assessment in the 21st century is a product of the relationship between different perspectives: These three kinds of parameters reflect respectively three definitions of landscape: Yet it seems that, until now, ecological values and socio-cultural paradigms have been opposed.

The answer is always complex, but our ways of perceiving landscape surely influence how we produce, create and dwell in it. Similarly, Nassauerp. The perception of landscape thus assumes a pivotal role. This brief excursus shows the effort which has been made by ecologists and architects to consider the cultural and perceptional side of landscape, while for their part, those working in the humanities have attempted to ground landscape theory in biology and evolution as outlined in the previous sections.

A pivotal role in this debate has been played by aesthetic preferences, i. Naturalization through evolution is one possible strategy.