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She also pointed out, as an example of this assertion, the words written by Servetus in his book De iustitia regni Christi Justice in Christ Kingdom, published in ; Servetus, a free spirit, shows his tolerance highlighting that: All seem to me to be partly right and partly mistaken, and each espies the error of others and fails to see his own.

May God in His mercy enable us to perceive our errors without obstinacy. De iustitia regni Christi, chapter IV, p. F7v According to Dr. Like Servetus, Castellio also went to Lyon, he acquired expertise in editing texts, and thereafter he edited and translated the Bible into Latin and French.

And just like Servetus, Castellio approached the holy texts with a free and open-minded approach, something which made him clash with Cavin in Geneva and brought him numerous drawbacks during all his life. This paragraph, as clear as sincere, of his Preface to his work Contra libellum Calvini provides an example of this attitude: The Spaniard Michael Servetus was burnt in Geneva for his religious opinions, on October 26 [in fact it was the 27 th] last year, which wasby order and wish of Calvin, shepherd of this Church.

Once known his torture, many were offended, especially French and Italians. First, because a man had been killed just because his religious beliefs.

Second, because it was killed with so much cruelty.

Third, because his executioner was a shepherd. Fourth, because —even this was said— Calvin had conspired with his enemies to kill him. Fifth, because his books had been burnt in Frankfurt. Sixth, because he was condemned to hell by demagogues And he continues: I will make, if God so desires, the intentions of this man finally become apparent to those who want to remain blind.

Maybe, as he always does, Calvin will say that I am a follower of Servetus. Servetus could have had access to forbidden religious books, some of them maybe Protestantwhile he was studying in this city. He was outraged by the pomp and luxury displayed by the Pope and his retinue, and decided to follow the path of reformation.

Michael Servetus

By this time he was already spreading his theological beliefs. After the persecution of the Inquisition, Servetus assumed the name "Michel de Villeneuve" while he was staying in France. Servetus also published the first French edition of Ptolemy 's Geography. He dedicated his first edition of Ptolemy and his edition of the Bible to his patron Hugues de la Porte.

While in Lyon, Symphorien Champiera medical humanisthad been his patron. Working also as a proofreader, he published several more books which dealt with medicine and pharmacology, such as his Syruporum universia ratio Complete Explanation of the Syrupsfor which he gained fame. After an interval, Servetus returned to Paris to study medicine in In Paris, his teachers included SylviusFernel and Johann Winter von Andernachwho hailed him with Andrea Vesalius as his most able assistant in dissections.

During these years he wrote his Manuscript of the Complutense, an unpublished compendium of his medical ideas. Servetus taught mathematics and astrology while he studied medicine.

He predicted an occultation of Mars by the Moonand this joined to his teaching generated much envy among the medicine teachers.

Tagault later argued for the death penalty in the judgment of the University of Paris against Servetus.

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He was accused of teaching De Divinatione by Cicero. Finally, the sentence was reduced to the withdrawal of this edition. As a result of the risks and difficulties of studying medicine at Paris, Servetus decided to go to Montpellier to finish his medical studies, maybe thanks to his teacher Sylvius who did exactly the same as a student.

After that he lived at Charlieu. A jealous physician ambushed and tried to kill Servetus, but Servetus defended himself and injured one of the attackers in a sword fight. He was in prison for several days because of this incident. Calvin used the pseudonym "Charles d'Espeville. It was entitled Christianismi Restitutio The Restoration of Christianitya work that sharply rejected the idea of predestination as the idea that God condemned souls to Hell regardless of worth or merit.

God, insisted Servetus, condemns no one who does not condemn himself through thought, word or deed. This work also includes the first published description of the pulmonary circulation. To Calvin, who had written his summary of Christian doctrine Institutio Christianae Religionis Institutes of the Christian ReligionServetus' latest book was an attack on historical Nicene Christian doctrine and a misinterpretation of the biblical canon.

Calvin sent a copy of his own book as his reply. Servetus promptly returned it, thoroughly annotated with critical observations. Calvin wrote to Servetus, "I neither hate you nor despise you; nor do I wish to persecute you; but I would be as hard as iron when I behold you insulting sound doctrine with so great audacity. Calvin revealed these frustrations with Servetus when writing to his friend William Farel on 13 February If I consent he will come here, but I will not give my word; for if he comes here, if my authority is worth anything, I will never permit him to depart alive Latin: Si venerit, modo valeat mea autoritas, vivum exire nunquam patiar.

On behalf of the French inquisitor Matthieu OryMichael Servetus and Balthasard Arnollet, the printer of Christianismi Restitutiowere questioned, but they denied all charges and were released for lack of evidence.

Ory asked Arneys to write back to De Trie, demanding proof. He escaped from prison three days later.

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On 17 June, he was convicted of heresy, "thanks to the 17 letters sent by John Calvinpreacher in Geneva" [25] and sentenced to be burned with his books. In his absence, he and his books were burned in effigy blank paper for the books. Meaning to flee to Italy, Servetus inexplicably stopped in Geneva, where Calvin and his Reformers had denounced him. On 13 August, he attended a sermon by Calvin at Geneva. He was arrested after the service [26] and again imprisoned.

All his property was confiscated. Servetus claimed during this judgment he was arrested at an inn at Geneva. French Inquisitors asked that Servetus be extradited to them for execution. Calvin wanted to show himself as firm in defense of Christian orthodoxy as his usual opponents. Among the possible reasons which prevented Calvin from appearing personally against Servetus there was one which must have seemed of itself sufficient.

The laws regulating criminal actions in Geneva required that in certain grave cases the complainant himself should be incarcerated pending the trial. Calvin's delicate health and his great and constant usefulness in the administration of the state rendered a prolonged absence from the public life of Geneva impracticable.

Nevertheless, Calvin is to be regarded as the author of the prosecution. Nicholas de la Fontaine was a refugee in Geneva and entered the service of Calvin, by whom he was employed as secretary. Another question was "whether he did not know that his doctrine was pernicious, considering that he favours Jews and Turksby making excuses for them, and if he has not studied the Koran in order to disprove and controvert the doctrine and religion that the Christian churches hold, together with other profane books, from which people ought to abstain in matters of religion, according to the doctrine of St.

My friend Nicolas summoned him on a capital charge, offering himself as a security according to the lex talionis. On the following day he adduced against him forty written charges. He at first sought to evade them.