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que es endemismo yahoo dating

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These findings are discussed in terms of the ecological role of this putative sexual pheromone and its potential use in a strategy of control of this pest.

Kris; Brandenburg, Rick L. Chris; Villani, Michael G The sex pheromone of the scarab beetle, Phyllophaga anxia, is a blend of the methyl esters of two amino acids, L-valine and L-isoleucine. A field trapping study was conducted, deploying different blends of the two compounds at 59 locations in the United States and Canada.

More than 57, males of 61 Phyllophaga species Coleoptera: Melolonthinae were captured and identified. Three major findings included: Populations at some locations were captured with L-valine methyl ester alone, whereas populations at other locations were captured with L-isoleucine methyl ester alone.

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que es endemismo yahoo dating

Return to Japan Arc. Daniel, Coimbatore, India Dr. Meena Venkataraman, Mumbai, India Ms. Sally Walker, Coimbatore, India Dr. Cheeran, Thrissur, India Prof. Mewa Singh, Mysuru, India Dr.

Ulrich Streicher, Oudomsouk, Laos Mr. Fred Pluthero, Toronto, Canada Dr. John Fellowes, Hong Kong Dr.

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Zornitza Aguilar, Ecuador Prof. Wasim Ahmad, Aligarh, India Dr. Sanit Aksornkoae, Bangkok, Thailand. Giovanni Amori, Rome, Italy Dr. Deepak Apte, Mumbai, India Dr. Arunachalam, Alwarkurichi, India Dr.

Aziz Aslan, Antalya, Turkey Dr. Asthana, Lucknow, India Prof. Avasthi, Rohtak, India Dr. Balakrishnan, Coimbatore, India Dr. Bhat, Udupi, India Dr. Bhupathy, Coimbatore, India Dr. Borges, Bengaluru, India Dr. Budha, Kathmandu, Nepal Mr. Ashok Captain, Pune, India Dr. Cervancia, LagunaPhilippines Dr.


Apurba Chakraborty, Guwahati, India Dr. Kailash Chandra, Jabalpur, India Dr.

que es endemismo yahoo dating

Anwaruddin Choudhury, Guwahati, India Dr. Richard Thomas Corlett, Singapore Dr. Gabor Csorba, Budapest, Hungary Dr. Ranjit Daniels, Chennai, India Dr. Das, Kolkata, India Dr. Indraneil Das, Sarawak, Malaysia Dr. Rema Devi, Chennai, India Dr.

Nishith Dharaiya, Patan, India Dr. William Dundon, Legnaro, Italy Dr. Edgecombe, London, UK Dr. Ellis, Bengaluru, India Dr. Ganesan, Bengaluru, India Dr. Hemant Ghate, Pune, India Dr. Gobi, Madurai, India Dr. Stephan Gollasch, Hamburg, Germany Dr. Green, Norwich, UK Dr. Gunathilagaraj, Coimbatore, India Dr. Gururaja, Bengaluru, India Dr. El Hawagry, Giza, Egypt Dr. Mohammad Hayat, Aligarh, India Prof.

que es endemismo yahoo dating

Hosagoudar, Thiruvananthapuram, India Dr. Hosetti, Shimoga, India Prof. Irudayaraj, Tirunelveli, India Dr. Rajah Jayapal, Bengaluru, India Dr.

Jindal, Chandigarh, India Dr. Kalsi, Haryana, India Dr. Rahul Kaul, Noida,India Dr. Werner Kaumanns, Eschenweg, Germany Dr. Khare, Lucknow, India Dr.

Foster 1Thomas M. Fishpool 5Elizabeth A. As a global community, we have a responsibility to ensure the long-term future of our natural heritage. As part of this, it is incumbent upon us to do all that we can to reverse the current trend of biodiversity loss, using all available tools at our disposal.

One effective mean is safeguarding of those sites that are highest global priority for the conservation of biodiversity, whether through formal protected areas, community managed reserves, multiple-use areas, or other means.

Given the global mandate expressed through policy instruments such as the Convention on Biological Diversity CBDthe KBA approach can help countries meet obligations in an efficient and transparent manner. KBA methodology follows the well-established general principles of vulnerability and irreplaceability, and while it aims to be a globally standardized approach, it recognizes the fundamental need for the process to be led at local and national levels. In this series of papers the application of the KBA approach is explored in seven countries or regions: This introductory article synthesizes some of the common main findings and provides a comparison of key summary statistics.

The identification of sites of biodiversity conservation significance: Journal of Threatened Taxa 4 8: The Key Biodiversity Area series documents the application of the concept and showcases the results from various parts of the world. Key Biodiversity Area Special Series Introduction Human beings today are confronted with a difficult dilemma regarding global biodiversity conservation.

We face a serious crisis as we continue to lose biodiversity at an alarming rate as well as to the environmental benefits it provides. At the same time, societies seem unwilling to make investments in conservation that are commensurate with the enormous scale of the problem. For conservation professionals this means that there Journal of Threatened Taxa www.

While the papers presented in this special issue of the Journal of Threatened Taxa do not pretend to have the solution for how to solve the biological crisis, or increase societal concern as expressed by investmentthey do provide examples of how sound, data-driven, transparent processes can be used to draw attention to those areas on ground or water that are most significant targets for safeguarding biodiversity.

Several ways of identifying sites of biodiversity conservation importance have been developed and applied over the past few decades. Fundamental to the KBA process is the generation of maximum support for conserving the sites identified, and the use of the best possible information.

This is achieved by making the process of identifying KBAs as one that is led by local organizations, but which applies and maintains a globally standardized methodology. The Key BiodiversityArea approach is an effective tool for identifying a priority set of globally significant sites for conservation.

Once identified, there is often a need to prioritize where scarce resources should be first directed in order to target the most urgent conservation action. While KBAs are identified based specifically on biodiversity values, it is recognized that this biodiversity does not exist in isolation and that people often can and should play an important role in the maintenance and management of these areas.

For this reason, the issue of manageability is brought directly into decisions regarding the delineation of KBAs. Ultimately, it is hoped that KBAs have the potential to be managed for conservation as single coherent units e.

The process explicitly acknowledges that there are several ways in which a KBA can be conserved, either as a formal protected area e. IUCN Class I-VI protected areas; Dudley or through other effective means such as community-conserved area, community reserve, indigenous reserve, conservation easement, catchment management, etc.

Additionally, it is important to note that while social and cultural aspects of the landscape do not play a role in the identification of KBAs aside from aspects of boundary delineationthey are significant when planning conservation action.

The development of KBAmethodology began with the identification of important sites for birds. This is attributable, at least in part, to the large amounts of data that are available for birds, as a result of their popularity for study by both experts and amateurs. IBAs have been identified by local conservation organizations using the same global methodology in all countries, making the resulting priorities comparable. In order to bring all of these processes and knowledge under a single umbrella methodology and process, an expert workshop was held in in Washington, DC, USA to develop draft cross-taxon criteria for identifying KBAs.

These criteria were laid out in a paper by Eken et al. While vulnerability is a measure of the scarcity of options in time for conserving biodiversity often described in terms of the threat level of a given species or ecosystemirreplaceability is a measure of the spatial options that exist for conserving biodiversity associated with a particular site e. The greatest significance for immediate conservation action are at those sites where both vulnerability and irreplaceability are high, and conversely, lower at sites which hold less threatened and more widely distributed species and ecosystems.

que es endemismo yahoo dating

Within the two higher-level criteria of vulnerability and irreplaceability, multiple sub-criteria have been developed see Table 1. While very similar, there are differences between the KBA criteria shown in Table 1 and those from which they were derived, for birds, through the Important Bird Area process, and for plants, by the Important Plant Area program—see Appendix 1. Nearly 60, species have now been assessed by IUCN using standardized criteria, and the associated information is available at www.

Que es endemismo yahoo dating

Sites that hold significant populations of one or more Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable species may be selected as KBAs.

One of the irreplaceability sub-criteria concerns restricted-range species. For plants a restricted-range threshold of 5,km2 is more appropriate e. An example of such a site is Djurdjura in Mediterranean Algeria, which holds significant proportions of 27 such restricted-range plant species.

The second irreplaceability sub-criterion deals with congregations of a species. Again, it is often necessary to use surrogates or estimates, given the general lack of detailed data on species populations.

Buguey Wetlands, in Luzon, Philippines, holds more than threshold numbers of five congregatory bird species and thus qualifies as a KBA Ambal et al. While this criterion has so far been largely applied for birds, it will become more widely used as KBAs are identified for bat roost caves, spawning congregations of fish etc.

The third sub-criterion addresses bioregionally restricted assemblages. To qualify as a KBAunder this sub-criterion, a site must hold a significant component of the species restricted to a particular bioregion. The threshold for this criterion has still to be developed Table 1. Criteria for triggering Key Biodiversity Areas adapted from Edgar et al.

As mentioned previously, those sites that are extremely vulnerable and completely irreplaceable are potentially in most urgent need of conservation action. The identification and conservation of this set of sites is the aim of the Alliance for Zero Extinction www.

These are KBAs that hold the last remaining population of one or more Critically Endangered or Endangered species and each is therefore both completely irreplaceable and extremely vulnerable - if we lose one of these sites, then we stand to lose at least one species to extinction.

Links to global policy instruments and other initiatives The identification of sites of global biodiversity conservation significance has a long history of application to policy instruments.