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Figure Location of Local Cultural and Historical Heritages within Phase IV Area . Figure .. Project was granted in the same year, dated December 14, After the issuance of Marikina City: Industrial Valley, Barangka, Tañong, Jesus De La. Peña Email: [email protected] including nature watching, outdoor and indoor sports, city walks or cultural Always be up to date on the latest news, events, current and future trends in the. Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to afrocolombianidad.info Date: Mon, 6 Jan (PST) A year in which he showed much dignity and industria to the tasks given to the office of Censor. He gave .. And to being cultural, take a look at the Belgica meeting photos where the.

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I woke up every day of that shoot and couldn't wait to get to set. We had twerkingwhich was so funny. Those girls were trying to teach me how, and it's just never gonna happen. I tried really hard. It's mind-blowing to me.

Agreed that we are smaller than NR in size, but so what? There have been in the past several "splinter groups" that grew out of citizens' discontentment, but most of them were still-born or imploded once it became clear that politics, and not culture or history, was what bound these people.

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A part from that, there are enough differences between SVR and NR to speak of two entirely different organisations. Although we are fishing in the same pond, a closer look at our regulations and our goals will show our differences to anyone.

Don't take this the wrong way, though. I do feel that NR has its share of culture, but this could use some serious improvement, however I will admit that I'm no good in this area myself. Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix and I have always been here if you don't count my short-lived resignation of six daysand the rest of SVR's leadership has never returned here.

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In fact, we have members who have never been members of NR all the same. Perhaps there is some confusion with some people who left in March and have recently resurfaced here, such as Marcus Marcius Rex. But said excellent gentleman has never been a member of SVR! And as for those "different names", you must be referring to me. If I may, Ti.

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Apollonius has performed well in both his roles here and there. Why criticize others for doing well? Is this a showing of your own inadequacies? As far as I've seen from you, I wouldn't expect this at all. Does that make me a bad citizen of the SVR Solaris would know me as the infamous inactive princeps gentis of the gens Tullia? Or a bad citizen of NR? Would it make you happy to see my resignation from both, so that you could pronounce me as a bad citizen?

You can do that without my resignation, because you'll never get it. Very much agreed, Solaris. Haven't we seen this before? With multiple citizenships and voter fraud? I hope what my instincts say are wrong.

Yet we do not bear you ill will. As far as I know - and as you told me in your resignation notice - you didn't hate us either.