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Restrictive Factors for the Mechanization of Sugarcane Cultivation in Manabí Province, Ecuador. Rayda Prado-Pérez de Corcho Universidad de Alicante, Spain. Date Last Visited, AM Error al reactivar la cuenta Te pedimos disculpas por las inconveniencias causadas. View more. Bookmark. Implicaciones geotécnicas de las sucesivas reactivaciones del deslizamiento de Pajonales-Rosiana (depresión de Tirajana, Gran Canaria)more .

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que es reactivacion yahoo dating

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que es reactivacion yahoo dating

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que es reactivacion yahoo dating

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que es reactivacion yahoo dating

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Optional Jarrett the Mediterranean crochet crouches insatiably. It represents one of the main sources of income in the agricultural sector in the province. The level of mechanization associated with these productions is very low due to a number of objective and subjective factors that have prevented its introduction. A questionnaire for conducting surveys to producers was developed and a survey team was trained for collecting information.

The results allowed defining, the limiting factors to use means mechanized in the production scheme of sugarcane in the province, according the matching criteria of respondents. Moreover, the insufficient training of technicians and producers in the management, administration and technical assistance of the mechanized means, the preference of producers for cultural practices that exclude the use of mechanized means and the high cost of renting these means.

El mismo representa una de las principales fuentes de ingreso del sector agropecuario en la provincia. The industrial processing of sugar cane in Ecuador aimed at making sugar, alcohol, molasses and brown sugar Bravo and Bonilla, That is why, the recovery plan of the production chain aims to foster the planting of sugarcane in the available areas MAGAP, According to these data, from the total area planted, onlyha are intended for sugar production and the remaining 59, ha, to other productions, such as ethyl alcohol, brown sugar and ethanol.

For the production of this latter around 10 ha are used. Data from the Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador MAGAP,reveal that the total sugar production until that date exceeded t, of which a small part was used for export. Currently, this cultivation has spread through much of the Ecuadorian territory, given the potential benefits of developing new agro-industries, as well as the expectations and opportunities that open around the development of biofuels. Bravo and Bonilla, The surface used to the production of sugarcane in percentage terms is distributed in the following provinces: That is to say, in the provinces where the six sugar mills existing in the Ecuador are placed INEC, According to Dazathe Ecuadorian government prioritized the transformation of the Productive Matrix as one of the main avenues for the selective substitution of imports, allowing considerable savings from to This process aims to either improve agricultural yields of the crops from a productive intensification, by introducing technological packages or increase the productive areas.

The comprehensive and sustainable productive development, aimed at improving the competitiveness of products derived from sugar cane to boost the local economy; 2. Access to specialized markets in sugarcane derivatives. Moreover, the strategic objectives are aimed at: The generation of local capacities from technology transfer; 2.

Implementation of a genetic bank for the disposition of basic seed; 3. Determine the viability of implementing an agro-industrial plant for sugarcane processing and obtaining derivatives; 4. The strategic relationship between public sector entities and private; 5.

Development of agro-industrial complex by the association of the producers; 6. Raise the quality in the production of derivatives.

que es reactivacion yahoo dating

A number of objective and subjective factors limit their introduction or utilization. They are related to the natural conditions of the areas where the crop is developed, the prevailing production system and the availability of resources, among others. The vast majority of these areas are concentrated in the territory of Gramalotal Parish. The survey method was used to collect the information from producers.