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Katie Couric slammed her time at Yahoo, saying the outlet did not to stay away from the typical 'low rent' stories the site was known for. Slender: The Arrival is a survival horror video game developed by Blue Isle Studios Slender: The Arrival follows the story of two childhood friends, Lauren and. The Rake Creepypasta Proxy, Scary Stories, Creepy Pasta, Dhmis, Jeff The Killer .. Probably my favourite sketch of Slender Man I have made to date. .. Kate the chaser (Slender: The Arrival). by HaniHX Slenderman Proxy, Creepypasta.

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A woman's scream coming from a shattered window causes her to panic. Desperately searching for her friend, Lauren heads towards the sound, into the wooded park behind the house.

Slender: The Arrival

She activates three generators to light up the path and finds a burnt farmhouse. Inside is Charlie Matheson Jr. He disappears when Lauren approaches him. Lauren aimlessly searches the wooded area for any clues as to the whereabouts of her friend, only finding more of the scribbled drawings. As she ventures deeper into the park searching for the eight drawings, scopaesthesia causes her to encounter a tall, faceless figure named Slender Man.

After all pages are collected, Lauren runs from Slender Man, slipping down an embankment, hitting her head and causing her to pass out. She regains consciousness several hours later which is now morningdisoriented; still searching for Kate, Lauren stumbles upon an old abandoned coal mine. Various scraps of old paperwork reveal the mine to have been abandoned in a hurry, crediting seemingly random and unexplained attacks upon the crew to the closure of the mine.

An escape route was outlined, but due to inactivity, remains inoperable. With nowhere to go, Lauren attempts to reactivate the emergency lift by activating the six generators that power it. Her progress hindered by the attack of a young figure known as the Chaser, also known as No Nose Nancy, who seems to be afraid of the light of Lauren's flashlight, dressed in a blood covered white hooded sweatshirt and white mask.

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The Chaser's long black hair being the only discernible feature left uncloaked. Slender Man later attempts to attack Lauren in the mine. Lauren does manage to escape both the Chaser and Slender Man and use the lift to get out of the mine.

She continues moving forward, reaching a small storage outpost for the now abandoned mining facility. Within she discovers a small television playing a video along with two other tapes. Intrigue getting the better of her, Lauren watches the tape. On screen, she finds herself watching Kate hurriedly scribbling upon papers. Kate stops, grabs her camera and after discovering that Slender Man is trying to get in, starts to close every door and window in the house but Slender Man manages to get inside.

Kate then runs back to her room where Slender Man suddenly appears inside. Kate appears to jump out of the bedroom window before the tape abruptly ends. The second tape shows Carl Ross CR for shorta friend of Kate's, investigating a farm where he repairs a pulley system, find gas canisters to power a generator, and looks for a key needed to unlock a gate to a chapel.

Charlie pursues him at every turn and eventually chases him away. The third tape shows Charlie playing on the beach and after collecting a trail of toy trains that lead him into the woods, he is caught by Slender Man. Obeying a message etched upon the wall across from the television, Lauren continues up the mountainside towards a radio tower.

Behind every turn, Slender Man attempts to capture Lauren with increasing ferocity while she avoids fire and falling trees within a burning forest. Lauren narrowly escapes her attacker in the hallways of the radio tower building and looks for a key needed to unlock a door. Her flashlights batteries die as she travels through the door only to find she has reached a dead end, containing a burnt body who is possibly CRa fire and a camera with the recording of two panicked people.

Shortly after listening, the corridor goes dark and Charlie runs towards Lauren accompanied by seeing flashing images of Charlie before blacking out. You are in front of the house where there are a series of distortion all around the environment and the graphics are slightly low. In this stage you simply wander around the house, where at some point, the screen will cut to black and you are "found". After that, the player is placed outside, immobile and unable to move due to being set on fire.

Slender Man will then teleport closer and closer to the player until the game cuts to black with the image of the missing child poster combined with Slender Man.

The final thing that comes up after it is the voice stating, "You are dead", and then the game ends. When you return to the main menu, the only options available are "Start Game" and "Exit". Choosing "Start Game" leads the player to a scene where Lauren seems to be looking up at the sky.

The screen cuts to black once again and the missing child poster combined with Slender Man appears like it did before at the end of the secret level.

If the player exits the game, however, the five stages will return back to normal and will no longer have the missing child poster. Throughout the level, pressing the Esc button will cause the screen to warp as though Slender Man was nearby, even in the menu.

Attempting to exit the game by going back to the main menu during the Secret Level and clicking "Exit" will not work, and instead results in a message appearing that reads "Don't leave me". Characters Edit Lauren - The game's protagonist and main, playable character. She is visiting Kate, who recently lost her mother and is selling her house, when she discovers that Kate was attacked the night before, and subsequently sets out to find her.

After investigating clues and gather evidence of the prior events, she eventually reaches a radio tower, where her fate is left unresolved. In the Hardcore mode, Lauren presumably jumps off the radio tower and her fate is still unresolved.

Kate's mother recently died, and she is contemplating selling her house, which is why Lauren is coming to visit. Prior to the events of the game, she was having visions of the Slender Man, something she shared with her friend, CR. The night before presumably the events of the game, she was attacked in her home by the Slender Man, but managed to escape, as revealed in "Chapter 4".

She was hunted by Slender Man, became insane, and now is subsequently turned into proxy. She was The Chaser in Chapter 3 who chased Lauren and was served as a antagonist in that chapter. During chapter 1 a letter can be found where CR revealed his feelings for her.

This may attribute to her not answering him as he mentions in later letters. The spectral and faceless main antagonist of the game. Facing him causes the camera to glitch and distort, intensifying as the player gets closer. In the game, it is also shown that it can turn its victims into "proxies", or assistants of sorts.

Presumably killed by either Kate or the Slender Man himself. He investigated Charlie Matheson Jr. A letter sent to Kate reveals his name as Carl Ross as well his feelings for her. Implied to have encountered the Slender Man in the backstory. With the release of the new secret level, some players assume that he is the Slender Man, though there is little to support this.

Others say he is CR, but, there is also little evidence to back this up. In the Steam update, he is introduced in person as a decaying proxy appearing briefly in the Prologue and kidnapping Lauren in The Arrival. Endings Edit Original Ending: During initial development, there was an ending that had the player race up a snow-capped mountain in order to reach the Radio Tower. This ending is now unobtainable as it was later replaced by the forest fire scene in the full release and the updates that followed.

The camera's battery then dies. This ending is only available in the non-steam version. Lauren sees the image of presumably Charlie Matheson Jr.

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The film then cuts to the camera lying on it's side, and static flickers for a second before the battery dies. Whether or not Lauren survived the fall is never shown. If the player moves around, Charlie watches your every move, moving it's head in your direction, watching you. After collecting a book from a cell, Charlie disappears and the sounds of Kate crying is heard, Lauren makes her way up the stairs to come face to face with Kate, unproxified, unmasked, and unhooded.

Lauren starts moving towards her to comfort her, only for Kate to turn back into The Chaser and attacks Lauren. By the end of the conflict, someone's legs are being dragged upon the floor, most likely a deceased Lauren. Gameplay Edit The majority of the game takes place in abandoned areas house, defunct mine, etc. The Arrival uses similar mechanics to its predecessor, The Eight Pages. The character is armed only with a flashlight.