Sociedad primitiva yahoo dating

sociedad primitiva yahoo dating

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This route was operational from to when the American colonies became independent from Spain.

sociedad primitiva yahoo dating

From the Spanish colonial period five of the strong colonies remain and they are: The main ethnic group of the island is the Chamorro, a mixture of Spanish and aborigine. Among this group the Spanish names and surnames predominate.

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Other ethnic groups include: Philippines, Caucasians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and others. Now and days the largest religion in Guam is Catholic. Many of the churches preserve the Spanish names: The official languages of the island are: English, Chamorro, consisting of Spanish Austroneso.

But in harmony with the origins of the ethnic groups we also have present the languages of the Philippines, Chinese, Japanese and microcosms.

sociedad primitiva yahoo dating

The Spanish language in Guam was maintained as a privilege language up until the 's and it was still spoken as a second language by many people up until the Second World War. Even up to the end of the twentieth century, there were Chamorros capable of carrying on conversation or even recite sentences or sing traditional songs in Spanish in such a manner that it has been classified as residual Spanish.

Hispanic folkloric dances are still preserved such as el batsu, paloteos, polka or sottes. The traditional Chamorro costume of the colonial period is called "lanceru" for the men and "mestisa" for women.

sociedad primitiva yahoo dating

The Spanish and Latin American influences that came to the island can also be seen in their food: It is believed that the song was brought from Spain to America during the colonial period. From there it was brought to Guam in the Galleon from Acapulco to Manila.

sociedad primitiva yahoo dating

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