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sterminio degli ebrei yahoo dating

Radioactive dating astronomy, kate hudson dating ru, free dating photos . Negozi di componenti elettronici online dating · Sterminio degli ebrei yahoo dating. Written as a fable, it is a work lacking in precise detail, dates and anybody's true name It "campo di sterminio" di Belzec", Sentinella d' Italia, Monfalcone , p., and II dramma degli Ebrei, Europa Editions, Rome, p. subscribe: (e-mail) [email protected] [email protected] Mail: . Fwd: Lo sterminio eugenetico dei bambini sefarditi di Bush, i responsabili del programma di esperimenti contro gli Ebrei sefarditi proclamano.

This did not mean that antisemitism had disappeared; instead it was incorporated into the platforms of several mainstream political parties. Many Germans did not accept that their country had been defeated, which gave birth to the stab-in-the-back myth. This insinuated that it was disloyal politicians, chiefly Jews and communists, who had orchestrated Germany's surrender.

Inflaming the anti-Jewish sentiment was the apparent over-representation of Jews in the leadership of communist revolutionary governments in Europe, such as Ernst Tollerhead of a short-lived revolutionary government in Bavaria.

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This perception contributed to the canard of Jewish Bolshevism. Rosenberg's vision of a secretive Jewish conspiracy ruling the world would influence Hitler's views of Jews by making them the driving force behind communism.

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Open about his hatred of Jews, he subscribed to the common antisemitic stereotypes. He viewed Marxism as a Jewish doctrine, said he was fighting against " Jewish Marxism ", and believed that Jews had created communism as part of a conspiracy to destroy Germany. Don't buy from Jews. Enemies were divided into three groups: The latter two groups were to be sent to concentration camps for "re-education", with the aim of eventual absorption into the Volksgemeinschaft. Jews were not allowed to own farms.

Works by Jewish composers, [81] authors, and artists were excluded from publications, performances, and exhibitions.

sterminio degli ebrei yahoo dating

Fellow citizen, that is your money too. The courts reached a decision in 64, of those cases; 56, were in favor of sterilization. In addition there were specialized killing centres, where the deaths were estimated at 20, according to Georg Renno, the deputy director of Schloss Hartheimone of the "euthanasia" centers, or , according to Frank Zeireis, the commandant of the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Eberhard Karl University received 1, bodies from executions between and The neuroscientist Julius Hallervorden received brains from one hospital between and Where they came from and how they came to me was really none of my business.

They were put on a flight to Warsaw. On the Israeli national agenda, the ringworm affair is in a class with the affairs of the Yemenite children some of whom were allegedly kidnapped and put up for adoption and the spraying of new immigrants with DDT.

Like those affairs, it is a symbol of the arrogant and alienated attitude of the veteran Ashkenazi Jews of European origin establishment in the s toward the new immigrants from the Arab countries.

And like those affairs, this one refuses to die away. Ten years after the legislation of the law that was designed to eliminate the resentment caused by the ringworm affair, it is apparently about to erupt again, and the victims are once again embarking on a battle, claiming that not only does the state pay absurd compensation, but it prevents even that small sum from reaching a large percentage of the victims.

sterminio degli ebrei yahoo dating

Naturally, at the same time there will be a renewal of the bitter debate about the limits of responsibility of the Israeli government for what was defined about 50 years ago as a medical-humanitarian campaign meant to benefit the olim new immigrants from the Arab countries, and turned into a terrible humanitarian tragedy.

The government radiation campaign began in the late s, when a fear arose in the country of an outbreak of a plague of ringworm, a skin disease that grows in the roots of the hair and quickly spreads among children who live in crowded conditions, with poor hygiene. The prejudices of the establishment toward the Mizrahi Jews of North African and Middle Eastern origin immigrants contributed both to intensifying this fear and to the means used to solve the problem.

The top echelons of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces decided to begin a comprehensive treatment and prevention campaign, which was to include radioactive treatments of the heads of all the children up to age 15 who had immigrated from Arab countries.

In all, aboutchildren underwent these treatments. At a certain stage of the campaign, which lasted untilit was also decided to transfer radiation machines to the Jewish Agency transit camps in Marseilles and other places in Europe and to carry out the treatments there, while the children were still in transit from North Africa to Israel.

The medical world at the time, even outside Israel, was as yet unaware of the future damage involved in these radiation treatments; the connection between such treatments and cancer and other illnesses was discovered only years later. Many people have testified that the radiation campaign caused the children serious emotional harm. Without any explanation, they were brought to clinics where the hair on their heads was shaven, the hair that remained was pulled out with hot wax, and the roots were eliminated with x-rays.

The exact number of Israelis who have suffered from various types of cancer because of radiation against ringworm is not known.

Baruch Modan, who researched the subject when he was the head of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, discovered over 30 years ago that their number was more than double that in the general population. The treatments caused many other illnesses: According to the most recent estimates, tens of thousands of people contracted cancer or other illnesses as a result of the radiation campaign. Contradictory findings For decades, the government refused to accept any legal or moral responsibility for the radiation campaign.

Inthe government changed its position for the first time, and passed a law initiated by MK Amir Peretz, to compensate the victims of ringworm treatments. The law determined moderate financial compensation for anyone who had received radiation treatments against ringworm in his childhood, and as an adult fell ill with severe forms of cancer. By passing the law, the government in effect acknowledged the connection between cancer and the radiation treatments administered by the state.

sterminio degli ebrei yahoo dating

The two government institutions responsible for implementing the law - the Health Ministry and the National Insurance Institute - have submitted contradictory findings regarding the number of victims who have been recognized as eligible for compensation. The Health Ministry, which is responsible both for determining eligibility and for deciding on the percentage of disability that determines the amount of compensation, says that "about 13," people are eligible, and about 13, have filed claims.

The NII, which is actively responsible for making the payments, says that the number of those eligible is "about 11, Those who have over 40 percent disability will receive a monthly allowance in addition to the one-time grant.

The grant will be NIS 50, if the committee has determined between 40 percent and 74 percent disability, and NISfor higher disability.

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The monthly allowance for those who have been granted percent disability will be 25 percent of the average national salary, i. Only someone who suffers from a brain tumor or from multiple tumors receives over 40 percent. And why were such absurd sums determined? Apparently the state knew how to exploit the fact that the victims of the radiation treatments didn't have much of a chance of winning lawsuits.

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Since I believed that the state nevertheless has a very large moral obligation towards these people, I suggested that they file the lawsuit, and litigate against the state on a moral basis. Its conclusion, in which the low compensation sums were set, put an end to discussion of the lawsuit. The purpose of the law was to put an end to the resentment caused by the ringworm affair. But judging by a long series of indicators, which have been multiplying in recent months, that didn't happen.

An association of the radiation victims is about to embark on a public battle, claiming that the Finance Ministry has for several years been making every effort to reduce the allowances, which are low in any case, and to empty the law of content.

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Lawyers who are handling the lawsuits of the victims claim that the Health Ministry has given in to the treasury, is causing a significant slowdown in the work of the medical committees discussing the compensation claims, and is placing endless legal and bureaucratic obstacles in the path of the plaintiffs. In labor courts all over the country, which are authorized by law to discuss appeals of the decisions of the medical committees, there has been an increase in the number of those appealing the denial of their claims or the tiny sum allocated to them for compensation.

According to the law, those who request compensation must first appear before an "experts' committee" that determines whether there is a direct connection between the person's disease and the radiation treatments he received.

In the past they believed those who turned to them.