The rapture is near yahoo dating

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the rapture is near yahoo dating

after a hen started to lay eggs with the message: “Christ is coming. As the date approached, panic and suicide were reported throughout the world. Harold Camping, whose rapture predictions failed in both and. Near the start of the 7 year tribulation the world will be divided into 10 Christians can't set a date, but those that serve Satan are certainly. Biblical Rapture will occur on September 3, doomsday theorists claim next Saturday, September 23, is the authentic Rapture date and that.

Bible Believing Groups Proclaim End of World Date October 7, 2015

And because America, to Christian evangelicals, stands in a special relationship to Israel — and therefore to God — establishing an American Embassy in Jerusalem is an important first step. Temple of Solomon Photo: One is exactly where to locate the temple, which must be on the site of the original Temple of Solomon, dating from around the 10th century B. Inconveniently, the predominant view is that this is exactly where the Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest of Muslim shrines, now stands.

The area, known as the Temple Mount, is so sensitive that Israel prohibits Jews and other non-Muslims from praying there; just by setting foot there in the hard-line Israeli politician Ariel Sharon touched off an escalating series of riots, the second intifada, that went on for years.

Bible Believing Groups Proclaim End of World Date October 7,

And there are some ultra-Orthodox Jews who believe that the whole enterprise has to be put off until the arrival of the Messiah, which would make moving the American Embassy theologically pointless. An organization called the Temple Institute is meticulously reconstructing ritual artifacts for use there and has a project underway to breed a perfect red calfto be killed and burned and its ashes mixed with pure spring water to perform a ritual purification that is a necessary precondition to occupying the temple.

the rapture is near yahoo dating

Well, here there is a polite divergence between the Jewish Third Temple movement and its allies among evangelical Christians. To Jews, rebuilding the temple is a sacred commandment and an end in itself, allowing the resumption of biblical forms of worship that have been on hold for nearly 2, years.

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Jews will resume animal sacrifice under the direction of the cohanim — a priestly caste among Jews, to which I just so happen to belong. The Antichrist will arise to desecrate the rebuilt temple, which will cause the Jews to finally realize that Jesus was the real Messiah, triggering a mass conversion.

There will be seven years of tribulation, the Ten Plagues times 10, the worst thing that the Jews have ever gone through. In the last days, knowledge will increase knowledge is doubling every 2 years now 7. People will go rapidly around the world. It'll be like the days of Noah, people are too busy for God and many won't want God in the lives.

the rapture is near yahoo dating

The great falling away from the faith, apostacy in the church will abound, Churches falling away from preaching the gospel, tickling ears of those that attend with other stories. False and heretical teachers and preachers taking over. Wolves in sheeps clothing, so to speak creaping into churches promoting heresies and false teachings.

Near the start of the 7 year tribulation the world will be divided into 10 regions, economic regions headed by 10 kings or presidents.

the rapture is near yahoo dating

Very shortly after that, the kings will give their authority to the one world ruler, the Anti-Christ. The world will want Israel's land, will want to take their land and give to someone else.

the rapture is near yahoo dating

There isn't a specific sign of the Rapture. However, it will occur before God's wrath is poured out on the earth. It gets much worse after that.

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God removed Noah to safety prior to wrath hitting the earth. Ararat, one may go and see it. Jesus will come for His family, also referred to as His bride and take them to safety this time.

God tells us the future in the Bible and has told us thousands of years ago that perilous times will come in the last days. Most people of the world will literally be brought to their knees. Everyone will be required to take a mark "in" their right hand or forehead to buy or sell, plus they will be required to bow down and worship the world ruler as god. Those that refuse will be beheaded, hunted down or imprisoned or all the above.