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toser sangre yahoo dating

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They all help each other, and they even work together to make a reasonably balanced meal.

toser sangre yahoo dating

Just these 3 plants show us that companion plants can act as a scaffold, improve organic soil fertility, and decrease weeds and evaporation. Some of the other benefits might be: Of course, much of the vegetable companion planting chart is not hard science. Skeptics are quick to point out that a lot of this stuff comes from anecdotal evidence, which is partially true.

There is actually plenty of research on the benefits of companion planting, but it can be difficult to find research on specific crop combinations. Fortunately, when the anecdotal evidence comes from tens of thousands of gardeners and farmers over the last century and beyond, we know there's something to it.

Science is great, but when we rely on it as the only answer, we can get into trouble. Now, if I accidentally plant my onions right beside my beans, it's probably not going to be a big disaster. And if I plant those onions next to my tomatoes instead, I'm not going to double my yields. The rules at play here are more subtle, and it probably depends on many environmental factors. But I've seen the effects of companion planting vegetables, so I follow many of the guidelines.

It certainly doesn't hurt. That doesn't mean I don't break the rules, but I do find them to be a nice starting point when I'm planting every spring. It helps establish a bunch of potential groupings.

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Otherwise, it can be difficult to know where to begin when laying out 40 different crops in my organic garden. Polycultures Even a mesclun mix is a better than a monoculture As you probably know, a monoculture is a big garden or field of just one crop, while companion planting looks at plants.

toser sangre yahoo dating

The companion planting chart refers to how any two given plants will interact with each other. A polyculture, on the other hand, blends many plants together. It produces many unknown interactions between, just as in nature.

In it's simplest form, it just means that we combine a bunch of plants together in the garden in order to increase overall biodiversity and make use of different niches in the garden. So we plant some root crops, groundcovers, herbs, bigger plants, and so on, all together.

toser sangre yahoo dating

They'll have different root systems and different above ground heights. Some grow tall and provide shade and others hug the ground. Some are ready for harvest early, while others wait awhile, even within the same food group, such as lettuces.

toser sangre yahoo dating

With a lot of experimentation and observation, you can hit upon a collection of crops that work well together for your organic garden. But even without all the planning, simply by combining these plants, we get increased biodiversity and the benefits that come with that. We'll have reduced yields on some plants and others may not do well at all during the experimentation phase, but we should have better overall garden health and often improved yields overall.

Each bed may have plants all mingling together, perhaps 15 food plants and 5 beneficials such as wild marigold, nasturtium, yarrow, chamomile, bee balm or any number of others. So if you usually plant straight rows, you may want to experiment with a polyculture this fall or next year. Companion Planting Chart These combinations aren't carved in stone, but the chart is a great starting point.

Right-click on it to save it to your computer save the link, not the image, in order to get a full page pdf. Campion Planting Guide Chart http: We have been intercropping sorghum with legumes planted in row of zai pits. Being legumes, bean crops can improve soils by converting nitrogen from the air into forms that crops can use.

The crops we are working with are quite tolerant of dry conditions and produce vines that cover the ground, protect6ing it from the intense tropical sun and creating an environments in which soil microorganisms, can thrive. Moreover, the legumes provide the farmer with a harvest of dried, edible beans.

What are zai holes? The zai system originated in West Africa as a way to cope with drought and hard encrusted soil. Drought tolerant grain crops such as sorghum or millet are planted in pits about 12 inches, 6 inches deep. With the excavated soil thrown to the downhill side, the pits act as tiny water catchment basins, making maximum use of what little rainfall is received. Several handfuls of manure are traditionally placed in each pit, concentrating nutrients near the crop roots.

Have we seen any benefits? The results we have so far are from year one of a sorghum-legumes intercropping strategy within the zai system. Most of the legumes we have tried have grown very well, but cowpea produced the most dried beans. It increases total grain production by 1, kilograms Percent from kilograms per hectare when grown sorghum alone to about 1, kilograms per hectare when grown together with cowpeas.

It also increased soil nitrogen as well as nitrogen taken up by the sorghum plants. All of this is very encouraging from the perspective of the smallholder farmer, because it means they have a way to improve their soils while greatly increasing food production.

Bizarre as it sounds, their technique is actually raising yields by giving the insect pests something else to chew on besides maize. It is better than pesticides and a lot cheaper, said Ziadin Khan, whose idea it is. And it has raised farm yields by Percents. In East Africa, maize fields face two major pests, and Khan has a solution to both.

The first is an insect called the stem borer. True to its name, it s larvae eat their way through a third of the regions' maize most years. But Khan discovered that the borer in even fonder of a local weed, napier grass.

By planting napier grass in their fieldsfarmers can lure the stem borers away from the maize and into a honey trap. For the grass produces a sticky substance that traps and kills stem borer larvae.

toser sangre yahoo dating

The second major pest is Striga, a parasitic plant that wrecks 10 billion dollars worth damage on maize crops every year, threatening the livelihoods of one hundred million Africans. Weeding Striga is one of the most time consuming activities for millions of African women farmers, says Khan.

But he has an antidote: It seems to release some sort of chemical that Striga does not like. At any rate, where farmers plant Desmodium between rows of maize, Striga will not grow. Khan's cheap fixes for Striga and stem borer are spreading like wildfire through the fields of East Africa.

Trials on more than 2, farms are finished. The ideas are being taken up by framers in countries such as Ethiopia where we have never worked.

Khan's novel way of fighting pests is one of the host of Low-Tech Innovations boosting production by percent or more on millions of poor Thirds World farms in the past decade. This Sustainable Agriculture just happens to be the biggest movement in Third World Farming today, dwarfing the tentative forays in genetic manipulation. Also, many groups planted Sunflowers around the perimeter of their gardens. These groups called the Sunflower the Fourth Sister.

Wild sunflowers attract beneficial insects, but also can attract bad insects. Sunflower roots have some allelopathic qualities that can adversely affect the growth of some plants close to them. Southwest tribes often included a Fourth Sister known as "Rocky Mountain Bee Plant" Cleome serrulatawhich attracts bees to help pollinate the beans and squash, and was used as food, medicine and dye.

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Toser sangre yahoo dating

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La enfermedad (mortal) que te pueden contagiar al toser, estornudar o escupir

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