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Venus trine mars synastry? | Yahoo Answers

Moon conjunct mars in synastry read my chart.. Guess In synastry, it is good to see a sextile of venus/pluto- a trine is ideal, but in the charts of 20 couples i. 2 years more of dating, before moving in with each other or before marrying. You can check out any synastry aspect by googling the term and Mars Opposition Neptune Saturn Trine Venus 61 Trine Sun - Venus Positive aspect: It's not only about love, it's about "like". Also any Mars to Venus contacts make each other be drawn to one square or a conjunction since neither Mars or Pluto are known to be tame.

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The Sun will probably suffer in this relationship. Neptune may deceive the other, lie, will promise a fantastic future that only exists in the imagination. Neptune will not be able to live up to these dreams. It's not only about love, it's about "like".

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It would be a good idea to schedule plenty of leisure time together, especially when other problems arise in the relationship, if only to remind each other how much they truly enjoy each other's company, tastes, and interests. They go well together, they love each other, and feel good, happy and radiant in each other's company. There is much attraction, especially on the part of the Venus person. They are capable of charming each other. Sometimes, they gloss over problems and conflicts just in order to keep the peace, which is not a good idea in the long run.

Venus trine mars synastry?

Not always the best of unions. They don't always share the same ideas, their tastes are different and this leads to a few tense moments due to lack of understanding.

Mars Square/Opposition Venus in Synastry

Here is an aspect that speaks against any long-term understanding. At the beginning, they will appreciate each other a lot, and will have pleasure in being together but, quite quickly, this life will become unbearable with disputes, conflicts and crying replacing love. Great passionate affair, very intense and transforming.

are these aspects important in synastry!!!!? | Yahoo Answers

They feel that the relationship forces them to grow. This relationship can only bring illusions, and therefore also disappointments will follow.

There are many sites that will do this up for you, assuming you have the full birthdate, time and place of birth for both of you. But the signs are useless. Those who try to tell you that signs work for compatibility assessment, either do not know what they are talking about, or they are trying to make money off of you in some way and do not care if it is with a lie.

I will give you this site for synastry. The problem is that it does not ask for the birth location, so you cannot trust any synastry aspect involving the Moon the Moon moves so quickly that unless you know where the person was born, you cannot really know what aspects it makes.

Instead of names, use any word you want instead of your and his names Understand though that it is emotional maturity that makes a relationship work.

Synastry... How would you describe those aspects and this relationship?

No relationship is without problems once the honeymoon phase has died out. They don't even use the same dates for the signs that Western astrology uses, and unless you DO use Hindu astrology I suggest you steer clear of it.

As for his comment about your two Moons. This is very good for understanding each other emotionally, even if your two Moons are in different signs. Of course, if your two Moons are further apart than 8 degrees, this accord is lacking. Unless your Moons are in a sextile 54 to 66 degrees apart aspect, which could possibly happen is your Moon was in very early Libra and his was at very late Scorpio.