Why does my eye twitch yahoo dating

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why does my eye twitch yahoo dating

Eye twitching, or myokymia, is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction that usually affects the lower afrocolombianidad.info eyelid twitch is usually a sign. Apr 12, Hey, eye, can you not? Maybe you're on a date. If the twitching is disruptive to your life, there is the option of getting Botox injections in the. Date of last update: 10/04/ I have been experiencing a non-stop twitch/ spasm in my upper lip for I should also mention that I experience muscle spasms and twitches all over my body: my [email protected]

Everybody has seen somebody with this problem, or gone through it at some point of their life.

my eyelid keeps twitching yahoo

Sometimes without any previous signs one of your eyelids starts to move at its own will. Periocular muscles are responsible for these spasms. The cause of blepharospasm or eye twitching is still unknown to date. Some studies have shown it might be related to other different alterations that affect the eye, including those alterations that generate redness or irritation, such as conjunctivitis, for example.

Symptoms include uncontrollable blinking and closure of the eyes that can be perceived by the person or others. In more severe cases, some patients may not even be able to open their eyes. Twitching can be worsen by tiredness, bright lights, stress, dehydration, or anxiety.

And most times, disappear without leaving any sequels.

why does my eye twitch yahoo dating

Its frequency can vary, although blepharospasm is more common in women than in men. In truth, among medical professionals, the word is used to describe a painful contraction of a muscle or hollow organ. A muscle spasm is actually a medical term which indicates pain in the muscle.

This Is What's Been Causing Your Eye to Twitch This Whole Time

In other words, a back spasm is pain in the back, and a leg spasm is pain in the leg. A bronchial spasm is a constriction of the bronchial tubes or bronchi causing restricted airflow through in and out of the lungs. You get the picture. So, with that said, I think most of us are here describing a twitching and not a spasm.

I am on here because I have the same problem with muscles twitching.

why does my eye twitch yahoo dating

It seems at any given time, I am experiencing the repeated involuntary twitching of an isolated skeletal muscle somewhere in my body. What I mean to say is, I may have an arm, leg, abdominal muscle, etc Then, shortly after, I will develop the same experience in another muscle somewhere on my body. This has been happening for at least the past decade.

why does my eye twitch yahoo dating

The last reason I'm searching for answers is because it's so darn annoying. At the moment I've been experiencing a twitch in a muscle that's located at the top distant right corner of my knee, above and to the right of my knee cap. I can easily see it when it's happening, and depending on my position, can even see it through my clothing. It's been going on for about 2 weeks now. It will twitch on and off, sometimes lasting hours, and sometimes lasting only a few minutes.

why does my eye twitch yahoo dating

It seems the more relaxed I am, the more likely I will experience the twitching, and the longer the duration of the session. It feels like a big earthworm rolling around in a ball under my skin.

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It keeps me from falling asleep, and even wakes me up. Sometimes if I switch positions, it will stop, and sometimes it won't. I know it won't last for ever. One day I will just wake up and it will be gone. I also know, not that I dwell on it, that It will either return or I will more likely develop the pattern somewhere else on my body, although it seems to mostly happen in muscles located in my front. I can't remember ever developing the condition anywhere in the back of my body.

I've also heard the theories about a lack of potassium, eating bananas, drinking Gatorade, and laying off the caffeine. I do drink coffee on a daily basis, but I would be inclined to believe that's not what is causing it.

Besides, I don't think I could give up my coffee. What would have to happen for me to give up coffee is the twitching to become so bad I were constantly kicking myself in the face.

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I might think about giving up coffee then. Also, I do drink Gatorade because it's one of my favorite beverages. Lately, I've also made it a point to drink plenty of it just to test the theory.

Unfortunately, the twitching persists. Share I have been having muscle spasms in my face for over 3 weeks now. First it started on the bridge of my nose between my eyes, a little bit below.

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